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United Church (Methodist Cemetery)

Burin District



The following compilation is by no means complete, exhaustive, or without error. The cemetery contains many unmarked graves and some of the more recent burials may have been missed. Part 1. of the listing includes an extract from the document "Inscriptions from the Anglican Church Cemetery, the Salvation Army Cemetery and the United Church Cemetery - The Town of Fortune", - donated to the Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogical Society - 1986. Part 2. is the result of a visitation to the cemetery on the part of the compiler/transcriber. Part 3. includes a "Fortune United Church Cemetery Plot Plan", prepared by W. H. Taylor and Wayne Inkpen - 1997.

The "Old" Methodist Cemetery, in use during the early-to-late 1800's, and located within the Town of Fortune, has (with the exception of two) no visible markers.

Transcribed & Contributed by Donald R. Gorham, Tottenham, Ontario Lake Family Historian, Fortune, Burin District, Newfoundland

SURNAMES Found in this Cemetery





PART 1 - Headstone Inscriptions
PART 2 - Headstone Inscriptions
PETZ MARGARET M.   June 13, 1955 69 yrs. In loving memory of Rest in peace
TUCK JOHN W. 1872 1962   Ever remembered
BENNETT JOHN FREDRICK 1873 1918   No parting in Heaven
BENNETT SARAH CLARISSA 1875 1963   No parting in Heaven
KING MARY LOUISE 1923 1975   In loving memory of - Father - in thy gracious keeping leave me now our loved one sleeping Lord teach us to give back to thee the treasure thou didn't lend us.
Erected by husband John Millet, daughter Mary Jacquelline.
KING JOHN W. 1879 1954   Ever remembered
Ever loved
To live in hearts we leave
behind is not to die.
KING SARAH F. 1889 1975   Father in thy gracious keeping
Leave me now our loved one sleeping
Lord teach us to give back to thee the
treasure thou dids't lend us
KING JANET M. DOVE 1876 1958   In loving memory - As nurse and friend she lived to serve and was beloved
LAKE GEORGE A. 1889 1962   Father - Rest in peace
LAKE BESSIE R. 1890 1942   Rest in peace
BLAGDON SILAS 1888 1975   In loving memory of - For all of us he did his best
May God grant him eternal rest
BLAGDON JAMES 1845 1889   Father - Asleep in Jesus
BLAGDON ELIZABETH 1848 1941   Mother - Asleep in Jesus
Erected by son Silas
BLAGDON PHILIP M. 1880 1906   In loving memory of Brother
Asleep in Jesus Erected by son Silas
KING ALFRED J. 1877 1937   What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever
KING MELENDA 1886 1977   not lost to memory nor to love but safe in our fathers home above
KING WILLIAM M. 1881 1946   Rest in peace FATHER
KING MARY J. 1887 1965   Rest in peace MOTHER
For all of us they did their best
may God grant them eternal rest
Erected by their family
For all of us they did their best
May God grant them eternal rest
Erected by their family
KING JOHN MILLET April 21, 1846 January 5, 1926   He giveth his beloved sleep
KING SARAH LAKE October 21, 1853 October 23,1952   He giveth his beloved sleep
LAKE JENNIE 1890 1931   wife of C. R. Lake
In memory of Gone but not forgotten
LAKE PHILIP E.   March 6, 1937 75 yr Erected by children His memory lingers
LAKE EDITH M. of P. E. LAKE   January 6, 1828 65 yrs Sacred to the memory of
COLLIER CHARLES E.   November 16, 1917 47 yrs. Farewell my loved ones Thou art gone, Thou earthly sufferings o'er Thy friends in love and silent grief shall know thee here no more
COLLIER NINA A.   June 30, 1934 27 yrs. In loving memory of Farewell my loved ones,
thou art gone,

thy earthly sufferings o'er thy friends in love and silent grief
shall know thee here no more
ELFORD CHESLEY K.   June 2, 1928 22 yrs at Detroit, In fond rememberance of - Affectionate tribute
here we can raise
tis all that we can do
till death shall close our earthly days
our friendship to renew
HEWITT THOMAS R. 1858 1938   Asleep in Jesus
HEWITT LYDIA 1884 1946   wife - Asleep in Jesus
FORSEY JOHN BERTRAM   August 29, 1972 62 yrs nd while he lies in peaceful sleep
his memory we shall always keep.
Erected by his family
BUFFETT GEORGE November 26, 1882 October 26, 1958   Beloved husband of Frances Buffett - He lives with us in memory still and will forever more
BUFFETT FRANCES 1887 1974   May her soul rest in peace
MILLETT WILLIAM May 9, 1934 Drowned June 16, 1939   Erected by George and Lucy King In fond rememberance of their son
SPENCER BILLY GEORGE October, 10, 1941 Drowned March 7, 1949   Erected by George and Lucy King - In fond rememberance of
SPENCER MORGAN M.   March 21, 1928 61 yrs. Erected by his daughter In loving memory of - They will be done on earth as it is in heaven
He is gone but not forgotten
Never shall his memory fade
Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger
Round the grave where he is laid
SPENCER MARY CECILY August 26, 1872 July 21, 1902   Beloved wife of Morgan Spencer
DOUGLAS RONALD M. January 23, 1919 September 17, 1920   Beloved son of Thomas and Elizabeth Douglas - Safe in the arms of Jesus
THORNHILL CHARLES HENRY July 27, 1902 November 14, 1966   FATHER - Beloved husband of Elsie Thornhill
Calm and peaceful his is sleeping
sweetest rest that follows pain
we who love him but trust in God
to meet again
BLAGDON LILLIAN FLORENCE 1881 1966   What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever
LAGDON SAMUEL J. 1885 1943   To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
PURCHASE CHARLOTTE November 28, 1850 February 11, 1914   "Mother" that precious name
Fell asleep in Jesus February 11, 1914 Farewell the same Earths sweetest word, though ages past has flown no sound was ever known, like that dear name alone, "Mother" Also of her beloved father
PURCHASE ALBERT February 22, 1852. August 27, 1887   On the resurrection morning when the dead in Christ shall rise Dearest Father, Sainted Mother, meet again
Drowned at sea
THORNHILL DINAH   June 9, 1918 41 yrs. Beloved wife of John Robert Thornhill - Gone but not forgotten
THORNHILL JESSE ALBERT   May 24, 1916 2 months. Darling child of John and Dinah Thornhill
TIBBO NORMAN May 5, 1911 February 24, 1912   Darling child of Leslie and Edna Tibbo
LAKE WILLIAM T. September 14, 1882 July 23, 1955   FATHER
Ever remembered
LAKE AMELIA December 23, 1883 May 23, 1926   MOTHER
Ever remembered
RITA   MAYE LAKE November 9, 1910 March 5, 1912   SISTER
Ever remembered
SPENCER MARY September 18, 1911 February 27, 1912   Darling child of Clyde and Valetta Lake
PIERCEY JACOB E. January 22, 1923 November 7, 1968   Beloved husband and father
Memory is the gift of God
that death cannot destroy.
