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Roman Catholic Cemetery

Bonavista Bay District

The Location is a grid location for reference only to show how the gravesites are in relation to each other. There is no actual physical measurement. The rows of graves are not always straight. Hopefully there are not too many vision or typo errors. A1 is the grave at the back left corner. The rows are in letters eg. B10 would be the tenth gravesite in Row B
A1 Harty Thomas 1905 1953 Father Husband of Mary A2
A2 Harty Mary 1906 2000 Mother Wife of Thomas A1
A4         Plain white cross  
A5         No headstone but A5,A6,A7 graves are together  
A6 McDonald Anthony Michael Jan 4,1959 Jan 31,1959 Baby Son of Cyril and Mildred (Parsons) McDonald originally from Gambo but lived in Wabush  
A7 McDonald Joseph   May 14,1951 Age 59 Yrs  
A10 Kane Bertha M. 1910 1972    
A11 Hogan William 1911 1970   Husband of Ellen A12
A12 Hogan Ellen Apr 24.1909 Oct 12,1967   Wife of William A11
A15         White cross for a baby  
A16 Walsh Edward Lawrence 1941 1955   Son of Edward a17
A17 Walsh Edward 1907 1987    
A18         Reserved for wife of Edward  
A21 Harnum Baby     Small white cross  
A25 Broderick Andrew J. 1937 1981    
A26         Reserved  
A28         White Cross  
A29         White Cross  
A30 Feltham Beatrice L. 1918 1997   Wife of William
B1 Kelly Baby 1954 Jan 1954 Jan Shared headstone with Caroline Alice B2  
B2 Kelly Caroline Alice Dec 16,1964 Jun 24,1965 Shared with Baby B1 (Daughters of Andy and Nellie Kelly)  
B5 McDonald E. Maude   Nov 27,1977 Age 77yrs Maiden name Kelly. Originally married to Joseph McDonald (A7)  
B9 XXXX Daniel 1859 1942    
B10 XXXX Mary 1880 1953    
B11 Broderick Cyril 1916 1969    
B12 Broderick Magdelen 1907 2000    
B13 Stead Ernest J.   Dec 27,1964    
B14 Stead Bride   Jan 16,1996    
B15 Broderick James P. 1900 1979    
B16 Broderick Bridget 1907 1994    
B20 Gillingham Leo 1921 1968    
B21 Blackmore Alice   1954 Feb Age 94 Mother of Robert B22
B22 Blackmore Robert   1967 Age 66 Husband of Margaret B23
B23 Blackmore Margaret   Feb 8,1984 Age 73 yrs Maiden name Kelly Wife of Robert B22 M
B24 Hogan William   Aug 1,1954 Age 69 yrs erected by wife Cecilia  
C3 Kelly Marcella,Margaret Mary 1946 1951 Shared headstone with Margaret Mary & Marcella  
C7 McDonald Mary   Nov 18,1971 Age 51 yrs Wife of Ronald C9
C9 McDonald Ronald   Apr 14,1974 Age 56 Merchant Navy WW2 Husband of Mary C7
C10         Unmarked but shared with C7 and C9  
C12 Broderick Michael   Jun 28,1976 Age 28 yrs Shared plot with Louis Kelly C13  
C13 Kelly Louis 1932 1986 Shared plot with Michael Broderick C12  
C14 Kelly Carmel 1938 1986    
D1 Kelly Blanche Jul 7,1913 Apr 16,1988 Maiden Name Kelly Wife of Martin D2
D2 Kelly Martin May 17,1907 Dec 23,1966   Husband of Blanche D1
D3         White cross  
D4 Kelley Annie   May 23,1970 Age 82yrs 3 mo Husband James died Sep 2,1938 age 72 yrs  
D5 Kelley Bernard   Sep 4,1977 Age 58 yrs 9 mo Son of Annie
D6 Kelly Baby Thomas Sep 2,1970 Sep 2,1970   Son of Madonna Kelly
D7 Kelly Bridget 1925 1976    
D8 Kelly Thomas 1907 1986    
D9 Rose Thomas Joseph Oct 23,1894 Jan 24,1980 husband of Caroline D10  
D10 Rose Caroline Nov 15,1896 Nov 4,1973 Wife of Thomas Joseph D9  
D11 Kelly Patrick J. May 17,1907 Oct 25,1976    
D12 Kelly Elizabeth Dunn 1907 1988    
D13 Kelly Margaret Ann Apr 30,1903 Nov 6,1990    
D16 Shea James G.   Apr 11,1955 Age 19 yrs Son of Lester And Frances
D19 Curran Joseph M.   Sep 11,1956 Age 79 yrs  
D20 Curran Margaret   Oct 1,1961 Age 83 yrs  
D21         Small white cross  
D24 White Michael F. 1891 1979 Father  
D25 Kelly Maria Feb 22,1937 Aug 7,1999 Erected by Husband William & Daughter Maria and son Bill  
E4         Shared unmarked plot, cement border E4 & E5  
E5         Shared unmarked plot, cement border E4 & E5  
E6 Collins Andrew   Jul 20,1978 Age 22 mo Son of Stan & Ann Collins
E7 Kelly Madonna Jul 8,1951 Oct 6,1996    
E8 Greene Johanna 1900 1982 Mother  
E9 Green Ronald   Nov 4,1976 Age 48 Son?
