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New United Church Cemetery
Grand Bank
Partial (19 of ~950)

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Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Other Information
Belben James W. July 14th 1863 June 5th 1938 75 Years Susanna  
Susanna March 26th 1865 May 9th 1942 77 Years James W.  
Belbin Charles 1901 1930      
Clara 1902 1992      
Belbin Joshua A.   Mar. 13, 1968 80 Years Julia Buffett Patten father, [located next to Julia Patten]
Belbin Thomas J. 1890 1963   Louise [see additional headstone]
Louise 1897 1999   Thomas J.  
Forsey Daniel L. Apr. 19, 1963 Sept. 15, 2007     [see reverse side of [headstone]
Margaret J. Aug. 11, 1965        
Green Caleb W. 1941 2006      
Rose 1944        
Green Frederick G. 1903 1977      
Eleanor L. 1901 1986      
Green Frederick Wayne Jr. May 10, 1952 Aug. 31, 1966      
Green F George. Nov. 7, 1937        
Violet H. Mar. 27, 1929 Dec. 1, 2005      
Patten Julia Buffett   Dec. 31st 1945 65 Years Joshua A. [located next to Joshua A. Belbin]
Rogers James Joseph   April 27, 1944 ?? Yrs Susannah  
Susannah   Sep. 9, 1939[?] ?? Yrs James Joseph  

Transcribed by Craig Peterman (2008)
from Photos Contributeed by Ron Bygott (2008)

Page Last Modified: March 22, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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