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Fairview Presbyterian Cemetery
Corner Brook,
BOI, Nfld.



Fairview Cemetery was located In Corner Brook, near the present-day Canadian Tire Store. This cemetery was first used by the early settlers that came from Nova Scotia under contract to mill lumber in the area.

It has been found that death and burial records for some these people are at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Curling. Many of the other family's burial records for this cemetery have yet to be found. Unlike most church cemeteries Fairview Presbyterian Cemetery was not located next to the church. The reason for this, I am told, is because the first Presbyterian Church was not built until August 1898 next to the Court House, where Co-Op now sits. The church was dismantled and moved in 1940. Some of its contents were used for the new church, Curling Memorial. What was left was dragged to the site of the First United Church of Corner Brook.

In the early 1960's the City of Corner Brook granted permission to move this little cemetery where Corner Brook's early settlers lay at rest. Fairview Presbyterian Cemetery would be moved to Mount Patricia Cemetery at Wild Cove, the "new" cemetery of the area.

I have been told by several older people of the area that once the relocation of the graves began some of the early history of Corner Brook became lost. Graves were dug and relocated to Mount Patricia, some dug by hand, others dug by backhoe. The machinery used crushed head stones, no apparent care in the world was ggiven to those who lay there at rest. If it weren't for family members over-seeing the relocation of the graves ssome families would never have known where their loved ones were put to rest again.

When construction of the shopping mall began a workman using a backhoe dug up Mr. Fisher and his wife. This shows the carelessness of those involved with moving those in such a sacred area. To compensate for all that was done a monument was built from the broken head stones from Fairview Cemetery. Many descendants of those relocated have no knowledge of where their family members are. The only indication of graves are small white wooden markers that mark the spot of a grave. Not even those who manage Mount Patricia's property have knowledge of who is buried there.




After much research I have found some burial records. No one seems to know if these people listed are actually Presbyterian or Roman Catholic. It is known that the marriage and baptism records for the little Presbyterian Church on Fisher's Hill are kept at the First United Church in Corner Brook. They have no knowledge of the burials at Fairview Cemetery.

What ever happened to those records? Does a good Samaritan have those records stored in their attic safe from the dismantling of their little Presbyterian Church? Maybe these records are stored in some long forgotten government storage closet.

Those of us researching our family histories must do something to correct the wrongs done by society and government at a time when urban development was a top priority in a growing area of the province.

Listed below are eighty-nine of those buried at Fairview Cemetery according to the parish records at Sacred Heart R.C. Church. The earliest burial being January 1894 with the latest being around 1919.

As family historians we must recreate this lost cemetery and all of its valuable information so that those who choose to research their families in the future will have some type of accurate documentation on the lost cemeteries of the Bay of Islands. I would invite those of you who had loved ones buried at this cemetery to submit their information as outlined in the table below.


