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Anglican Cemetery
1920 - 1979

Fogo District,
View of cemetery sign
View of cemetery gate View of Cemetery
Note: It has been reported that there may be RC individuals included in this listing as there were no boundary markings separating an old RC cemetery from the newer Anglican cemetery. Don
BIGNELL Elizabeth   Oct 26, 1970 61 Beloved wife of Jim Bignell. None knew her but to love her. Grant her, O Lord, eternal rest. She will never be forgotten.
BIGNELL Jim   Aug 13, 1980 77 Though death divides, fond memory clings. His memory is enshrined in our hearts. Erected by wife Netta.
DOWNER Israel   July 7th 1920 74 Into Thy hands O Lord, I commend my spirit. Erected by his daughters in loving memory of their father.
DOWNER Martha   October 12th 1928 71 We loved her in life. Let us not forget her in death. Erected by her husband and daughters.
GARD James * April 8, 1901 June 5, 1979   He lives with us in memory and will for evermore
GARD Margaret * Nov 3, 1909 Jan 4, 2001   Life's work well done
GARD Rhoda *   May 9th 1928 68 Beloved Wife of Walter Gard
Sleep on dear wife your work is o'er
Your willing hands will toil no more
Kind you were to me and true
No friend on earth I'll find like you
GARD Walter *   Aug 27th 1939 78 1/2  
GREENE Naomi   July 14th 1947 66 1/2  
GREENE John   May 14th 1947 73 Twas hard to give them up but thy will, O God, be done. Erected to their loving memory by their sons and daughters.
HART Christopher John   Dec 2, 1961 79 How sweet to sleep where all is peace and pain is lulled to rest.
HART Elsie May   DEc 23, 1971 76 Years
7 Months
A dear wife. The pearly gates were opened, A gentle voice said "come," And with farewells unspoken, She gently entered home.
HART Eva Jane   April 29, 1971 80 Years
10 Months
She lives with us in memory and will for evermore.
HART Frank   March 7th 1961 69 Calm and peaceful he is sleeping, Sweetest rest that follows pain, We who loved him sadly miss him, But trust in God to meet again. Erected by his wife and family.
HART Gladys   Mat 15, 1971 64 Beloved wife of Allan Hart. How sweet to sleep where all is peace and pain is lulled to rest. Erected by the family.
HART Leonard   Oct 10, 1976 85 But when we saw you sleeping, So peacefully free from pain, We could not wish you back, To suffer that again.
HART Selina   March 2, 1976 63 Years
10 Months
She lived with us in memory and will for evermore.
HART William   July 12th 1957 78 Husband of Elizabeth Hart. None knew him but to love him nor named him but to praise.
LAYTE Levi   May 13, 1931 80  
LAYTE Mary Ann   April 4, 1932 76  
MAHANEY Elizabeth   Nov 16, 1969 69 Loving wife of Thomas Mahaney. Calm and peaceful she is sleeping, Sweetest rest that follows pain. I who loved her sadly miss her, But trust in God we'll meet again?
MAHANEY Ida   Feb 10, 1949 41 Wife and mother of Matthias and family. She lives with us in memory and will for evermore.
MAHANEY Susan   Oct 20th 1962 88 When we look at her photo, it seems to smile and say dont cry, I am only sleeping. We'll meet again some day.
MAHANEY Thomas W.   Sept 10th 1985 86 Looking back with memories..remaining inscription not shown.
OAKE Henry James   Oct 4th 1941 79 This tablet to a brothers love is raised by kindred left  .... remaining inscription no shown.
OAKE Leonard J.   March 26, 1921 29  
PURCHASE Alice   May 5, 1962 75 Peacefully sleeping, resting at last; Her weary trials and troubles are past. In silence she suffered, in patience she bore, Till God called her home to suffer no more?
PURCHASE Edward   March 2, 1969 77 Years
7 Months
Grant him, O Lord, eternal rest with the spirits of the blest. Erected by his wife.
PURCHASE Gladys   March 4, 1970 55 She lives with us in memory and will for evermore. Erected by her husband and ???? Daughters.
RANDELL John   March 16, 1937 71 Beloved husband of Susanna Jane Randell. Father thou hast from us flown, To the regions far above. We to thee erect this stone, consecrated by our love.
SIMMS Arthur John *   April 18th 1956 79 Until the day dawns
SIMMS Elizabeth P. *   Jan'y 28th 1925 74 It was hard to hear the words that flow'r from those dear lips, alas now sealed in death
SIMMS George *   Jan'y 21st 1923 76  
SIMMS Eliza Jane *   Oct 17th 1956 96  
SIMMS Flora *   Aug 19th 1958 86 Until the day dawns
SIMMS Thomas H. *   Sept 20th 1940 84 Beloved Husband of Eliza Simms
Oh my dearest, you have left me
Never shall thy memory fade
From the hearts that loved you
Till we meet beyound the grave
SNOW Chesley G.   Nov 9, 1982   Rest in peace. Erected by Harold and Alive, family.
TORREVILLE Mary Ann   Jan 23, 1923 72 Erected by George Torreville.
WARRICK Mark   March 27, 1934 59 Drowned. Beloved husband of Margaret Warrick. Sleep on beloved, sleep and take thy rest; Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour's breast; I loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best. Good night, good night, good night.
WILLIS Ada May   Aug 27, 1975 75 Never will her memory fade.
WILLIS Charles   Dec 13, 1940 78 Beloved husband of Margaret Willis. Your memory to us is a keepsake with which we will never part. Though God has you in his keeping, we always have you in our hearts.
WILLIS Dean Clyde   March 13th 1954 10 Months Our darling son and grtandson. He shall gather the lambs in his arms.
WILLIS John H.   Jan 30th 1934 53 Years
6 Months
Our darling son and grtandson. He shall gather the lambs in his arms.
WILLIS M. Margaret   Nov 23, 1973 95 Dear mother you are not forgotten, Though on earth you are no more. Still in memory you are with us, as you always were before.
WILLIS Theresa   Aug 6th 1954 85 Wife of the late Mark Willis. A mother who gave us the best of her life, Who taught us to love, who taught us to pray, Dear mother in Heaven God bless you to-day. Your life was unselfish, for others you lived, Not for what you received but what you could give. A loving thought, a silent tear, A beautiful memory of a mother loved so dear. Deep in our hearts. Erected by her children.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2012)
Photo contributed and copyrighted by Trishe Willis (2012)
* Names and Photos added by Marilyn & Brian Mercer (Aug 2014)

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