E12 Kelly Daniel F.   Jun 18,1978 Age 60 Woodsman Nfld Forestry WW2  
E13 Kelly Lucy G. 1914 1993    
E16 Cashin Susannah   Nov 15,1958 Age 73  
E19 Curran Thomas Joseph Sep 4,1973 Sep 11,1973 Baby Shares plot with D19 & D20  
F9         Small white cross  
F19 Kelly Catherine 1897 1974   Wife of Garrett Kelly
F20 White Joseph 1902 1975   husband of Madeline F21
F21 White Madeline 1912 1974   Wife of Joseph F20
F23 Best Jerome   Dec 27,1967 Age 66 Husband of Gertrude F24
F24 Best Gertrude   Mar 10,1990 Age 91 Wife of Jerome F23
F25 Kelly Maurice   Aug 30,1978 Age 73 Husband of Gertrude
F26         Reserved  
F28 Kelly Andrew (A.J.) 1916 1989   Husband of Margaret F29
F29 Kelly Margaret 1915 1998 Maiden name Waterman Wife of Andrew F28
G2 Kelly Patrick L.   Nov 8,1969 Age 50 Accidentally killed  
G4 Greene Joseph Jan 7,1927 Dec 7,1987 Erected by wife Elizabeth  
G5 Kelly Anastasia   Feb 3,1974 Age 96 yr 8 mo Mother of Timothy G6
G6 Kelly Timothy   Apr 18,1973 Age 55 Son of Anastasia G5
G7 Kelly Harry J.   Jan 11,1973 Age 44  
G9         Plain white cross  
G10 Kelly John J. Dec 25,1899 Jan 14,1974   Husband of Mary G11
G11 Kelly Mary F. Jul 25,1905 Apr 23,1998   Wife of John G10
G16 Kelly Joseph L. Nov 7,1905 May 3,1981   Husband of Claire G17
G17 Kelly Claire   Oct 12,1965 Age 62 Wife of Joseph G16
G22         White Cross  
G23         White Cross  
G25 Kelly James P.   Jan 3,1979 Age 90 Woodsman Nfld Forestry WW2  
G26 Kelly Catherine M. 1889 1982    
G29 Van Humbeck Ralph J. 1929 1994    
H1 Greene Diana     Daughter of Elizabeth and Joseph Greene  
H2 Greene Thomas     Son of Elizabeth and Joseph Greene  
H3 Greene Bernadine     Daughter of Elizabeth and Joseph Greene  
H4 Moss Samuel 1917 1989    
H5 Moss Maxine M. 1950 1964    
H7 McDonald Thomas 1919 1989    
H8 McDonald Ignatius Mar 14,1889 Jul 17,1966 Shared plot with Patrick H9 Son?  
H9 McDonald Patrick T. Aug 12,1932 May 13,1972 Shared plot with Ignatius H8 Father?  
H10 Broderick Thomas J. Sep 15,1906 Dec 10,1973 5 sons and one daughter Husband of Veronica H11
H11 Broderick Veronica M. Dec 28,1912 Dec 30,1976 5 sons and one daughter Wife of Thomas H10
H16 Kelly Mary Aug 7,1951 Feb 14,1976 Wife of Gordon Kelly  
H18 Cashin Catherine Dec 25,1904 Sep 11,1996   Wife of Cyril John H19
H19 Cashin Cyril John Jun 12,1897 Oct 21,1971   Husband of Catherine H18
H22 White Joseph   Jun 16,1965 Age 97 Husband of Elizabeth H23
H23 White Elizabeth   Feb 14,1960 Age 88 Maiden Name Aylward Wife of Joseph H22
H24 White Francis 1902 1997   Husband of Catherine H25
H25 White Catherine 1924 1991 Maiden Name Mackey Wife of Francis H24
H26 White William Apr 11,1912 Jul 30,1992   Husband of Josephime H27
H27 White Josephine Mar 27,1921 Jan 7,1999 Maiden Name Kelly Wife of William H26
H28 Knox Patrick Sep 14,1925 Sep 3,1998    
H29         Reserved  
I1 Moss Veronica   Nov 7,1951 Age 63 Wife of Samuel I2
I2 Moss Samuel 1873 1957   Husband of Veronica I1
I3 Kane Philip John Sep 29,1907 Apr 29,1973   Husband of Genevieve I4
I4 Kane Genevieve 1924 1992   Wife of Philip I3
I5 Moss John 1915 2001   Husband of Blanche I6
I6 Moss Blanche 1919 1997   Wife of John I5
I8 McDonald Agnes 1897 1993 Plot joined to H8 Ignatius McDonald  
I10         Small Iron Cross  
I15         Plain white cross  
I17         Old wooden Cross, Cement Border  
I19 Chaplin Michael 1947 Oct 7,1973 Accidentally killed  