ELFORD ARCHIBALD 1874 1951   Ever remembered Ever loved
ELFORD ANNA MARGARET 1879 1965   Ever remembered
Ever loved
MAYO S. RAYMOND 1907 1955   Yet tho thy smile be lost to sight To memory thou art dear
MAYO JANE BERTHA   December 16, 1958 82 yrs. 6 months Not lost to memory or to love But safe in our father's home above
MAYO SAMUEL C.   June 15, 1937 63 yrs., 6 months Beloved husband of Bertha J. Mayo who departed this life Erected by wife and children
Sweet as the rest that Jesus gives
when earthly work is done
We miss you much but God
thought best to take you to his home
BUFFETT GEORGE 1878 1938   They are gone but not forgotten
BUFFETT LILLIAN 1884 1936   They are gone but not forgotten
BUFFETT FREDRICK 1914 1942   hey are gone but not forgotten.
LAKE CHARLES HEZEKIAH 1862 1938   Ever remembered
LAKE ELIZA 1865 1955   Ever remembered
LAKE GEORGE   May 24, 1902 59 yrs. A loving husband and a kind father
LAKE ETHEL M.   October 6, 1901 16 yrs. God my redeemer lives
FORSEY JOHN October 27, 1865 June 16, 1936   Erected by their family Beautiful memories are treasured ever of happy days when were together
FORSEY MARTHA March 28, 1871 April 23, 1949   Erected by their family Beautiful memories are treasured ever of happy days when were together
PAUL GEORGINA   July 8, 1924 23 yrs. Beloved wife of John H. Paul
We shall sleep but not forever
DOUGLAS THOMAS February 1925 1973   At rest
LAKE ARTHUR W. 1908 1981   Ever remembered Ever loved
ELFORD MARY M. October 1917 June 1972   Rest in peace
LAKE KENNETH   February 24, 1980 77 Seaman Merchant Navy WW2
THORNHILL GILBERT W. 1932 1981   Though death divides Fond memories cling
THORNHILL MARY January 21, 1968 70 yrs.   Beloved wife of John R. Thornhill
THORNHILL JOHN R. 1900 1975 FATHER   God be with you till we meet again
THORNHILL GORDON KEITH   August 4, 1968 6 yrs. In the kingdom of the grace, give a little child a place
JOHNSON ANNIE B. (CROCKER) 1905 1983   Beloved mother - Merciful Jesus grant her eternal rest
JOHNSON AREN   September 13, 1968 68 yrs. Beloved husband of Annie Johnson
For all of us he did
his best, may God grant
him eternal rest
SPENCER WALTER BYRON May 9, 1897 January 22, 1972   Ever remembered Ever loved
CLARKE JAMES August 29, 1917 May 18, 1971   Calm and peaceful he is sleeping, sweetest peace that follows pain We who loved him sadly miss him, trust in God to meet again Erected by wife and son
CLARKE MARY 1881 1969   Beloved wife of Charles Clarke
Another link is broken in our household band but a chain is forming in a better land Erected by the family
GILLIARD CHARLES L. 1915 1972   At rest
LAKE CHARLES COOMBS 1903 1973   Rest in peace.
Erected by the family
MAVIN WILLIAM M. 1907      
MAVIN CAROLINE 1900 1981   Ever remembered Ever loved
MAVIN M. MATILDA 1899 1984   Safe in the arms of Jesus
MAVIN HENRY T. 1896 1992   Safe in the arms of Jesus
HERRIDGE ARTHUR   September 12, 1972 74 Husband and father Rest in peace
HERRIDGE LUCY   April 3, 1980 84 Wife and mother
COLLIER ALFRED 1888 1970   Rest in peace
COLLIER EMILY 1888 1970   Rest in peace
ELFORD GEORGE AARON   May 17, 1968 71 yrs. Forever with the Lord
At rest
SMITH ELEANOR   April 23, 1961 36 In memory of MOTHER
Forever with the Lord
INNIS JAMES E. 1884 1967   In memory of FATHER
How sweet to sleep where all is peaceful and pain is lulled to rest
INNIS NANCY JANE 1892 1967   Mother
How sweet to sleep where all is peaceful and pain is lulled to rest
MAVIN EUGENE RANDELL April 28, 1913 November 9, 1967   Beloved husband of Mary Mavin
For all of us he did his best, may God grant him eternal rest
MAVIN HAROLD W. 1935 -1983    
BRADLEY SCOTT E. December 2, 1912 December 25, 1969    
DAY CLUETT 1915 1977 61 yrs. Fondly loved, Deeply mourned
DAY MARY June 17, 1909 September 29, 1970   Forever with the Lord
MONSTER GEORGE B.   October 17, 1972 65 Seaman, Merchant Navy, WW2
MONSTER GEORGE B. JR. 1949 1978   He lives with us in memory and will forever more
Mother and Family
LAKE, W. FREEMAN 1880 1977    
LAKE JENNIE (FOOTE) 1886 1971    
AYRES HAROLD EDGAR       To memory ever dear
MONSTER NORMAN   November 17, 1961 57 Gone but not forgotten
BUFFETT REGINALD June 27, 1909 December 22, 1971   His dear bright eyes and merry face are pleasant to recall, he had a loving word for each and died beloved by all
BUFFETT Baby August 20, 1952 August 21, 1952    
BUFFETT ANNIE M.   May 3, 1912 8 1/2 months  
BUFFETT SARAH K.   May 8, 1912 8 1/2 months  
MORRIS BERKLY R. 1892 1923   Father
Lost at sea
Ever remembered
MORRIS MARY E. 1895 1965   Mother
Ever Remembered
MORRIS BESSIE   August 21, 1943 25 yrs. Not now but in the coming years
It may be in the better land
We'll know the meaning of our tears
and then some things will understand
HICKMAN MARTHA   October 8, 1918   Beloved wife of JAMES HICKMAN
The dust shall remain to the earth
as well it was, and the sun shall return
unto God who gave it
SPENCER MARY   October 18, 1938 78 yrs. MOTHER
SPENCER CHARLES BENNETT   February 18, 1944 90 Father
SPENCER STANLEY June 13, 1900 August 17, 1978   Always remembered
SPENCER JOHN HICKMAN February 14, 1827 May 4, 1908 81 yrs. He hath dispensed, he hath given to the poor, he hath righteousness endureth forever, his name shall be exalted with honor
SPENCER CLARA ROSE 1871 1949    
Son Her   November 27, 1957 40 Also her son died at London, England
Forever with the Lord
SPENCER THOMAS EDWARD September 27, 1870 June 20, 1925   Erected to the memory of THOMAS EDWARD
LAKE JOHN Senior   September 4, 1902 86 yrs. Erected to the memory of
Watch therefore ye know not
what hour your Lord doth come,
and what I say unto you I say
unto others
HADDEN JAMES N.   who fell asleep January 22, 1921 75 yrs. Erected by his widow GRACE P. HADDEN In loving memory of her dear husband
Remember friends as you
pass by, as you are now
so once was I. As I am
now so you shall be
prepare for death and
follow me
LAKE AMELIA   January 28, 1926 56 yrs Beloved wife of Philip G. Lake
Asleep in Jesus
KING CHARLES T. January 18, 1853 January 3, 1919    
SPENCER WILLIAM   October 17, 1914 78 yrs. Erected by TRYPHENA SPENCER
In loving memory of her father
SPENCER ANN ELIZABETH   May 19, 1916 76 yrs. In loving memory of her Mother,
MAYO JOHN LAKE   January 24, 1947 74 yrs. You suffered much,
You murdered not
We watched you day by day
until at last with broken hearts
you passed away
MAYO LYDIA HADDEN   July 4, 1943 63 yrs.  
