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St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery

Fogo District,

View of Cemetery Gate

World War 1 Memorial (Side 1)        
St. Andrews Congregation
in Memory
of Parishioners
Who Fell
In The Great War 1914 - 1918

George Coates
W. Mark Wooldridge
Frederick Randell
Fred Miller
James A. Mahaney
World War 1 Memorial (Side 2)        
E. Leslie Shave
G. Roderick Shave
Edward W. Butler
John H. Simms M.M. & Star
John W. Hart
Alfred Hiscock
Harold Payne

Merchant Marine
Charles Hart

They Died That We Might Live
BENNETT John Bond   13 July 1959 56 (?) A native of Christ Church Engl. Inscription blocked by tall grass.
BARNES Margaret   Oct 8, 2009 89  
BENNETT John Bond   July 18, 1987 43 His servant shall serve Him.
BRETT Ethel 1925 2003   Beloved wife of Andrew Brett
BRETT Andrew O. 1921 1983   Beloved husband of Ethel Brett
Ever remembered, ever loved
BROWN Ella Joy Mar 29, 1944 Nov 3, 2014    
COLES Derick H. J. Nov 18, 1961 Feb 25, 2015   Until we meet again.
COLES Ralph W. Aug 14, 1959 Oct 24, 2009   A loving husband, father, tender and kind, what a beautiful memory you left behind
COMBDON Rex H June 6, 1951 June 7, 2009   A loving husband, father & grandfather
Ever remembered, ever loved Beloved husband of Emeline
DOWNER Susannah   March 30th 1857 30 Yrs 5 Mos A native of Fogo. Though my heart that sorrow chideth, Sink in anguish and in care; Yet if patience still abideth, Hope shall paint her rainbow there. Hope's bright lamp her light shall borrow, From religion's bliss a ray; And from many a coming sorrow; Charm the clouds of grief away. Wife of John Downer
ELLIOTT Amelia   16 July 1985 55  
ELLIOTT Richard   Dec 11, 1871 79  
ELLIOTT Elizabeth   Jan 31, 1868 69 Also his wife
ELLIOTT Susannah   Feb 28, 1874 38 Also their daughter
FREAKE Abel Oct 16, 1928 Mar 6, 2014   Love's Last Gift Remembrance
FREAKE Marjorie Julia Oct 6, 1930 June 26, 2009   Too ever be remembered & loved by families & friends
GREENE Esther Warrick   August 6th 1955 34 Wife of Jeremiah Greene. Her soul has now taken its flight, To mansions of glory above, To mingle with angels of light, And dwell in the kingdom of love. The victory now is obtained, remaining inscription unreadable.
GREENE Stella M. March 11, 1925 Feb 23, 2012   Loving memories last forever
HART Darrin James Jan 19, 1981 April 14, 1985   Our angel sleeps here
Always loved & missed by Mommy & Daddy, Dana & Mitch
HART Raymond M Nov 3, 1928 Feb 25, 2008   Beloved husband of Mary
Always remembered by special nephew Bradley, family and friends
JONES Ada May       R. I. P. wooden cross
JONES James William May 13. 1924 Feb 1, 2011   His courage, his smile, his grace gladdened the hearts of those who have had the privilege of knowing him.
A loving husband, father and grandfather
LEYTE Marguerite J. 1962 2011   Not lost to memory or to love, but safe in our Father's home above.
Wed: April 12, 1980
LEYTE Nellie 1922 2011   Mother
LEYTE Roland 1922 1997   Father
Life's toils are finished Rest safe with Jesus Till we meet again
LUDLOW Elizabeth   July 12, 1884 43 to thy will O god. Remainder of inscription unreadable.
OAKE Brian George 1931 2009   Ever remembered, forever loved by his wife Ivy and family
In fond and loving memory of a dear husband and father
OAKE Eugene 1934 2009   In God's Loving Care.
OSMOND Evelyn D. April 12, 1921 April 13, 2010   A loving wife and mother, tender and lind, what beautiful memory you left behind
PAYNE Arthur James Nov 5, 1927 Feb 8, 2011   A loving husband, father and grandfather
Eternal rest has come at last Beloved husband of Violet
