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1880 - 1920 Anglican

Fogo District
View of Cemetery Cemetery Sign
Unreadable Wesley Frank       Beloved son of _______(cannot read)
BANKS Isabella   Sept 18, 1898 65 yrs  
BANKS Nathaniel C.   June 12, 1921 86 years Beloved husband of Harriet Banks
BENNETT Campbell   Oct 5, 1931 5 years,
7 mos
Beloved son of Darrell & Annie
BENNETT Elizabeth Ann   Nov 26, 1909 67 years Beloved wife of Henry Bennett
BENNETT Henry   Aug 28, 1928 91 years  
BENNETT Sarah Ann   April 21, 1923 80 years  
BENNETT Stanley James Nov 3, 1893 March 1, 1898 4 years,
4 mos
Son of Aeneas & Sarah
BEST Thomas   Sept 22, 1891 79 years At last the march shall end, the wearied ones shall rest. The pilgrims find their Father's house, Jerusalem the Blest.
BRETT Johnathan   Aug 29, 1901 51 yrs  
COATS Thomas W.   Mar 13, 1908 10 mos Beloved son of William and Rachel
COOMBS Eliza   April 1, 1932 69 years Beloved wife of James Coombs.
We shall meet again.
COOMBS James   May 21, 1935 74 1/2 years On that Happy Easter morning, all the graves their dead restore, Father, Sister, Child and Mother, meet once more.
CROUCHER Eliza Mary   Jan 22, 1918 39 yrs The faithful & devoted wife of John T. Croucher After the battle, Victory
CROUCHER Mildred Baigent   Aug 5, 1890 1 yr
9 mos
Their daughter
CROUCHER Frances Helen   May 30, 1892   Wife of John T. Croucher and daughter of Edward Hodge of Grewkerne, Somerset, who entered into rest May 30, 1892
EARLE Amelia Ann   Jan 27, 1924 72 years Erected by Henry J. Earle in loving memory of his wife
EARLE Henry John   Dec 26, 1934 93 years Wherefore we labor that whether present or absent we may be accepted of Him
ELLIOTT Julia   Sept 29, 1917 76 years His servants shall serve Him and they shall see His face. Rev. XXII.3.4
ELLIOTT William   May 11, 1914   Fell asleep
ELLIOTT George   1913    
FINDLATER Susan   April 15, 1885 58 years Wife of Dr. Hay Findlater
FORSEY Eleazor   Aug 22, 1916    
GARD Amelia   July 20, 1901 62 years Gone to rest
Beloved wife of Charles Gard
GARD Charles Feb'y 6th 1828 Sep't 3rd 1911 83 Born at Montiegute, Somerset, England and died in Fogo
GREEN Emily   July 9, 1915 6 years
4 mos
Darling child of John & Naomi Green
Safe in the arms of Jesus
HAZELWOOD Thomas Frederick   Aug 17, 1917 8 mos Beloved child of George & Hilda Hazelwood
He shall gather the lambs with His arm and carry them in His bosom.
HISCOCK Alfred   Feb 8, 1915 80 years He rests from his labours
HISCOCK Lillian Joyce   Nov 29, 1918 12 years Their daughter.
Weep not for me my mother dear, I am not dead but sleeping here. I was not yours but God's alone He loved me best and took me home.
HISCOCK Harriet Ann   1935   Beloved wife of James Hissock
HUMPHRIES Kate June 12, 1898 Feb 14, 1912   Fold her O'Father in Thine arms and let her hence forth be, a messenger of love between our human hearts and Thee.
HUMPHRIES Martin   July 10, 1900 52 years  
HUMPHRIES Priscilla   Dec 14, 1912 77 yrs In loving memory of our dear mother
HUMPHRIES George   Jan 21, 1913 83 yrs In loving memory of our dear father
They were beloved by one and all, by friends at home and friends afar, but Jesus loved them and thought... (remainder blocked by grass & sod)
HYDE Ernest Ralph   1906    
HYDE Rhoda   Nov 2, 1922 38 years  
IRISH Arch   April 26, 1891 4 years
7 mos
Darling child of Robert & Julia Ann Irish
We loved this tender little one and would have wished his stay, but let out Father's will be done, he shines in endless day.
