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Labrador Cemeteries


Church of England

BARNEY Bella 26-Jul-16 51 years Wife of Moses
BARNEY Moses 3-Mar-47 84 years Hus of Bella
BARNEY William H. 26-Nov-58 63 years  
BELL Caroline 29-Nov-29 18 years Dau of Daniel & Emily
BELL Clara M. 18-Mar-35 03 years Dau of Herbert & Delilah
BELL Violet F. 12-Apr-46 14 mos Dau of Herbert 7 Delilah
BUCKLE Alfred 25-Nov-62 82 years Husband of Alfreda
BUCKLE Alfreda 5-Jul-23 33 years Wife of Alfred
BUCKLE Bertha R 31-Oct-77 57 years Wife of Samuel - born Dec 29, 1920
BUCKLE James 20-May-43 80 years Hus of Phoebe Alice
BUCKLE Joseph 9-Sep-03 83 yrs 9 mos Hus of Mary Ann
BUCKLE Joseph W. 22-Mar-26 72 years  
BUCKLE Mary Ann 25-Jul-08 84 years Wife of Jospeh
BUCKLE Phoebe Alice 26-Nov-36 69 years Wife of James
BUCKLE Selina 10-Nov-26 70 years Wife of Joseph W.
CRIBB Alexander 17-Nov-20 47 years  
CRIBB Edward Feb 06, 1885 47 years Hus of Johanna
CRIBB Elijah 1-Jul-16 75 years Hus of Margaret
CRIBB Elijah 11-Jun-29 52 years Hus of Mary Ann
CRIBB Jocelyn 30-Jun-28 16 years Drowned - son of Elijah & Mary Ann
CRIBB Johanna 1-Aug-08 70 years Wife of Edward
CRIBB Laura 29-Nov-07 29 yrs 8 mos Wife of Alexander
CRIBB Margaret Apr 19, 1887 49 years Wife of Elijah
DUMARESQ Archibald J. 16-Aug-59 82 years  
DUMARESQ Elizabeth E. 25-May-65 73 years Wife of Philip - born Aug 01, 1891
DUMARESQ Philip 5-Dec-50 67 years Hus of Elizabeth
FLYNN Edward E. 2-May-72 82 years Hus of Pearl - born Nov 30, 1889
FLYNN Eliza 21-Apr-12 78 years Wife of Philip
FLYNN George 17-Nov-55 88 years Hus of Lucy
FLYNN Gladys 9-Jan-64 21 years Wife of Clar - born Jan 30, 1943
FLYNN Harriett 14-Mar-16 84 years Wife of Thomas
FLYNN Isabella 10-Jul-19 37 years Wife of Philip
FLYNN John 9-Aug-09 33 years Hus of Matilda
FLYNN Lucy 26-Feb-43 64 years Wife of George
FLYNN Madeline Louisa   9 mos 1 wk  
FLYNN Maggie 5-Dec-12 17 years Dau of Wm & Una
FLYNN Philip Jul 21, 1895 65 years Hus of Eliza
FLYNN Philip 15-Oct-37 65 years Hus of Isabella
FLYNN Thomas 20-Feb-05 80 yrs 5 mos Hus of Harriett
FLYNN Una 11-Mar-47 80 years Wife of Wm.
FLYNN William 21-Oct-35 75 years Hus of Una
FOWLER Susan 9-May-54   Infant dau of Hedley & Bessie
HART Victor P. 4-Apr-07 17 years  
HOMAN James G. 13-Feb-14 85 years Hus of Maria
JAMES Georgina 13-Dec-23 22 years Wife of Thomas
JAMES William A. 1-Oct-30 17 mos Son of Thomas & Belinda
LETTO Elijah Apr 20, 1877 08years Drowned
LETTO Mary Ann Jul 04, 1891 55 years  
SAULTER John Feb 12, 1881 41 years Hus of Lavina
SAULTER Lavina 4-Aug-27 82 years Wife of John
WELLMAN Alice 31-May-36 25 years Wife of James
WELLMAN James 1969 69 years Hus of Alice - born 1900
WELLMAN Philip 9-Jan-64 38 years Hus of Mabel

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