HILLIER, JOHN   June 18, 1926 71 yrs. Erected by Catherine Hillier
in memory of beloved husband
LAKE, HELEN   February 19, 1927 20 yrs. beloved daughter of George T. and A. Lake
THORNHILL ELEANOR ???? 1976   Wife of WILLIAM A. THORNHILL Gone but not forgotten
WALTERS AMELIA JOY September 1947 November 1974   She lives with us in memory and will forever more
LAKE ETHEL L. (FOOTE) 1905 1973   wife of Aubrey Lake
LAKE JOHN P. May 1888 December 1984   Ever remembered
LAKE LUCY L. November 1888 January 1976   Ever remembered
HILLIER CHARLES EDWARD April 22, 1927 March 16, 1977   Ever remembered Ever loved
LAKE ETHEL MILDRED 1922 1976   Wife of Eric
THORNHILL STANLEY 1904 - ????    
  SUZIE W. 1904     his wife Gone but not forgotten
BENNETT SARAH May 28, 1893 April 25, 1977   Ever remembered, Ever loved by husband Arthur and daughters Hilda and Margaret
BENNETT ARTHUR E. March 17, 1890 August 30, 1980   To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Loved and remembered by daughters, Hilda and Margaret
HATCHER THOMAS WILLIAM 1901 1979   In loving memory of husband and father
Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal
BENNETT DONALD C. B. 1927 1979   Forever in our hearts
To live in the hearts
we love is not to die
MYLES GEORGE S. 1919 1980   Fondly loved, deeply mourned
WICKS JAMES November 30, 1897 December 18, 1978   In loving memory of Husband and Father
SPENCER JANE MAUDE 1896 1983   She lives with us in memory and will forever more
THORNHILL WILLIAM S.   July 31, 1979 66 yrs. Ever remembered
THORNHILL RUSSELL B.   December 17, 1980 67 yrs. Gunner  Royal Artillery Beloved husband of Ruth Gone but not forgotten
DOUGLAS ELIZABETH ANN 1888 1982   Beloved wife of Thomas Douglas
DOUGLAS THOMAS W.     46 yrs. Husband of Elizabeth A. Douglas Age 21 yrs.
DOUGLAS FREDERICK C.       also son Both lost at sea, October 1932
While on a voyage from Oporto to Gaultois
Erected by wife and children
PETTEN WALTER   February 28, 1983 90 yrs. Ever remembered Ever loved
Erected by wife and family
PIERCE FLORENCE July 29, 1908 June 12, 1984   Loving wife of Clyde Ever remembered Ever loved
GILLARD E. PRISCILLA 1886 1984    
BLAGDON JANE F. 1909 1984   Gone but not forgotten
AYRES SARAH 1893 1976   MOTHER - Erected by her family.
For all of us she did her best,Beloved wife of George Day may God grant her eternal rest
AYRES WILLIAM       For all of us he did his best, may God grant him eternal rest
DAY GEORGE   February 20, 1959 70 yrs. Beloved husband of Beatrice Day "We shall meet again" In loving memory of We loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best
DAY BEATRICE   May 9, 1963 74 yrs. Beloved wife of George Day
"We shall meet again" In loving memory of We loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best
KEEPING SARAH   October 30, 1964 70 y" Meet me in Heaven" In loving memory ofrs.
KEEPING WILLIAM H.   September 16, 1962 69 yrs.  
FORSEY GEORGE   January 11, 1968 71 yrs. Beloved husband of Harriet Forsey
He lives with us in memory and will forever more
LAKE HARRY   July 8, 1955 68 yrs. FATHER
We shall meet again
LAKE JENNIE   November, 12, 1969 82 yrs. MOTHER
We shall meet again
THORNHILL EMMA JANE 1892 1965   Peace Perfect Peace
FRAMPTON SUSANNA 1889 1975   Ever remembered Ever loved
In loving memory of MOTHER
BURTON SUSIE ROSE September 16, 1911 December 1912   Darling child of Phillip and Eleanor
Safe in the arms of God
HILLIER CHARLES   February 3, 1921 69 yrs. Lovingly dedicated to the memory of my departure
HILLIER MARY TRYPHENA   December 14, 1929 67 yrs. Living they walked the way that won respect, Dying they leave me memories grand tho sad, in that memories growing hearts is glad
BURTON PHILLIP   August 29, 1946 76 yrs. FATHER
Peace Perfect Peace
BURTON ELEANOR BUFFETT   September 29, 1946 71 yrs Peace Perfect Peace
ROSE SUSIE W.   March 25, 1918 61 yrs. Erected by NETTIE
In loving memory of her mother Dearest mother thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel but tis God that perfect -, he can all our sorrows heal
ROSE EARNEST W.   October 25, 1901   Who was lost at sea There is a world above where parting is unknown a long eternity of love formed from the good alone
SPENCER WILLIAM       In loving memory of
SPENCER AMELIA   November 11, 1941 77 yrs. In loving memory of our dear mother
Lost at sea Ever remembered Ever loved
SPENCER VIOLET   April 10, 1930 29 yrs. In loving memory of our dear sister
GILLARD FRANK M. 1922 1961   Son
Lost at sea
Ever remembered Ever loved
MONSTER FRANKLIN JR.   1952 5 weeks Safe in the arms of Jesus
HOOPAIS CORA   January 5, 1978 74 yrs. In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Leaving to mourn, her husband, four daughters. If we had all the world to give, we would give it yes and more, to hear her voice, see her smile and meet her at the door
FORSEY PHILIP EDWARD   July 31, 1929 56 yrs. We shall meet again You're not forgotten father dear, nor ever shall you be as long as life and memory last, we shall remember thee
Remembered by his family
HILLIER AUGUSTUS R. January 8, 1916 October 28, 1976   Rest in Peace
PIERCEY NEWELL   June 22, 1975 65 yrs. Beyond the sunset
PIERCEY GRACE October 8, 1907 October 23, 1977   In the sweet bye and bye
COLLIER THOMAS P. June 29, 1875 July 3, 1964    
COLLIER JAMES P.   October 7, 1943 80 yrs.  