I20 Cashin Mary Ann   Oct 18,1977 Age 90 Husband of John I21
I21 Cashin John   May 23,1969 Age 93 Wife of Mary Ann I20
I23         Small wooden Cross (fallen down)  
I27 Furlong Jason Jan 8,1979 Apr 20,1979    
J1 Walsh Stephen Joseph Sep 25,1905 Feb 5,1952   Husband of Annie J2
J2 Walsh Annie Francis Oct 21,1906 Jan 21,1961   Wife of Stephen J1
J8         Reserved Shared plot J8,J9,J10,J11  
J9         Reserved Shared plot J8,J9,J10,J11  
J10         Reserved Shared plot J8,J9,J10,J11  
J11 Brazil Patrick Joseph Jan 25,1951 May 21,1956 Killed in auto accident. Son of John & Clarice Brazil  
J18         Reserved with J19  
J19 Chaplin Arthur E. 1908 1989    
J20 Cashin Douglas J. 1920 1984    
J21         Reserved Plot J21,J22,J23  
J22 Kelly Iva Labelle Jul 18,1897      
J24 Kelly Alphonsus Aug 15,1907 Feb 27,1972   Husband of Monica J25
J25 Kelly Monica Jul 13,1914 Nov 24,1985   Wife of Alphonsus J24
J26 Kelly       Reserved with J27  
J27 Kelly John P. 1905 1987    
J42 Hynes James J. 1917 1984    
J43 Hynes Ellen F. 1917 1994 Maiden Name Kelly  
K1   Baby     Small wooden Border(white cross fallen down)  
K3         Small Wooden Cross  
K16         Large Shared plot K16 to K21 and L16 to L21( 2rows)  
K17         Large Shared plot K16 to K21 and L16 to L21( 2rows)  
K18         Large Shared plot K16 to K21 and L16 to L21( 2rows)  
K19         Large Shared plot K16 to K21 and L16 to L21( 2rows)  
K20 Slaney John Joseph 1891 1974 Father  
K21 Slaney Elizabeth M. 1892 1979 Mother  
K24         Fallen White Cross  
K25 Rubia Iva Labelle 1892 1989 Maiden Name Kelly  
K39 Waterman Patricia A.        
K40 Kelly Eileen M. 1954 1999 erected by son Shane  
K41 Kelly Harry E. Dec 29,1925 Sep 10,1998   Husband of Effie K42
K42 Kelly Effie M. Aug 14,1924 Apr 13,1990   Wife of Harry K41
K43 Kelly Ambrose 1885 1979    
L1 White Anastasia Jun 9,1881 Feb 7,1952    
L2         Reserved with L1  
L10         White Cross  
L11         White Cross  
L12         White Cross  
L14 Moss Rosalie M. Jun 5,1954 Apr 27,1956    
L16         Large Shared plot K16 to K21 and L16 to L21( 2rows)  
L17         Large Shared plot K16 to K21 and L16 to L21( 2rows)  
l18         Large Shared plot K16 to K21 and L16 to L21( 2rows)  
L19 Slaney Michelle Rene Oct 14,1968 Dec 2,1969 Died of Leukemia  
L20         Large Shared plot K16 to K21 and L16 to L21( 2rows)  
L21 Slaney Harold Kitchener 1920 2000 Overseas Forestry WW2 (3rd Division Home Guard)  
L22         Small concrete plot, Metal Cross  
L23         Small Wooden Plot, Wooden Cross  
L41 Kent Michael 1958 1979    
L42 Waterman Baby   Dec 21,1991    
L43         Unmarked Grave  
M3         Wooden Cross  
M6         Small Wooden Cross  
M10         Small Wooden Cross(Closer to fence than other 2)  
M20 Broderick Donald   May 8,1978 Age 40  
M22 Broderick Janice Kathleen 1963 1982 Daughter of Loretta and Ed  
M25 Pynn George W. 1881 1938 erected by wife Josephine M. Broderick(1899-1986)  
M36 Curran Thomas V. Jan 13,1913 Nov 30,1997 Plot shared with M37  
M37 MacPherson Margaret S. Apr 13,1921 Jun 7,1999 Plot shared with M36  
M39 Knox       Reserved with M40  
M40 Knox Ellen 1924 1996    
M41 Moss Gregory J. 1909 1980   Husband of Ellen M42
M42 Moss Ellen O. Oct 14,1921 Mar 29,1989   Wife of Gregory M41
M43 Moss Brendan J. Feb 21,1947 Mar 23,1998    
N37         Reserved with N38  
N38 Morrissey Thomas Joseph May 5,1916 Dec 13,1998    
