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Anglican Cemetery

Burin District



In loving memory of
Husband and father
Augustine Hannam
1946 – 1976
For all of he did his best
May God grant him eternal rest.

In loving memory of
A dear father and husband
George W. Hillier
Born August 7, 1907
Died December 22, 1973
No pain, no grief, no anxious fear
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here.
Erected by wife Josephine.

In loving memory of
Deborah beloved wife of
Reuben Thornhill
Died April 3, 1968
She is gone but not forgotten
Never will her memory fade
Sweetest thoughts will even linger
Around the grave where she is laid.

In loving memory of
Maxwell Elroy
Son of Ruby and Allan Marshall
Born November 29, 1963
Died March 14, 1964
God needs noe more angel to join
His shining band, he look down
In loneliness and clasped our darlings hand.

Stanley G. Ayres
1903 – 1965
In memory of
Daily thought in heart
A silent sorrow.

In loving memory of
Jacob Strickland
Died September 19, 1975
Age 75 yrs.
There is a link death cannot
Sever, Love and remembrance
Last forever.
Placed here by his wife.

In loving memory of
Mary Caroline Hillier
1907 – 1972
wife and mother.

In loving memory of
Henry T. Keeping
Beloved husband of Rosanna Keeping
Died February 6, 1968
Age 63 yrs.
Into they hands commend may spirit.

In loving memory of
Fredrick Stone
Born November 29, 1918
Died July 15, 1964
Rest in Peace.

Frances 1897 – 1978
Died Jan 14,
She lives with us in
Memory and will forever

In loving memory of
Lillian J. Hillier
Daughter of
Randell and Georgina
Born May 24, 1959
Died December 26, 1976
Age 17 yrs.
Sleep, my beloved sleep.

George J. Cake
Died January 22, 1976
Age 83 yrs.
Through death divides
Fond memory clings.

Onslow Barnes
Born October 28, 1913
Died July 21, 1973
To who we love go out of
Sight, but never out of mind,
They are cherished in the hearts
Of those left behind, but only
For a little while our loved
Ones leave our sight, for just
Beyond the hills they wait.
In Gods eternal light

In loving memory of
Leo Smith
Died March 19, 1974
Age 62 yrs
No pain, no grief
No anxious fear
Can reach the peaceful
Sleeper here.
Erected by his family

In loving memory of
Maria Bobbett
Died February 22, 1978
Age 69 yrs.
The call was sudden
The shock was sever
To with one
We loved so dear
Erected by his family

In loving memory of
Annie M. Laskey
Born April 18, 1897
Died March 11, 1939
She lived with us in
Memory and will forever more.

William R.
1899 – 1974
Erected by the

Margaret H. Myles
1900 – 1974
Erected by the
Rebecca Barnes
Born May 30, 1913
Died July 21, 1973
Those who we go out of
Sight, but never out of
Mind, they are cherished in
The hearts of those they leave
Behind, but only for little
While our loved ones leave our
Sight for just beyond the hills
They wait in gods eternal light.

Myrtle Lilly
1911 – 1975
Rest in peace

Wilson Lilly
1901 – 1973
Rest in peace

John R. Hillier

In loving memory of
James Bobbett
1903 – 1972
Husband and father
Ever remembered
Ever loved

SPR Herbert G. Laskey
1892 – 1974

Thomas W.
1953 – 1965

Margaret V.
1958 – 1972

Benjamin Keeping
Died February 19, 1977
Age 76 yrs.
Not lost to memory or to love
But safe in our father’s home
Erected by his wife Myrtle.

In loving memory of
Robert Rose
Beloved husband of
Amelia Rose
Born September 2, 1911
Died September 11, 1970
His toil is past, his work
Is done, he fought the fight,
The victory won.
Gone but not forgotten by his family

In loving memory of
July 21, 1908
June 14, 1970
Beloved wife of John H.
Nearer my God to thee.

In loving memory of
Abraham James
Beloved husband of
Mary Hillier
Died March 24, 1973
Age 51 yrs.
Dear Abe, you’re not forgotten
Precious memories kind and true
In my heart you will live forever
Because I thought the world of you.

In loving memory of a dear
Husband and father
Frederick M. Hillier
Died April 14, 1977
Age 41 yrs.
We were not there to see
You die to hold your hand
Or kiss good-bye but we will remember
Our whole lives though the last words
We had with you
Erected by wife and daughters.

In loving memory of
Edith Rachel Degruchy
Born January 14, 1895
Died February 10, 1975
We shall meet again.

In loving memory of
John H.
December 12, 1900
Died April 21, 1979
Beloved husband of late
Nearer my God to thee.

In loving memory of
Thomas W. Julia A.
1881 –1930  1894 - 1978
Lost at sea
Rest in peace

In memory of
Elizabeth J. Snook
Died July 22, 1964
Age 78 yrs.
Never will her memory fade.

George Hannah
1898 – 1942 1900 –1982
We shall meet again.

In loving memory of
George Philip Degruchy
Died April 28, 1974
Age 84 yrs. and 7 months
Friends my think the wound is healed
But they never know the sorrow that
Within our hearts is felt.

In loving memory of
Irene Hillier
Born November 2, 1924
Died October 27, 1976
She died as she lived, trusting in God.
Erected by the family

In loving memory of
Jerry Mathews
Beloved husband of
Died July 11, 1975
Age 74 yrs.
When we are sad and lonely
And everything goes wrong we
Seem to hear you whisper cheer
Up and carry on.
Erected by his son Clyde

In loving memory of
Bessie Buffett
Departed this life
February 12, 1973
Age 82 yrs.
We shall meet again.