COLLIER BESSIE   January 23, 1956 73 yrs. Forever with the Lord
PIERCEY A. NEWELL 1874 1963    
PIERCEY PATHENA 1877 1972    
COLLIER ANNA M. November 27, 1880 September 8, 1967   Ever remembered by Earl and Georgina
VEY CLARA AUGUSTA   February 5, 1957 80 yrs. At rest beyond the sunset
VEY GEORGE   July 15, 1921 61 yrs. Father  At rest beyond the sunset
LAKE W. P.   September 27, 1916 75 yrs. Erected by his children in memory of a loving FATHER
Hold him o father in thy arms, and let him henceforth be, a messenger of love between our human hearts and thee
LAKE Wm. PITMAN   August 9, 1933 51 yrs. In loving memory of Wm. Pitman Lake Beloved husband of Bessie Lake
Just away where no shadows fall, in perfect peace awakening all, longing perhaps in his love to say "I'm not dead, I'm just away"
LAKE JOHN E. May 2, 1845 December 29, 1920   We live in hearts, we leave behind is not to die
LAKE CHRISTINA February 8, 1847 February 22, 1923   We live in hearts, we leave behind is not to die
PURCHASE MOLLY   February 5, 1920 22 yrs. We miss thee from our home dear we miss thee from thy place a shadow is over our life is cast we miss the sunshine over thy face
HILLIER ELEANOR November 20, 1833 April 26, 1920   Erected In loving memory of
HILLIER EUPHEMA   April 4, 1924 55 yrs. A dear mother from us is gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home that never can be filled
HILLIER ISAAC   September 21, 1941 71 yrs, Erected by BESSIE HILLIER In loving memory of her dear husband Affectionate tribute here I rise, tis all that I can do, till death can close my earthly days our friendship is renew
STRONG PHILIP ELIAS 1874 1948   Yet tho thy smiles be lost to sight to memory they are over
STRONG SAUL   October 26, 1963 64 yrs. Private Royal Newfoundland Regiment
PIERCEY MARION FRANCES 1920 1947   Gone but not forgotten
BENNETT AMELIA   April 11, 1947 91 yrs.  
KING LILLIAN 1900 1965   Forever with the Lord
DIXON GEORGE T. April 23, 1873 January 14, 1952   Until the day break and the shadow flee away
DIXON BEATRICE S. December 19, 1872 May 9, 1961   Resting
MONSTER SAUL September 20, 1862 October 24, 1942   In loving memory of our dear father
MONSTER MARY MARTHA November 27, 1894 May 1, 1948   MOTHER Gone but not forgotten
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
MILES JOSEPH JOHN August 27, 1878 February 11, 1931    
MILES RANDELL September 22, 1900 April 11, 1919   Erected by Charles and Frances Haynes of Catalina
HAYNES, CAPT. WILLIAM   April 24, 1919, 24 yrs. and 4 months Just as I am without one plea
In fond memory of their dear son
We love him yes no tongue can tell
How much we loved him nor how well
God loved him too and he thought best
to take im for himself to rest
LAKE FREDERICK C. 1885 1919    
LAKE ESTHER M. 1883 1957   In God's Holy keeping
LAKE ADA CAROLINE 1885 1967    
LAKE CHRISTIE 1914 1936   and daughter
Forever with the Lord
FORSEY GEORGE H.   December 23, 1926 20 yrs. Beloved son of John and Martha Forsey
SPENCER ROY 1897 1975    
ROY ELSIE MAY 1896 1940   Life's work well done
POOLE MAX G.   May 14, 1921 22 yrs. son of Thomas and Jane Poole
He is gone but not forgotten never will this memory fade Sweetest thoughts will never linger around the place where he is laid
KING WILLIAM J. 1849 1928    
KING LYDIA 1854 1939    
KING HAZEL E. 1892 1904   What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever
MONSTER MORGAN   December 29, 1920 54 yrs. Erected by his wife In loving memory of Far off thou art but ever nigh, I have thee still and I rejoice
SPENCER JOHN H. October 3, 1867 April 22, 1939   FATHER
SPENCER CAROLINE October 16, 1858 June 11, 1955   MOTHER
Forever with the Lord
They live with us in memory and will forever more
LAKE GRACE October, 26, 1849 August 30, 1927   Where the silent marble weeps a friend, a wife, and mother sleeps a heart within whose sacred all the peaceful virtues love to dwell
BENNETT THOMAS F.   September 20, 1948 95 yrs. FATHER
BENNETT ELIZABETH J.   January 29, 1931 68 yrs. MOTHER
He giveth his beloved sleep
BENNETT WILLIAM   October 6, 1860 36 yrs. Erected in memory of their father - lost at sea
BENNETT MARY ANN   January 7, 1912 90 yrs. Also their mother
BENNETT CHARLES   October 6, 1860 19 yrs. Also their brother lost at sea
HICKMAN RUEBEN P.   December 21, 1960 58 yrs. Seaman, Merchant Navy WW2
WALTERS JOHN   February 9, 1959 32 yrs Beloved husband of MARIETTA WALTERS
lost on Blue Wave Death is the heartache no one can heal Memories are treasures no one can steal Some may forget you now you are gone But I still remember no matter how long
HILLIER MARGARET 1885 1959   Peace Perfect Peace
BENNETT THOMAS E.   May 25, 1903 31 yrs. Erected by Jessie Bennett
In memory of her beloved husband
PIERCEY JACOB H. 1886 1955   Always remembered by his family
BONNELL GEORGE   February 6, 1923 59 yrs. Beloved husband of MARIA BONNELL
BOOMER GRACE JEANETTE April 21, 1939 June 11, 1953 14 yrs. beloved daughter of Albert and Bertha Boomer Peace Perfect Peace
PIERCE THOMAS R. 1891 1967   In God's Holy keeping
PIERCE RHODA M. 1887 1955   In God's Holy keeping
KEEPING JOHN 1891 1966   Beloved husband of MARY B. KEEPING
Home is the sailor Home from the sea
HILDA LYDIA (-) 19 1903 18 yrs. Erected by AARON BENNETT
In memory of his beloved daughter
TUCK MARIA   April 24, 1933 84 yrs. Faithful until death
TUCK BENJAMIN   July 10, 1881 2 yrs.  