N39         Reserved with N40  
N40 Morrissey Anne Sarah Dyke Nov 11,1950 Dec 13,1984 Married June 10,1967  
N41 Morrissey Mary Jan 21,1889 Dec 12,1983    
N42 Morrissey Edward J. Apr 4,11890 Feb 21,1979    
O35 Kelly Garrett J. 1934 1993 Married Aug 8,1959 Husband of Barbara O36
O36 Kelly Barbara A. 1941     wife of Garrett O35
O38 Goulding Marlene Anne 1952 1992    
O40 Kelly Rosemary Feb 22,1963 Oct 25,1985 Daughter of Garrett and Barbara  
O41 Curran Kathleen 1911 1997   Wife of Joseph O42
O42 Curran Joseph Michael 1910 1980   Husband of Kathleen O41
P31         Reserved with P32  
P32 Dyke Sterling 1946 2000    
P33 Kelly Gregory T. 1908     Husband Of Mary P34
P34 Kelly Mary T. 1921 1995 Maiden Name Dooley Wife of Gregory P33
P38 Greene Alex J. 1944 1993    
P39         Reserved with P40  
P40 McDonald Cyril John May 21,1993 Nov 20,1985    
P41 Cashin Mary Apr 23,1902 Feb 17,1999   Wife of Gregory P42
P42 Cashin Gregory Sep 6,1902 Mar 16,1980   Husband of Mary P41
Q32 Gillingham Ann Marie 1950 2001    
Q37 Broomfield William 1918 1992 Merchant Navy WW2  
Q40 Kelly Thomas L. 1913 1990   Husband of Mary Q41
Q41 Kelly Mary M. 1917 1995   Wife of Thomas Q40
Q42 Kelly Bernard F.   Oct 18,1980 Age 58  
R33 Dawson Vincent 1926 1999    
R34 Mackey Annie 1913     Wife of Maurice R35
R35 Mackey Maurice 1910 1997   Husband of Annie R34
R38 Kelly Joseph A. 1931 !996    
R39 Kelly Elizabeth 1906     Wife of Andrew R40
R40 Kelly Andrew 1904 1991   husband of Elizabeth R39
S33 Dooley James M. 1919 2001 Nfld Overseas Forestry WW2  
S34 Broderick James P. 1933 1997    
S35         Reserved with S34  
S38 Dawson Frank        
S39 Lane Josephine       Wife of Roy S40
S40 Lane Roy       Husband of Josephine S39
S41 White Maude 1925 1980    
T34         Reserved with T35  
T35 Broderick Dennis J. 1942 1998    
T39 Kelly Elizabeth 1939 1992    
T41 Harty Helen 1910 1997   Wife of James T42
T42 Harty James 1903 1981   Husband of Helen T41
U32         Reserved with U33  
U33 Cashin William J. 1923 2001    
U35 McDonald Ambrose Oct 4,1928 Aug 13,2001    
U38 White Lawrence 1947 1996    
U39 Cashin Clara 1912 1996   Wife of Raymond U40
U40 Cashin Raymond M. 1910 1992   Husband of Clara U39
U41         Reserved with U42  
U42 Kelly Daniel F. May 15,1918 Jul 6,1984    
V41 White Mary Ellen 1913 1991   Wife of Samuel V42
V42 White Samuel 1908 1984   husband of Mary Ellen V41
W34         Reserved with W35  
W35 McDonald William Oct 7,1947 Dec 7,2001    
W38 Moss William 1922 1991    
W39 Moss Vera 1930      
W40 Moss Jeremy Michael Jan 26,1985 Jan 8, 2000    
W41 Moss William Joseph Mar 12,1961 Jun 9,1990    
W42 Moss Stephen Gerard 1966 Mar 18,1988 Ordinary Seaman Naval Operatons  
X38 Kelly Theresa Mary 1955 1993   Wife of Eugene
X39         Reserved with X38  
X40 Kelly John L. 1898 1985   Husband of Annie X41
X41 Kelly Annie F. 1899 1985   Wife of John X40
Y39 Curran Stephen L. Jan 25,1919 Jun 17,1998   Husband of Angela Y40
Y40 Curran Angela Jul 3,1921 Jul 13,1996   Wife of Stephen Y39
Y41 Curran John Patrick Mar 30,1938 Nov 8,1992    
Z41 Dawe Gordon W. Oct 1,1934 Dec 24,2001   Husband of Patricia
Z42         Reserved with Z41  

Transcribed by: Carl White

Additional Information added Mar 28, 2004 (John McDonald)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2019 (Don Tate)

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