In loving memory of
Ellen Strowridge   1893 – 1972
Red Cove.  Rest in peace.

In loving memory of
Chesley Ayres
Died December 25, 1975
Age 71 yrs.
Yet tho thy smile be lost
To sight, to memory thou art dear.

Harold Dodge
Born July 13, 1946
Accidentally killed
December 15, 1980
The call was sudden, the
Shock severe to part with
One so dear.

In loving memory of
Arthur E. Prosser
1889 – 1975
O lamb of God Redeemer, Blest, grant
Him thy eternal rest.

In loving memory of
George Hillier
Born 1898 – Died 973
Age 74 yrs. 4 months
When all is still and silent
And sleep forsakes my eyes,
My thoughts are in the silent
Grave where my dear husband lies.

In loving memory of
Charles Strowbridge
Red Cove.  1896 – 1948
Rest in peace

In memory of
John W. Marshall
September 1, 1920
December 22, 1980
Your end came sad and sudden
No time to say good-bye
Your were gone before I knew it
Dear, only God knows why
Fondly lived by wife Ethel.

In loving memory of
Silas, husband of Gladys
January 8, 1925 – February 16, 1983
He lives with us in memory and will
Forever more.

Thomas W.
1902 – 1981

Edward – 1901
Ever remembered
Ever loved

In loving memory of
Born November 29, 1912
Died April 25, 1985
The Lord is my Sheppard

Mary J Victor
1918 - 1984 1914 -
Not lost to memory, or to love, but
Safe in our father’s home above.

Myrtle – 1905 – 1983
Ever remembered, Ever loved

1908 – Violet – 1982
Eternal rest grant unto
Her, O Lord.

Freeman G.
1918 – 1982
His wife Annie 1924
Loving memories last forever.

Danny Pittman
April 21, 1969
August 20, 1983
Lord teach me to give
Back to thee the treasure
Tho dids’t lend to me.

Thomas W. Johnson
1916 –1978
Rest in peace
Love and rememberance
Last forever

Henry W. Bobbett
1895 –
Ever remembered
Ever loved

In loving memory of
Husband and father,
Samuel Goods
1900 – 1978
Ever remembered
Ever loved
Erected by wife and
3 sons, 2 daughters

In loving memory of
Elizabeth Spencer
Died June 28, 1979
Age 74 yrs.
Erected by husband
In memory a daily thought
In heart a silent sorrow

Fredrick J. Walters
Royal Artillery WW2
December 31, 1983
Age 73 yrs.

In loving memory of
Alexander Rose
Beloved husband of
Ida Rose
Born March 11, 1922
Died September 14, 1968
Darling husband he has left us
The loss we deeply feel
But the lord will protect
Us, he will all our sorrows heal

Olive M.
Love & Rememberance
Last forever

In loving memory of
Gordon Bonnell
Died June 6, 1979
Age 67 yrs.
His toil is past
His work is done
He fought the fight
The victory won.

1898 – 1980
His wife Jessie
1900 – 1979
At home in heaven

Gower W.
1905 – 1980
Not lost to memory nor to love
But safe in our fathers home

1902 – John H. – 1984
1912 – His wife Jessie E.
Our loved ones sleeps here
In loving memory of
John T. Hillier
Died December 24, 1969
Age 83 yrs.
He lives with us in memory
And will forevermore.

Mary E.
1899 – 1979
Ever remembered
Ever loved.

Glenda G. Goods
1972 – 1981
Darling daughter of
Clayton and Mildred
Ours for a little while,
With Jesus forever
Ever remembered.
Ever loved.

Harry V. G. Bonnell
1902 – 1978
Eternal rest grant
Unto him o lord

In loving memory of
Mary E. Baker
Died December 24, 1973
Age 72
On that bright immortal
Shore we shall meet
To part no more
Erected by her husband
John and sons.

In loving memory of
Aveline Lily
Beloved wife of
John T. Hillier
Died June 10, 1966
Age 72
We shall meet again.

In loving memory of
Harry, beloved husband
Of Daisy Crews
Died June 15, 1972
Age 66
For all of us he did his best
May God grant him eternal rest.

David Martin
Age 1 month
Died October 11, 1972
Rest in peace

Beloved husband
Of Lilian Fiander
November 11, 1906
June 21, 1969
In memory a daily thought
In heart a silent sorrow.

In loving memory of
Ellen Jane Bonnell
1905 – 1981
The tears we shed will wipe away
But the ache in our hearts will
Always stay, if we could have one lifetime
Wish one dream that could come true we would pray to God
With all our hearts for yesterday and you.

In loving memory of
Garfield Barnes
Husband of Sarah
Died December 1, 1969
Age 58
A happy home we once enjoyed
How sweet the memory still
In loving memory of
Glen Hillier
Who died February 28, 1965
Age 10 months
Suffer the little children
To come unto me.

Leslie Caines
Newfoundland Forestry
WW!, July 14, 1981
Age 83

In loving memory of
Frank Rose
Died March 9, 1966
Age 79
We shall meet again
Erected by his two daughters

In loving memory of
Danie Allan
Son of Irene and Joseph
Born November 28, 1964
Died March 20, 1965
Now I lay me down to sleep



Transcribed and Contributed
By: Bill, Betty, and Stephen Crant
September (2000)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 21, 2019 (Don Tate)

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