TUCK ARTHUR   January 6, 1895 24 yrs. lost at sea
TUCK ELIZABETH   November 20, 1895 18 yrs.  
TUCK, who died WILLIAM   December 24, 1905 67 yrs. A loving husband and a kind father
Nor pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear invade thy bounds, no mortal words can reach the peaceful sleeper here while angels watch the soft repose
LAKE GEORGE T.   December 20, 1906 59 yrs. Erected by ELIZABETH J. LAKE In memory of her beloved husband
LAKE THOMAS E.   August 21, 1970 22yrs. Also her beloved son A husband and son have left us, and their loss we greatly feel, but tis God wh hath bereft us he call all our sorrows heal
SWANN, JANE   November 30, 1909   beloved wife of WILLIAM SWANN who fell asleep in Jesus For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so then also those that are fallen asleep in Jesus will God bring with him
LAKE GEORGINA WHITEFIELD   July 8, 1905 5 yrs. & 4 months daughter of the late GEORGE W. and SARAH LAKE
BENNETT MARY ANN July 1850 1936    
SNOOK WILLIE C.   April 30, 1903 14 yrs. Erected by ROBERT and EVA SNOOK In memory of their darling son
One less at home a sense of loss that meets us at the gate within a place unfilled and desolate and far away our coming to await one more in heaven
BENNETT CHARLES   February 3, 1921 69 yrs. Lovingly dedicated to my dear parent
ELFORD PHILIP CLARENCE August 6, 1922 January 29, 1937   At rest
LAKE AGNES January 6, 1873 August 6, 1956   MOTHER
LAKE GEORGE THOMAS May 18, 1863 January 29, 1936 FATHER   Peace Perfect Peace
LAKE Brother SYDNEY HARRY        
LAKE Sister FRANKIE MAY   in infancy   Safe in the hands of Jesus
Note: Information within (     ) and burial locations added by compiler)
BARNES, ARTHUR J. June 26, 1950 August 24, 1987   (Buried Section F-Plot 22)
BURTON, EDWARD BENNETT , August 1, 1964 55 yrs. (Son of Philip & Eleanor B. Burton) (Buried Section A-Plot 7)
CLOUTER, AMELIA A. 1937 1998 (Wife of Allan L. Clouter) (Buried Section F-Plot 45)
COLLIER, E. JANE 1909 1991 (Wife of George Nelton Collier)  
COLLIER, GEORGE NELTON 1908 1993 (Seaman, Merchant Navy WW2) (Husband of E. Jane Collier) (Buried Section F-Plot 19)
DAWE, CHARLES March 5, 1944 October 7, 1990   (Buried Section F-Plot 42)
DIXON, BEULAH ELIZABETH 1901 1995 (Wife of William McLloyd Dixon) (Buried Section C-Plot 24)
DOUGLAS, CLYDE L. August 19, 1916 July 19, 1989 (Husband of Sarah J. Douglas) (Buried Section F-Plot 49)
DOUGLAS, RONALD M. 1921 1984 (Husband of Vivien R. Douglas) (Buried Section F-Plot 23)
DOUGLAS, SPENCER M. August 10, 1924 July 16, 1986 (Husband of Vera E. Douglas) (Buried Section F-Plot 44)
DOUGLAS, VERA E. January 27, 1929 August 22, 1989 (Wife of Spencer M. Douglas) (Buried Section F-Plot 44)
DOUGLAS, VIVIEN R. 1924 1996 (Wife of Ronald M. Douglas) (Buried Section F-Plot 23)
ELFORD, ELEANOR LENORA March 27, 1991 99 yrs. (Wife of George Aaron Elford) (Buried Section C-Plot 14)
ELFORD, FRANK B. 1919 1997 (Husband of Amelia Elford) (Buried Section C-Plot 46)
ELFORD, JOHN T. 1911 1997 (Husband of Stella Belle Elford) (Buried Section F-Plot 53)
ELFORD, STELLA BELLE (ELIZABETH-) 1923 1998 (Wife of John T. Elford) (Buried Section C-Plot 31)
FORSEY, HARRIET 1900 1986 (Wife of George H. Forsey) (Buried Section C-Plot 29A)
FORSEY LAURA 1910 1992 (Wife of John Bertram Forsey) (Buried Section B-Plot 20)
FORSEY, WILLIAM BEE GEORGE 1948 1988 (Lost at sea)  
FOX, LARRY M. October 1932 September 1989   (Buried Section B-Plot 28)
HARRIS, ABRAHAM A. 1913 1999 (Husband of I. Margaret Harris)  
HARRIS, I. MARGARET 1915 1994 (Wife of Abraham A. Harries) (Buried Section F-Plot 20)
HATCHER, FRANCES 1900 1985 (Wife of Thomas William Hatcher) (Buried Section F-Plot 28)
HATCHER, HAZEL October 1, 1929 November 12, 1999 (Wife of Frank D. Hatcher)  
HICKMAN, SARAH M. 1900 1995 (Wife of Thomas P. Hickman) (Buried Section A-Plot 11)
HICKMAN, THOMAS P. 1894 1964 (Husband of Sarah M. Hickman) (Buried Section A-Plot 11)
HILLIER, CHARLES 1915 1997 (Husband- of Gladys Hillier) (Buried Section F-Plot 48)
HILLIER, ELIZABETH F. 1922 1992 (Wife of Henry G. Hillier) (Buried Section F-Plot 8)
HILLIER, GLADYS 1917 1987 (Wife- Of Charles Hillier) (Buried Section F-Plot 48)
HILLIER, HENRY G. 1914 1981 (Husband of Elizabeth F. Hillier) (Buried Section F-Plot 8)
HILLIER, WALTER 1911 1996 (Husband of Rita Hillier) (Buried Section B-Plot 44)
KEEPING, MARY B. 1897 1988 (Wife of John S. Keeping) (Buried Section A-Plot 1)
KING, BERTHA October 11, 1921 January 30, 1994 (Daughter of Alfred J. King) (Buried Section E-Plot 22)
KING, GEORGE COLLIER 1914 1991    
KING, GEORGE PURCHASE March 12, 1910 October 10, 1961 (Husband of Lucy Marietta King) (Buried Section B-Plot 17)
KING, JOHN MILLET April 9, 1923 October 16, 1993 (Husband of Mary Louise King) (Buried Section B-Plot 40)
KING, LUCY MARIETTA December 20, 1907 February 9, 1996 (Wife of George Purchase King) (Buried Section B-Plot 17)
KING, MAUDE 1917 1995   (Buried Section B-Plot 50)
LAKE, BERT (HUBERT M.) (1890 )   (Husband of Florence Lake) (Buried Section D-Plot 26)
