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Salvation Army Cemetery

Burin District

Click here for a view of the Cemetery and the Cemetery Sign



In Memory of our
Beloved father,
Christopher Thompson
Died September 20, 1908
Age 71 yrs.

In loving memory of
Sarah Anderson beloved
Wife of Elias W. Anderson
Who departed this life
January 5, 1918
Age 35 yrs.

You are gone dear one from
Mortal vision, one from
The gaye of friends so dear
But you are borne to our hearts
With lasting love - links, that
Cannot be served by death so dear
So we think of you still and hope
To meet, when life cares are over at
Jesus feet.

In loving memory
Samuel George Major.
Died November 26, 1920
Age 19 yrs. and 5 months
Loving son of Samuel
And Amelia Major.

Had he asked us
Well we know, we
Would cry. Oh serve
This blow. Yes with
Streaming eyes.

In loving memory of
William E. Spencer
Died March 19, 1929
Age 68 yrs.

Mother Hannah Thompson
Died July 23, 1899
Age 51 yrs.

Erected by
Ester Harvey
In memory of her
Beloved parents
Thomas and Ester
Piercey Who departed this
Life September 13, 1907
And January 9, 1908
Aged 70 and 77 yrs.

Dearest parents you have
Left me here, your loss
I greatly feel
It is God who hath
Bereft me then can
All sorrows we heal.

Edith Spencer
Died June 3, 1951
Age 77 yrs.

Yet tho their smiles lost
To sight, to memory they are
Erected by daughter and grandchildren.

George Morgan
Lost at sea
November 30, 1918
Age 17 yrs.

Reginald Wesley
Son of George and Mary
Born April 3, 1921
Died April 28, 1921

Erected by Thomas Douglas
And family

In Memory of James Mavin
Died September 14, 1925
Age 81 yrs.
Also Susan Mavin died
June 13, 1913
Age 66 yrs.
Gone but not forgotten.

In loving Memory
Of Belinda Mosher
Wife of A. Wesley Mosher
Died May 23, 1964
Age 77 yrs.
She lives with us in memory
And will forever more.

In loving Memory of
Ambrose Harvey
Died March 6, 1950
Aged 71 yrs.
His wife Ester
Died October 31, 1948
Age 85 yrs.
Gone from this world
Of sorrow to Realms of Peace
Above where earths trails are

In loving memory
Of Ezra Buffet
Born May 6, 1873
Died February 18, 1951
He who is dead and gone Honor
With remembrance not tears.

Percey J. Thornhill
1908 - 1984
Lord put your arms around him
And keep him in your care
And make up for all he worried
Until we meet him there.

Ever remembered by wife
Elizabeth and children.

In loving memory of
A. Wesley Mosher
Husband of
Belinda Mosher
Died July 27, 1961
Age 76 yrs.
On the bright immortal shore
We shall meet to part no more.

Thomas A. Bradley
Born August 12, 1954
Died December 7, 1954
Age 3 months.

In loving memory Of
Berthina Buffett
Born August 18, 1878
Died May 1, 1963
To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die.

James P.
1918 - 1940
What we keep in memory
Is ours unchanged forever.

In loving memory Of
Joseph Michael
Died December 8, 1960
Age 88 yrs.

Calm and peaceful they are
Sleeping sweetest. Rest that
Follows pain; we who loved them
Sadley miss them, but trust in
God we meet again.

In loving memory Of
Haddon Dunne
Died March 23, 1941
Aged 59 yrs.

Calm and peaceful they are sleeping sweetest
Rest that follows pain, we who loved them sadly
Miss them, but trust in God to meet again.

In loving memory
Of Mother
Johanna Paul
Died May 9, 1956
Aged 87 yrs.
She lives with us in
Memory and will forever more

In loving memory of
Thomas W. Pierce
Died December 11, 1958
Aged 82 years
Gone but not forgotten

In loving memory of
Gorden Mosher
Born July 1, 1928
Died Mary 12, 1958

He lives with us in memory still
And will further more.

In loving memory of
John W. Pierce
Beloved husband and father
Died January 10,1950
Aged 83 yrs.

Another link is broken in our household sand
But a chain is forming in a better land.

In loving memory
Charles Paul
Died March 21, 1945
Aged 77 yrs.
Asleep in Jesus

James R.
Born May 12, 1916
Died November 24, 1964

Those whom we love go out of sight but never
Out of mind.
They are cherished in the hearts of those they
Leave behind.

In loving memory of
Mary Ella Pierce
Died June 7, 1968
Aged 84 yrs.
Gone but not forgotten.

In loving memory of
Thomas Monster
Died August 22, 1957
Aged 86 yrs, 6 months
At rest

In loving memory of
Wilhilminia J. Pierce
Beloved wife and mother Died December 2, 1951
Aged 60 yrs.

Father, In thy gracious
Keeping leave we now thy
Servant sleeping

1938 Joseph C. 1976

Lord put your arms around him
And keep him in your care
Make up for all he worried
Until we meet him there.