IRISH Elizabeth Mary   April 4, 1895 40 years Wife of William George Irish
IVAMY Jonathan   March 24, 1887 27 years Son of George & Elizabeth Ivamy
JONES Elizabeth   Sept 12, 1906 90 yrs
6 mos
The beloved wife of William Jones.
JONES George W.   Dec 25, 1903 54 yrs
7 mos
The beloved husband of Eleanor Jones
JONES James   May 10, 1921 69 years Beloved husband of Jane Jones
Amiable and beloved father farewell, not on this perishing stone but in the book of life, and in the hearts of thy afflicted friends is thy worth recorded.
Peace, perfect peace With loved ones far away. In Jesus' keeping we are safe and they.
JONES Jane   Mar 9, 1905 48 years Beloved wife of James Jones Asleep in Jesus
JONES Christopher   Dec 24, 1905 21 yrs Beloved son of Jas & Jane Jones Forever with the Lord
JONES John   Oct 26, 1905 85 years Now the labourer's task is over, now the battle day is past. Now upon the farther shore lands the voyager at last. Father in Thy gracious keeping, leave we now Thy servants sleeping.
JONES Miram   Feb 13, 1927 87 years  
JONES Ruby Doris   May 2, 1915 8 mos Darling child of Titus & Huldah Jones
LEYTE Thomas   Mar 21, 1901 78 years No pain, no grief, no anxious care Can reach our loved one sleeping here.
Son of Andrew Leyte
LEYTE Charlie   May 8, 1913 29 yrs. Asleep in Jesus! Blessed sleep, from which none ever wakes to weep! A calm and undisturbed repose, unbroken by the last of foes.
Erected by Alfred & Malcolm Leyte in memory of their beloved brother.
LEYTE Julia Jane   Aug 8, 1912    
LEYTE Thomas   May 31, 1901 21 years Son of Andrew Leyte
LODER Frederica   Nov 26, 1917 34 years Beloved wife of James Loder
We all do fade as a leaf
LODER Harold   January 19, 1898 8 mos Son of Andrew & Sarah
LUDLOW Cecilia Sarah   April 4, 1898 33 years Beloved wife of James A. Ludlow
LUDLOW Alfred Leslie   Aug ??, ????   Also their son
MEEK Amelia   Dec 17, 1879 75 years Died at Fogo. Widow of the Rev. W. Meek.
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
MEEK Clara Sophia   April 20, 1873 26 years Wife of the Rev. C. Meek.
MEEK Charles   April 22, 1873 11 days Son of Christopher and Clara S. Meek
Even so Father, for it seemed good in Thy sight.
MILLER Emma   Sept 1, 1936 78 years Beloved wife of Martin Miller
You suffered much, you murmured not, we watched you day by day, until at last with broken hearts we saw you pass away
MILLER Hilda Josephine   Dec 17, 1914 20 years The dearly beloved daughter of Martin and Emma Miller
MILLER Martin   May 6, 1912 68 years  
OAKE Hubert   Nov 7, 1919 46 years It is the Father who has called me home, who can resist when His dear voice says "come". Grieve not too deeply we shall meet again when God shall closer....(rest is buried)
OAKE Olive B.   Feb 14, 1928 8 years
4 mos
Daughter of Pearce & Pheobe Oake
She sleeps with the angels in heaven
In our hearts will her memory dwell
OAKE Phoebe   Mar 27, 1903 70 years Beloved wife of Joseph Oake
I hope to meet you all in glory when my work on earth is o'er, I hope to clasp your hands rejoicing on the bright eternal shore.
OAKE Sarah Jane   April 10, 1892 48 years  
OAKLEY Alfred M.   Nov 1, 1869 32 years Erected by Eleanor A. Oakley in the memory of her beloved husband The Rev'd Alfred M. Oakley.