PAYNE Bradley Mitchell Mar 13, 1981 Nov 16, 2008   You can't hold a candle in the cold November rain
PAYNE Douglas H. Dec 4, 1928 Nov 2, 2013   Not lost to memory or to love, but safe in Our Father's home above.
PAYNE Emily Mary Mar 12, 1917 March 2, 2014   Forever in our hearts
PAYNE Frank R. Oct 3, 1944 Sep 20, 2008   Rest In Peace
PAYNE Gladys Oct 27, 1941 March 1, 2011   Ever remembered, ever loved Nursing Asst.
PAYNE Howard Nov 5, 1930 Nov 14, 2012   Joy, joy forever my task is done, the gates are pass'd, Heaven is won
PAYNE Lewis Sep 14, 1922 May 16, 2011   Beloved husband of Ruby You are gone but not forgotten, Never will your memories fade For our thoughts will ever linger Around the grave where you are laidy
PAYNE Raymond H. April 21, 1930 Aug 14, 2011   Man of few words Always in our hearts
PAYNE Roy Aug 16, 1933 Aug 8, 2011   Not lost to memory or to love
RIDEOUT Robert 18 Nov 1762 (?) 28 May 1824 (?)   Inscription unreadable.
SIMMS Ann   June 16th 1874 66 Died at Fogo. Young and old as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so will you be. Prepare for death and follow me.
SIMMS William   Dec 1st 1882 66 Inscription unreadable.
SIMS (sic) Henry       Inscription buried in grass
SMITH Raymond W. Dec 1, 1948 May 10, 2011   A sudden call from God above took from us the one we loved. No words of warning, no last farewell but in our hearts, he will always dwell.
Ever remembered & loved by wife Judy, sons Craig & Colin, their wives & four precious grandsons
SNOW Harvey M. Dec 9, 1931 May 8, 2013   Sadly missed by wife Phoebe Life's work well done
SNOW Susannah   May 2nd 1887 60 (?) Inscription unreadable.
TORRAVILLE Mildred Lillian Sep 9, 1929 Jan 20, 2014   Safe in the arms of Jesus
WARRICK Joseph   October ??, 1827 27 Son of John & Ann Warrick
WATERMAN David   April 13th 1885 52 if I am His and that He is mine for ever.
WATERMAN Henry   April 27, 1880 41 Who was Drowned at the Wadham Island
WATERMAN James   7 Jan 1853 30  
WATERMAN Robert   23 July 1855 28 Second and fourth sons? of Robert and Mary Waterman. Inscription unreadable.
WATERMAN Martha   May 22, 1864 26 Wife of William Waterman Junr. years. Inscription unreadable.
WATERMAN Mary   Dec 5th 1885 57 Wife of Robert Waterman
WATERMAN Susan Paine   Jan 10th 1855 38 Inscription unreadable.
WATERMAN Robert   Jan 11th 1867 82 Beloved wife of Mary Waterman. Inscription unreadable.
WATERMAN William   Jan 23rd 1874 80  
WATERMAN Elizabeth   April 7th 1848 46 Beloved wife of the above. Together..remainder unreadable.
WELLS Ida M. Sep 21, 1936 Aug 30, 2014   Resting with Jesus in that beautiful home above The rose of love blooms forever
WELLS Leslie John 1934 2010   To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die
WILLICE William   Oct 16th 1854 18 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth, but the word of our God shall stand for ever.
WILLIS Amy   May 28th 1871 75 Oh remember Him who .... With His life my soul to save...remainder unreadable.
WILLIS Harvey E. July 31, 1909 Aug 8, 2004   Married Dec 30, 1929
WILLIS Elsie M. March 27, 1913 May 17, 2004   A loving mother and father, tender and kind, What a beautiful memory you left behind.
WILLIS Leonard W. 1925 2009   Forever with the Lord
WILLIS Thomas Jan 25, 1915 Jan 28, 1999   Forever with the Lord

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2012)
Original Photos contributed and copyrighted by Trishe Willis(2012)
Updated and additional photos added by Trishe Willis (2015)

Page Last Modified: Sunday December 13, 2015 (Don Tate)

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