William R. Spencer
Merchant Navy WW2
December 31, 1981
Age 78

Hannah Myles
Died February 4, 1974
Age 92
Rest in Peace

In loving memory Of
Lillian M. Thornhill
1906 - 1979
She lives with us
In memory and
Will forever more.
Erected by the family

1903 - 1980
Gone but mot

Maria Budgell
1900 - 1978
Ever remembered by
Son and daughter
She died as she lived
Trusting in God.

In loving memory of
Mary Keeping
Died June 15, 1961
Aged 91 yrs.
He giveth his beloved sleep.

Hilda J.
Born December 15, 1904
Died May 24, 1982
Gone but not forgotten
Ever remembered by
Two sons and two daughters.

Morgan Thornhill
Merchant Navy WW2
November 2, 1971
Age 76

Chantelle N. Thornhill
Died February 13, 1978
Age 20 months.
She lives with us in
Memory and will forever more

Erected by his
Father and Mother
In loving memory
Of "Garry Murdock
Born May 6, 1959
Died December 12, 1960
Was hard to give him up
Thy will to God be done.

In loving memory of
John E. Thornhill
Died June 28, 1973
Age 85 yrs.
Our lived one sleeps here.

1900 - 1975
Ever remembered
Ever loved.

In loving memory of
Husband and father
To live in the hearts
We love is not to die.

Angus James Thornhill
Son of Charles & Carletta

Lucy Ann Thornhill
Died December 1, 1958
Aged 76 yrs.
Ever remembered
Ever loved.

In loving memory of
William M. Buffett
Born December 13, 1914
Died July 29, 1979
Not lost to memory
Nor to love
Rust safe in our
Fathers home above.

In loving memory of
James Douglas
Born 1896
Died 1973
How I miss you, it's
More than tongue can tell
I hope some day we will
Meet in Heaven, where
Saints and angels dwell.
Erected by his wife Eva.

In memory of
Grace Luetta
Born December 12, 1911
Died November 10, 1968
She lives with us in
Memory and will forever

In loving memory of
Stanley Forsey
Born November 25, 1945
Died September 5, 1966
Gone but not forgotten.

Joyce Thornhill
Born September 21,1957
Died February 4, 1974
A love one from us
Has gone,
A voice we loved
A place is vacant
In our home, which
Never can be filled.
Remembered by Mom
And Dad, sisters
And brothers.

Marion Thornhill -James

Stanley Blagdon
Merchant Navy WW2
July 1, 1976
Age 67

In loving memory of
A dear husband and
Father William Moores
1898 - 1968
His life was full of kindly
Deeds, a helping hand to
All in need
A happy smile, a heart of gold
No finer husband and father
This world could hold.

Jessie Thornhill
Born July 28, 1961
Died July 29, 1961
A little flower to love
That blossomed
But to die, Transplanted now above
To bloom with God on High.
Remembered by Mom and
Dad, sisters and brothers

In loving memory of
Minnie Monster
Died April 12, 1969
Age 57
In God's holy keeping
Ever remembered by her
Husband and family.

William Moores
Seamen, Merchant Navy
WW2, August 22, 1968
Age 70

Martin, John
1883 - 1966
Not loss to memory of
The love but safe in our
Father's home above.

Martin, Matilda
1900 - 1973
Not loss to memory
But safe in our father's
Home above.

Willis Hiscock
1917- 1962
For all of us he did
His best, may God grant
Him eternal rest.
Erected by his wife and family.

Marsh, Ernest
1901 - 1964
Not lost to memory or
To love but safe in
Our father's home above.

Rita Blagdon

Saul Mosher
Merchant Navy WW2
October 8, 1980
Age 80

James A. Witherall
1888 - 1965
Loved by all who knew

L. Mavin

Charles E. Blagdon
Merchant Navy WW2
January 9, 1972
Age 50.

In loving memory of
Mary Ann Witherall
1894 - 1976
Forever with the Lord
Erected by daughters
Elsie and Helen

In loving memory of
Luke R. Foote
Died April 3, 1965
Age 80
Husband of Minnie Foote
We who loved him sadly
Miss him but trust in
God to meet him again.

In loving memory of
Charlotte Jane
Born January 30, 1928
Died January 20, 1967
From our happy home
And circle God has taken
One we loved. Borne away From sin and sorrow to a
Better land above.

William J. Crant
19131 - 1975
Elsie N.2
1920 - 1988
For I am going, yes
I'm going to that land
That has no storms.
Forever with the Lord.

In memory of
Rose A. Mosher
1900 - 1970
Erected by husband

Note: There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery.


19131 Original Date of 1813 corrected to 1913 based on headstone photo Craig Peterman
Elsie N.2 Name added based on headstone photo Craig Peterman

Transcribed by Bill, Betty and Stephen Crant (September 2000)

Page Last Updated Thursday February 21, 2019 (Craig Peterman)

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