Thy will be done
PAYNE Allan   Nov 19, 1898 21 years The devoted son of David & Mary A. who entered into rest.
PAYNE David   Nov 28, 1905 50 years  
PAYNE John Henry   April 1, 1889 1 month Children of James and Diana Payne
PAYNE Kenneth   June 29. 1901 1 year  
PAYNE Mary Ann   Oct 13, 1917 72 1/2 years Also Father John William Payne, Pilot, and his three sons William, Alfred and Charles and their cousin Jabus Hooper who was drowned Oct 21, 1902 while boarding a vessel off Fogo.
Dearest loved ones, they have left us. Here, their loss we deeply feel. But it is God that hath Bereft us. he can all our sorrows heal.
Erected by Gilbert & Elizabeth Jane Payne
PIPPY John   Nov 24, 1885 4? years  
PIPPY Frances   Feb 17, 1??? 5? years  
PLOMER Louisa Frances   April 3, 1883 65 years Sacred to the memory of
RANDALL Sarah A.   Nov 8, 1894 48 years In memory of our dear mother
RANDLE James   Oct 9, 1907 86 years  
RANDLE John   May 24, 1897 29 years Beloved husband of Elizabeth Randle
RANDLE Wm.   April 10, 1917 79 years Erected by Martha, in memory of her Father
RANDLE Susan   Jan 27, 1928 83 years Also her Mother
RANDLE Hubert   July 20, 1917 35 years And her Brother
SIMMS Frederick   Mar 12, 1945 75 years Until the morning breaks and the shadows flee away
SIMMS Harriet J.   Aug 31, 1900 15 years Jesus calls me by His mercies Saviour make me hear Thy call Give my heart to Thine obedience Serve and love Thee best of all
SIMMS John   1907   Beloved son of Thomas & Eliza Simms.
SIMMS Samuel C. June 5, 1847 May 23, 1902   Farewell, my wife and children all, From you a Father. Christ both call Mourn not for me, it is in vain To call me to your sight again.
SIMMS Thirza   Oct 19. 1935 68 years Beloved wife of Frederick Simms
I leave the world without a tear, Save for the friends I hold so dear; To heal their sorrows, Lord, descend and to the friendless prove a friend.
SIMMS William   June 27, 1911 79 1/2 years Oh that happy Easter morning all the graves their dead restore, father, sister, child and mother, meet once more.
SIMS Henry   Jan 16, 1916 77 years We shall meet again
SMITH Elizabeth A.   Jan 3, 1903 60 years  
STONE Martin   Jan 26, 1902 78 years A native of Poole, Dorset, England
Lord all pitying Jesu Blest, grant him Thine eternal rest.
Erected by members of Society United Fisherman and friends
TORRAVILLE Alice   June 7, 1921 25 years Beloved daughter of George and Phoebe Torraville
Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord and let light perpetual shine upon her
TORRAVILLE Benjamin James   Aug 17, 1914 68 years  
TORRAVILLE Florence E.   May 27, 1893 8 years Daughter of Thomas and Eliza
WATERMAN Blanch Reebe   June 21, 1850 81 years Thy will be done
WATERMAN Joseph   Jan 19, 1910 89 years His end was Peace
WATERMAN Martin June 8, 1878 Nov 19, 1906    
WHITE Susan   Jan 12, 1905 67 yrs Erected by George White in memory of his beloved wife
Forever with the Lord. Amen. So let it be.
WILLIS Julia Ann   Mar 17, 1917   Beloved wife of Thomas Willis
Our loss is Heaven's gain
WILLIS Willie   April 19, 1910 17 years Beloved son of Thomas & Julia Willis
There was an angel band in heaven that was not quite complete, so God took our darling (Willie) to fill the vacant seat.
WITTHAM James   May 13, 1918 77 yrs,
8 mos
UNKNOWN Unknown #1        

Original Photos contributed and copyrighted by Marilyn & Brian Mercer (Aug 2014)
Cemetery updated & partially photographed by Trishe Willis (2014)
Fully transcribed and photographed by Trishe Willis (2015)

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