LAKE, BYRON CHESTER April 10, 1920 April 10, 1986 (Husband of Grace Elizabeth Lake) (Buried Section F-Plot 43)
LAKE, DOROTHY J. 1909 1995 (Wife of Arthur Wesley Lake) (Buried Section F-Plot 51)
LAKE, ERIC 1917 1989 (Seaman, Merchant Navy, WW2) (Husband of Ethel Mildred Lake) (Buried Section F-Plot 31)
LAKE, FREDERICK C. 1921 1992 (Husband of Caroline Lake) (Buried Section B-Plot 7)
LAKE, GEORGE F. May 27, 1905 July 8, 1953 (Husband of Mary Lake)  
LAKE, HARRY B. 1945 1994 (Husband of Marion Lake) (Buried Section F-Plot 21)
LAKE, HARRY RUSSELL July 7, 1918 June 8, 1998 (Husband of Stella Lake) (Buried Section B-Plot 14A)
LAKE, JAMES (1847) (1928) (Husband of Sarah Jane Lake) (Buried Section E-Plot 21)
LAKE, JEAN *1 1921 1994 (Wife of Hedley Lake) (Buried Section F-Plot 7)
LAKE, JULIA B. 1909 1994 (Wife of Charles Coombs Lake) (Buried Section C-Plot 3)
LAKE, KEVIN PAUL November 24, 1983 November 8, 1988   (Buried Section F-Plot 56)
LAKE, LLOYD G.   March 29, 2000 Aged 79 yrs. (Husband of Margaret Lake) (Buried Section C-Plot 40A)
LAKE, MARY 1911 1995 (Wife of George F. Lake)  
LAKE, NELLIE D. 1927 1999 (Wife of Howard Patten Lake)  
LAKE, PHILIP G. (1861) (1938) (Husband of Amelia Jane Lake) (Buried Section D-Plot 20)
LAKE, ROY September 27, 1915 March 21, 1988 (Husband of Stella Lake) (Buried Section F-Plot 57)
LAKE, RHODA 1902 1986 (2ND Wife of Aubrey Lake) (Buried Section F-Plot 32)
LAKE, SAMUEL P. December 27, 1881 February 24, 1982 (Husband of Ada Caroline Lake) (Buried Section B-Plot 8)
LAKE, STELLA 1909 1998 (Wife of Harry Russell Lake) (Buried Section B-Plot 10A)
LAKE, WILLIAM ALBERT (1845) (1906) (Husband of Sarah Collier) (Buried Section E-Plot 20)
LEE, CYRIL S. Oct 14, 1925 March 20, 1994 (Son of George & Rachel Lee) (Buried Section G-Plot 1)
LEE, GEORGE 1894 1937 (Husband of Rachel Lee) (Buried Section E-Plot 12)
LEE, RACHEL 1896 1979 (Wife of George Lee) (Buried Section E-Plot 12)
MAVIN, WILLIAM J. 1925 1996 (Husband of Jane M. Mavin) (Buried Section G-Plot 6)
MILLER, WILLIAM J. 1901 1987   (Buried Section F-Plot 1)
MONSTER, EMILY 1922 1988 (Wife of George Benjamin Monster Jr.)  
MONSTER, LILLIAN M. 1903 1986 (Wife of Norman Monster) (Buried Section B-Plot 29)
NOSEWORTHY, JANE H. 1905 1988 (Wife of Spencer Gordon Noseworthy) (Buried Section B-Plot 18)
NOSEWORTHY, PRISCILLA     (Wife of George H. Noseworthy) (Buried Section E-Plot 23)
NOSEWORTHY, SPENCER GORDON 1908 1993 (Seaman, Merchant Navy WW2) (Husband of Jane H. Noseworthy) (Buried Section B-Plot 18)
PARSONS, WELLMAN D. July 1, 1935 July 10, 1992   (Buried Section F-Plot 50)
PETTEN, ELIZABETH 1896 1989 (Wife of Walter Petten) (Buried Section F-Plot 6)
PIERCE, AMELIA   October 29, 1975 (Wife of Bert Lake Pierce) (Buried Section F-Plot 17)
PIERCE, BERT LAKE   February 24, 1980 (Husband of Amelia Pierce) (Buried Section F-Plot 17)
PIERCE, CLARENCE 1914 1999 (Seaman, Merchant Navy, WW2) (Husband of Emily Pierce) (Buried Section A-Plot 2)
PIERCEY, EDWIN J. 1906 1938 (Husband of Julia A. Piercey) (Buried Section E-Plot 40)
PIERCEY, ELIZA FRANCES 1890 1988 (Wife of Jacob H. Piercey) (Buried Section B-Plot 11)
PIERCEY, JULIA A. 1910 1994 (Wife of Edwin J. Piercey)  
PIERCEY, LUCY A. (1873) (1953) (Wife of Samuel George Piercey) (Buried Section D-Plot 19)
PIERCEY, ROY 1914 1993 (Seaman, Merchant Navy, WW2) (Husband of Jane Piercey) (Buried Section E-Plot 35)
PIERCEY, THOMAS 1932 1934 (Son of Edwin & Julia A. Piercey)  
PURCHASE, CHRISTIE 1914 1936 (Daughter of Ada Caroline Lake)  
RIGGS, ERNEST WILSON March 6, 1900 March 18, 1993 (Husband of Jennet Dove Riggs)  
RIGGS, JENNETE DOVE June 23, 1914 January 8, 1999 (Wife of Ernest Wilson Riggs) (Buried Section F-Plot 13)
SMITH, FREDERICK GEORGE 1925 1995 (Husband of 2nd wife Margaret E.Smith) (Buried Section C-Plot 26)
SMITH, MARGARET ELIZABETH 1937 1993 (2ND wife of Frederick George Smith) (Buried Section C-Plot 26)
SMITH, MARGARET J. 1935 1995 (Wife of Charles F. Smith) (Buried Section G-Plot 5)
SPENCER, ALICE VALETTA October 15, 1900 Oct 22, ---- (Wife of Walter Byron Spencer) (Buried Section C-Plot 5)
SPENCER, BEATRICE S. 1931 1994   (Buried Section G-Plot 2)
SPENCER, MARIA LOUISE December 16, 1904 January 22, 1994 (Wife of Stanley Spencer) (Buried Section D-Plot 27)
TAYLOR, CATHERINE ANN March 1966 September 1991   (Buried Section D-Plot 28)
THORNHILL, DIANNA S. January 14, 1983 March 11, 2000    
THORNHILL, MARGARET 1921 1997 (Wife of Rolan G. Thornhill)  
THORNHILL, MINNIE C. 1940 1997 (Wife of Gilbert Thornhill)  
THORNHILL, ROLAN G. 1913 1979 (Husband of Margaret Thornhill)  
THORNHILL, STANLEY 1904 1990 (Husband of Suzie W. Thornhill) (Buried Section F-Plot 30)
THORNHILL, WILLIAM A.   1976   (Buried Section E-Plot 9)
WALTERS, GEORGE E.   1933 (Lost at Sea) (Husband of Myrtle J. Walters)  
WALTERS, MYRTLE J. 1896 1990 (Wife of George E. Walters) (Buried Section F-Plot 33)
WARREN, GERALD C. February 22, 1944 October 9, 1988 (Husband of Helen F. Warren) (Buried Section E-Plot 30)
; r
(PART 3.
