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Labrador Cemeteries

Royal Canadian Air Force Cemetery

Goose Bay, Labrador

ANDERSON David Fairweather 26-Apr-62 10 years Born Dec 10, 1952 *1
ANGELL Sergt Clifford 28-Jan-48   # 23214 RCAF
BEDARD   1962 Infant  
BELFUS Albert 10-Mar-43 21 years Radio Officer/RCAF/FC
BELL Henry H. 6-Jul-44   L.A.C. / R183298 / RCAF
BLAKE   1943    
BOURBEAU J.P. 21-Jul-52   # 39471/RCAF
BROOMFIELD Samuel Walter 14-Oct-43 51 years Born Apr 17, 1892
BROTHERSON William 17-Oct-44   # R 223028/L.A.C./RCAF
BROWN John M. 26-Aug-44   Flight Engineer/RAF/TC
CAMPBELL A.S. 10-Mar-43 20 years Pilot Officer/RAAF/youngest son of A.B. Campbell of Melbourne, Australia
CARPENTER   1958 Infant  
CHAPPELL Mrs. I.B. 22-May-56 77 years Born Dec 21, 1879
CLARKE   1961 Infant  
COLE Clarence W. 6-Jul-44   Corporal/RCAF/# R65379
CRAIG Roderick H. 4-Feb-53 08 years Son of Norman & Muriel / born Feb 28, 1945
DESJARDINS Phillip L. 15-Sep-42   Private / NB Rangers / # G28255
DINGWELL   5-Mar-54 Infant  
DOIRON Francis J. 1-Jul-43   Private/NB Rangers/# G27847
DUFFY Charles F. 21-Feb-48   LAC/RCAF/# 22900
DUFFY Marion Marie 1958    
DUQUETTE Myles E. 6-Jul-44   SGT/RCAF/# R111463
FLOWERS   1950 Infant  
FORIS Louis C. 6-Jul-44   Corporal/RCAF/# R64254
GLOVER James M. 8-Mar-45   Corporal/RCAF/# R84643
GODIE Ann Irene 7-Aug-54    
GRAHAM J. Edgar 14-Aug-46   Corporal/RCAF/# R254586
GREER   1962 Infant  
GRIFFIN David F. 18-Feb-44   Flying Officer/RCAF
HALPIN Francis A. 28-May-44   Flight Lieutenant/RCAF
HANNING John H. 10-Nov-44   LAC/RCAF/# R168919
HARRIS William A. 6-Jul-44   Pilot Officer/RCAF/
HEAPS   1950 Infant  
HISCOCK John W. 18-Jul-60    
HUME Donald W. 6-Jul-44   Pilot Officer/RCAF
JARANUSE T. 1954 16 years Born 1938
JENKINS K.M 1955 Infant  
JORDAN   1961 Infant  
JOSEPH Cleary 1950 Infant  
LABONTE Dawson H. 3-Jul-44   Soldier/Chateauguay Regiment
LEARD William G. 6-Jul-44   LAC/RCAF/# R174974
LOCKHART A. 22-Jun-64 68 years Born May 24, 1896
MacDONALD   1950 Infant  
MacDONALD   1950 Infant Twins
MACLROD A.M. 29-Oct-51    
MacTAVISH   1959 Infant  
MARCOTTE   1960 Infant  
MATTOO   1946 Infant  
McCAVGHEN Michael 8-Sep-54 30 years Born Nov 07, 1924
McLAUGHLIN D.M. 3-Nov-44   Flying Officer/RCAF
MERCIER   1958 Infant  
MITCHELL Thomas R. 13-Mar-44   Flying Officer/RCAF
MITCHUK     Infant  
MONSKY H.     Second Lieutenant
MONTGOMERY Terrance R. 16-May-57   Flying Officer/RAF/# 2574840
MORASH Mary Lee 26-Oct-49 03 days Born Oct 23, 1949
MORGAN Osmond Knox 11-Sep-43   WW II Pilot/RCAF/# R114163
MORRIS Trevor L. 3-Nov-44   Flying Officer/RAF
NEELIN Christine 22-Jun-51 09 days Born Jun 13, 1951
NELSON Kathryn Elena Sep-63    
OLIVER Elizabeth 1948 Infant  
PARKER Richard F. 1-Jul-55 03 days Born Jun 29, 1955
PARRY Juliann Anne Josephine 23-Oct-63 2 months Dau of John & Vivian/Born Aug 29, 1963
POWER   1957 Infant  
QUAYLE Kenneth W. 10-Mar-43   Captain/RAF/FC
RAHO Ralph G. 21-Jul-52   Flight Lt/RCAF # 20225
REDDY   1958 Infant  
REZAC Elizabeth Ann Saunders 25-Apr-60 48 years Wife of John C. born Jan 26, 1912
RICKETT R.K. 22-Aug-53 29 years Born Apr 28, 1924
RIDEAU   1961 Infant  
ROMERO Gilberto 18-Nov-48   Telda Honduras born 1916/Crew of SS Julien Poydras
RUEHMLAND   1958 Infant  
SCOLLON V. Mackay 26-Apr-44   Corp/RCAF/# R76897
SNOWDON Harold E. 29-Jul-42   Private/NB Rangers/# G28355
ST. LOUIS Lionel C. 6-Jul-44   CHEF/RCAF/#R200411
STEEVES   1962 Infant  
STEPHENSON Harold A. 6-Jul-44   LAC/RCAF/#R127526
STRUGNELL   19-Mar-66 Infant  
TANNER John C. 6-Jul-44   Pilot Officer/RCAF
TURNER James L. 8-Oct-50 01 day Born Oct 07, 1950
WAY Gideon      
WHITELAW Archie S. 3-Nov-44   Flying Officer/RCAF
WOOD Melvin S. 6-Jul-44   WWII/RCAF/#R931134
WOODS Thomas V. 3-Nov-44   Radio Officer/RAF/EC

Contributed by Howard & Elaine Maynard - Norris Point, NF.

Transcribed by Barbara McGrath (April 2001)

Page Last Modified: Monday June 12, 2017 (Don Tate)
ANDERSON, David Fairweather *1 Our family records show he actually was born in 1953 rather than 1952 as shown. Doug Anderson -

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