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Old United Church Lower Cemetery
Flat Islands - partial)

Name Birth Date Death Date Life Span Other
(Source = Old United Church Lower Cemetery Flat Islands - partial)
William Masters Feb 8,1851 Mar 23,1929 78 yrs husband of Fanny
John Bailey   Jan 9,1953 85 yrs  
Herbert Bailey   Nov 21,1921 24 yrs son of John, drowned
Samuel Dicks   Nov 19,1927 76 yrs  
Julia Dicks   Apr 26 ,1937 80 yrs 9 mths wife of Samuel
Jessie Ella Senior   Oct 18,1926 56 yrs wife of Richard Senior
+Archibald Senior   1914 35 yrs drowned on SS Sharon
Myrtle Bell Collins   Dec 7,1929 20 yrs 10mths Dau of Nathaniel & Alice
Minnie Senior   Jul 8,1924 47 yrs wife of William A. Senior
Iavenia Moulton   Jan 4,1929 56 yrs wife of John Bailey
Caroline Locklen   Nov 1,1886 36 yrs wife of Edward Locklen
John Senior Mar 19,1874 June 8,1937    
Eleanor Senior   May 23,1942 69.5 yrs wife of John Senior
Jonathon Parsons   1881 38 yrs  
Laura D. Dicks        
Edith Cosling   May 27,1946 52 yrs wife of Richard Cosling
Martha Butler   Oct 4,1942 82 yrs    
William A. Butler   Mar 27,1943 30 yrs son of Martha
Mary Ann Paddle        
Thomas Butler   Dec 1924 28 yrs  
William Henry Reid   Aug 28,1952 78 yrs  
Susie Reid   Dec 19,1938 61 yrs  
William Joshua Collins   Nov 8,1939 71 yrs  
Lucy Collins 1898 1915   dau of William Collins
Emma Susanna Collins 1903 1922   dau of William Collins
Laughlin   Jul 10,1827    
William James McKenneley Bishop   May 19,1919 9 yrs son of William & Emma
Thomas James Senior   Sep 19,1942   Wife Mary A. Senior
Adraine Dorsey Senior   Apr 17,1916 3 yrs child of Thomas Senior
Helen Collins        
Margaret Butler   Jan 23,1935 75 yrs  
John Butler   Mar 28,1935 85 yrs husband of Margaret
Isaac Collins   1914 88 yrs husband of Mary Ann
Susanna Butler   Apr 11,1937 66 yrs  
William Butler   Jul 3,1954 90 yrs husband of Susanna
Emma Bishop 1862 1939    
William Bishop 1867 1952   husband of Emma
Isaac Masters   Oct 8,1945 66 yrs 2 mths  
Lewis Senior        
William Butler   Jun 23,1920 42 yrs  
Sarah Butler   Apr 15,1925 50 yrs wife of William

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