Caution: Many gravestones have been inscribed with two or more names.Many of those individuals have not expired.
A 1 John S. & Mary B. Keeping
  2 Clarence Pierce
  3 No Marks (Handwritten entry - "Clarence Pierce")
  4 Hezekial & Frank M. Gillard
  5 Ellen Harris
  6 No Markings
  7 Edward Bennett, Susie Rose Burton, Susie W. Rose, Philip & Eleanor Buffett Burton
  8 No Marks
  9 William & Amelia Spencer
  10 James Clayton Gilliard
  11 Thomas P. & Sarah M. Hickman
  12 George S. Thornhill
  13 No Marks
  13A "No Marks" (handwritten entry)
  14 Ronald M. Douglas
  15 George & Maria Bonnell
  16 Berkley R., Mary E., Bessie Morris
  17 Charles H. Thornhill
  18 Thomas R., & Rhoda M. Pierce
  19 George F., & Mary Lake
  20 Albert Bertha & Grace Boomer
  21 Marker with Cross - Unknown
B 1 Morgan M. & Mary Cecily Spencer
  2 No Marks
  3 Thomas Ed Bennett
  4 Thomas & Lydia Hewitt
  5 George & Priscilla Hickman
  5A Max G Pool
  6 George H. Forsey (Of John & Martha)
  7 Frederick C. Lake
  8 Samuel P. Lake & Ada C. Lake
  9 Frederick C. Lake & Ester M. Lake
  10 Annie M & Sarah K. Bennett
  10A "M. K. Piercey" (handwritten entry)
  11 Jacob H. & Eliza Francis (Frances-) Piercey
  12 George T. Blagdon & Wife
  13 John Walters
  14 Harry & Jennie Lake
  14A "H.R. & Stella Lake" (handwritten entry)
  15 Charlotte Purchase
  16 Lillian F. & Samuel J. Blagnon (Blagdon-)
  17 William M. King & George Spencer King, George & Lucy King
  18 Gordon, Janie & George A. Noseworthy
  19 Emma Jane Forsey & Susanna Frampton
  20 Bertram, Laura & Daniel Forsey
  21 James, Elizabeth & Silas Blagdon
  22 George A. & Bessie R. Lake
  23 Saul & Mary Mosher
  24 Joseph J. & Randell Myles
  25 Capt. William Hynes
  26 George & Francis (Frances-) Buffett
  27 Reginal, Florence, Clyde, Cyril, & Baby Buffett
  28 Larry M. Fox
  29 Norman & Lillian M.Monster
  30 Harold E. Ayers
  31 J. Piercey & W. Piercey
  32 Robert, Mary Francis (Frances-) & Benjamin Hickman
  33 Marks J. H. P.
  34 Lillian King
  35 Saul & Mary Strong
  36 Amelia Bennett
  37 Philip Roy Hickman "John H. Hickman" - (handwritten entry)
  38 Gerald Ayers & Marion Frances (Frances-) Piercey
  39 Charlie King
  40 John M. & Mary L. King
  41 John W., Sarah F., Janet Dove King
  42 Harold Ayers
  43 No Marks
  44 Walter Hillier
  45 Walter, Walter Jr., D. Bennett, (H.-) Bennett
  46 Marks J. W. T. ("Alex Thornhill's parents" handwritten entry)
  47 Donald & James Dunne ("Max Thornhill" - handwritten entry)
  48 Margareth M. Petz, John W. Tuck, John F. & Sarah Bennett
  49 Margaret Hillier
  50 Collier & Maud King
  51 Church Remains 1996
  52 Church Remains 1990- (original "-" mark)
C 1 Henry T. & Matilda Mavin
  2 Caroline Mavin, Wife of Wm. M. Mavin
  3 Coombs & Julia B. Lake
  4 Charles L. Gillard
  5 Walter Byron & Alice Valetta Spencer
  6 James & Mary Ckarke (Clarke) (wife of Charlie)
  7 Arne & Annie B. Johnson
  8 Gordon K. Thornhill
  9 John R & Mary Thornhill
  10 Gilbert Thornhill
  11 Arthur & Lucy Herridge
  12 Alfred & Emily Collier
  13 No Marks (Wallace Pardy)
  14 George Arron (Aaron) & Eleanor L. Elford
  15 No Marks
  16 George B., S. Monster, George B Monster Jr.
  17 Cluett & Mary Day
  18 Freeman & Jennie Lake
  19 Scott E. Bradley
  20 Raymond, Lloyd G., & Elizabeth Mayo
  21 Harold W. Mavin
  22 Randell E., & Mary Mavin
  23 Walter & Lucy Forcey (Forsey-)
  24 William McLloyd & Bulah Dixon
  25 James & Mary Innis
  26 Frederick, Margareth & Eleanor Smith
  27 George Piercey
  28 Jacob Piercey
  29 Reuben Hickman
  29A George H. & Harriett Forsey
  30 Mary Spencer Daughter of Clyde & Valetta Lake
  31 Charles (crossed out and overwritten "Chesley") K., Archibald & Anna Elford (John T. Elford & Elizabeth - handwritten entries)
  32 William & Sarah Ayers
  33 George A. Thomas F., Eliz. J, William Bennett
  34 George & Beatrice Day
  35 Norman son of Leslie & Edna Tibbo
  36 William T. & Amelia Lake
  37 Jasper, Caroline, Grace Lake
  38 James & Ellen Iienus (Innis-)
  39 W H & Sarah Keeping
  40 Dinah & Jessie Albert Thornhill
  40A Lloyd & Margareth Lake (handwritten entry)
  41 John H. & Caroline Spencer
  42 Morgan Monster
  43 William J., Lydia, Hazel E. King
  44 Charles Edward & Effie Bennett
  45 Roy & Elsie Spencer
  46 Frank Elford
  1 John Lake Mayo & Lydia Haddon Mayo
  2 Charles & Mary T Hillier, Sydney, Frankie May
  3 Willie C. Snook of Robert & Eva Snook
  4 Lydia Hilda Bennett
  5 Wm. Snook
  6 Mary Ann Collier of Jacob Collier
  7 Mary Ann Bennett
  8 Georgina Whitefield of George & Sarah Lake
  9 Alfred, Maria & William Tuck
  10 John & Martha Forsey
  11 No Marks
  12 John of Catherine Hillier
  13 John Penny Martin
  14 Jane Swann of Rev. Wm. Swann
  15 George T & Thomas E. Lake
  16 Blank......
  17 John P. Strickland
  18 Charles T. King
  19 Lucy Lake Piercey
  20 Amelia, Philip G. Lake
  21 Grace & James Haddon
  22 No Marks
  23 John Lake Sr.
  24 John Hickman, Clara Rose, Thomas Edward Spence
  25 Mary Spencer & Charles Bennett Spencer
  26 Bert & Florence Lake
  27 Stanley & Marie Spencer
  28 Catherine Ann Taylor
  29 W.H.Taylor
  30-51 Double Plots Available (crossed out)
  41 Harvey Lake (handwritten entry)
  42 J.Lake (handwritten entry)
E 1 Edward & Janet Hillier
  2 George Thomas, Agnes, Helen Lake
  3 Georgina wife of John H. Paul
  4 Ann Elizabeth, Philip Elias Strong
  5 Philip Clarence, George Philip, Ester Florence Elford
  6 George, Lillian, Frederick Buffett
  7 Samuel C., Jane Bertha, S. Raymond Mayo
  8 Charles, Eliza Lake
  9 Willia (William-) A., Jane Thornhill, Marion Thornhill
  10 Samuel C. & Lucy Piercey
  11. No Marks
  12. George, Rachel Lee
  13. Edward Stanley of John, Amelia Bennett
  14 Matilda Maggie Lake of Mack
  15 George, Ethel M. Lake
  16 John E. & Christina Lake
  17 Clara Bowden, George & Clara A. Vey
  18 Mollie Purchase
  19 William Pitman Lake & W. P. Lake
  20 Albert, Sarah F. Lake
  21 Sarah Jane, Jas. Lake
  22 Bertha, Hazel, Alfred J. Melinda King
  23 George H., Mary Scott, Priscilla Noseworthy
  24 George Edward, Emily Collier
  25 Jennie Lake of O. R. Lake (note letter "O" should read "C", Cecil Robert)
  26 P. E. & Edith M. Lake
  27 A. Newell & Pathenia Piercey
  28 Eleanor, Euphema, Isaac & Bessie Hillier
  29 Elijah Gillard
  30 Gerald Warren
  31 Agustus Hillier
  32 Thomas P & Annie Collier
  33 William Forcey (Forsey-) Jr.
  34 Newell, Grace Piercey
  35 Roy Piercey
  36 William M., Mary J. King
  37 No Marks
  38 John Millet & Sarah Lake King
  39 Charles E. & Nina O. Collier
  40 Edwin J. Piercey & Julia Bonnell
  41 Frank, Elsie Monster
  42 Frank, & Cora Hoopias
  43 Elias & Caroline Anderson
  44 Philip P. Forsey
  45 James P. Collier
  46 Millie Bonnell
F 1 William J. Miller
  2 Hannah Forsey
  3 Jane Blagdon
  4 Priscilla Gilliard
  5 Clyde & Florence Pierce
  6 Walter & Elizabeth Patten
  7 Jane Lake wife of Headley
  8 Henry C., Elizabeth Hillier
  9 W. G. Thornhill
  10 Jane Maude Spencer
  11 Marks - T. K.
  12 Sarah & James Wicks
  13 E. W. Riggs
  14 Arthur & Sarah Bennett
  15 Charles E. Hillier
  16 John P. & Lucy Lake
  17 Berkley & Amelia Pierce
  18 Baby Walter of Freeman & Alma
  19 George N., & Jane Collier
  20 Margaret Harris of Abram
  21 Harry B. Lake
  22 John Barnes
  23 Ronald M. Douglas & Vivien
  24 Elizabeth Ann & Thomas W. Douglas
  25 Russell B. Thornhill
  26 George S. Myles
  27 Donald Bennett
  28 Thomas & Francis (Frances) Hatcher
  29 Marked - Chesley Herridge
  30 Stanley & Susie Thornhill
  31 Eric & Ethel M. Lake
  32 A.P., Rhoda, Ethel Lake
  33 Myrtle J. Walters
  34 Amelia Joy Walters
  35 Eleanor & W. A. Thornhill
  36 Double Plot Available
  37 Double Plot Available
  38 Double Plot Available
  39 Double Plot Available
  40 Single Plot Available
  41 To be left vacant
  42 Charles Dawe
  43 Byron Chester Lake
  44 Spencer & Vera Douglas
  45 Marked - Clouter ("Allan & Amelia" handwritten note)
  46 Marked - Clouter
  47 Blanch (Clouter) Eddy
  48 Charles & Gladys Hillier
  49 C. L. Douglas
  50 Wellman Parsons
  51 Arthur W. & Dorothy Lake
  52 Thomas Douglas
  53 Mary M. & John T. Elford
  54 Kenneth Lake
  55 Major King
  56 Roy & Kevin Lake
  57 Roy Lake
G 1 Cyril S. Lee
  2 Beatrice S. Spencer
  3 "Geo. Day" (handwritten entry)
  4 Lloyd M & Eleanor Dove
  5 Margareth Jean Smith (Charlie)
  6 William J Mavin
  7 Marked - George Mavin
  8 27 Plots available in order
  8 "Curtis & Martha Inkpen" (handwritten entry)
  9 "(-) S. Dewolf (single)" (handwritten entry)

This page Transcribed & Contributed by Donald R. Gorham, Tottenham, Ontario
Lake Family Historian, Fortune, Burin District, Newfoundland (September 2000)

LAKE, Jean*1 Correct entry should have been Jane Lake Austin Haynes -
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