Angel Margaret Bay of Islands Oct 1 1895 Fairview 64 yrs Syncope Fairview
Arnold Thomas Corner Brook June 14 1912 Corner Brook 76 yrs Dropsy Fairview
Arnold Sarah Corner Brook Jan 10 1914 Corner Brook 69 yrs Bowel Inflammation Fairview
Arnold John Corner Brook Oct 26 1919 Corner Brook 15 yrs Peritonitis Fairview
Boland Thomas Summerside Dec 5 1905 Summerside 7 days Debility Fairview
Brake Elizabeth Riverhead Feb 9 1898 Riverhead 50 yrs Acuthesis Fairview
Brake Mary Fairview May 24 1904 Fairview 2 days Premature Fairview
Brake Ronald Corner Brook Sept 6 1911 Corner Brook 5 yrs Pneumonia Fairview
Broderick  Catherine Corner Brook Sept 20 1917 Corner Brook 50 yrs Fairview
Brodericks John Corner Brook Oct 7 1909 Corner Brook 1 mo Fairview
Bryne Herbert Humbermouth Jan 26 1906 Humbermouth 5 yrs Measles Fairview
Buckle Blanche Corner Brook march 4 1914 Corner Brook 1.5 yrs Debility Fairview
Buckle Winifred Corner Brook July 14 1918 Corner Brook 24 yrs Consumption Fairview
Buckle  George  Salmon Bay Aug 19 1908 Corner Brook 10 yrs` Meningitis Fairview
Buckley James Corner Brook June 21 1907 Corner Brook 2 yrs Scarlet Fever Fairview
Byrne Alice Riverhead Dec 27 1899 Riverhead Unknown Fairview
Callahan Angela Curling Jan 4 1913 Corner Brook 30 yrs Child Birth Fairview
Callahan Winifred St. John's Oct 17 1913 Corner Brook 68 yrs Cancer Fairview
Callahan Stephen Corner Brook Oct 23 1915 Corner Brook 37 yrs Accident at Mill Fairview
Christopher Michael Summerside Nov 30 1905 Ardmore 32 yrs Consumption Fairview
Collins Joanna Summerside Nov 30 1905 Summerside 16 yrs Consumption Fairview
Connolly Gerald J Humbermouth Sept 30 1919 Humbermouth 8 mo Anemia Fairview
Dooley Anne Waterford Is. Ire Jan 23 1898 Chatteau 78 yrs Old Age Fairview
Dooley Leo Jan 21 1906 Humbermouth 6 mo Measles Fairview
Dunn Nellie Humbermouth June 21 1914 Humbermouth 14 yrs Brain Fever Fairview
Duval Charles France Sept 10 1904 Humbermouth 84 yrs Old Age Fairview
Ezekiel Michael Chateau Sept 4 1907 Riverhead 30 yrs Railroad accident Fairview
Ezekiel Peter  Chateau Oct 19 1908 Chateau 15 yrs Consumption Fairview
Goujou Francois Fairview July 16 1901 Corner Brook 5 weeks Convulsions Fairview
Goujou Mary Ann Bay of Islands Nov 21 1895 Fairview 2 yrs Scarletina Fairview
Goujou Helen M Fairview Oct 27 1896 Fairview 6 mo Infantile Fairview
Gushue Francois St. Malo France March 23 1917 Corner Brook 84 yrs Old Age Fairview
Hector Augustina Riverhead Dec 2 1900 Riverhead 6 mo Fairview
Howely Mary Corner Brook May 11 1906 Corner Brook 34 yrs Consumption Fairview
Jackman Mary St. John's Sept 6 1897 Summerside 72 yrs Liver Cancer Fairview
Kennedy Sarah Carbonear June 14 1902 Summerside 78 yrs Paralysis Fairview
McCarthy Catherine Carbonear Feb 23 1900 Corner Brook 78 yrs Unknown Fairview
McCarthy Ambrose Carbonear March 15 1904 Chateau 62 yrs Kidney Disease  Fairview
McCarthy Patrick Fairview June 28 1911 Fairview 35 yrs Consumption Fairview
McCarthy Bernard Corner Brook Sept 14 1914 Corner Brook 2.5 yrs Whooping Cough Fairview
McCarthy Andrew Corner Brook Oct 8 1919 Corner Brook 18 yrs Paralysis Fairview
McCarthy John Carbonear Nov 4 1896 Fairview 84 yrs Old Age Fairview
McCarthy James Chateau Jan 12 1899 Chateu 12 yrs Fairview
McCarthy Edward Carbonear Nov 17 1905 Chateau 74 yrs Old Age Fairview
McCarthy Margaret Carbonear Feb 6 1915 Corner Brook 79 yrs Old Age Fairview
McIsaac Annie Highlands March 6 1915 Corner Brook 7 yrs Meningitis Fairview
Meaney Michael Carbonear Sept 4 1900 Corner Brook 75 yrs Heart Disease Fairview
Meaney James Corner Brook Sept 28 1902 Corner Brook 25 yrs Consumption Fairview
Meaney Gordon Humbermouth Oct 3 1917 Humbermouth 8 yrs Paralysis Fairview
Meany Patrick Corner Brook Nov 17 1897 Corner Brook 20 yrs Consumption Fairview
Messer Norman Lunenburg NS June 6 1913 Corner Brook 78 yrs Pneumonia Fairview
Michaud Alexander  Bay of Islands Jan 12 1915 Irishtown 25 yrs Consumption Fairview
Moran Joseph Carbonear March 7 1912 Corner Brook 83 yrs Old Age Fairview
O'Brien Patrick Gaspe Feb 8 1917 Humbermouth 85 yrs Old Age Fairview
O'Callahan Jeffery M Corner Brook Aug 10 1897 Fairview 3 mo Spinal Disease Fairview
O'Callahan Margaret Corner Brook June 22 1906 Corner Brook 6 mo Consumption Fairview
O'Callahan Ronald Corner Brook Nov 4 1906 Corner Brook 3 yrs Typhoid Fever Fairview
O'Callahan Bridget Corner Brook Dec 6 1906 Corner Brook 3 mo Whooping Cough Fairview
O'Callahan Bernard Corner Brook Oct 22 1908 Corner Brook 7 weeks Debility Fairview
O'Callahan Jeffrey Carbonear Jan 7 1897 Corner Brook 75 yrs Pneumonia Fairview
O'Neil Joseph Corner Brook Feb 21 1917 Corner Brook 3 yrs Paralysis Fairview
Peddle Laurence Conception Har Sept 11 1902 Riverhead 8 yrs Surgical Operation Fairview
Peddle John Harbour Main Nov 2 1905 Riverhead 14 yrs Typhoid Fever Fairview
Peddle John Conception Har April 11 1906 Humbermouth 14 yrs Brain Disease Fairview
Penny Thomas Corner Brook June 18 1913 Corner Brook 8 mo Convulsions Fairview
Perrier Margaret Humbermouth Jan 13 1906 Humbermouth 17 yrs Measles Fairview
Perry Alice Humbermouth June 27 1915 Humbermouth 9 mo Convulsions Fairview
Piercey Margaret St. John's Jan 7 1894 Cow Head 60 yrs Consumption Fairview
Poirter Citie Riverhead Dec 17 1897 Riverhead 20 yrs Consumption Fairview
Porrier John Halfway Point March 20 1900 Riverhead 10 mo Scalding Fairview
Power Pierce Chateau May 4 1905 Chateau 18 yrs LaGrippe Fairview
Power Sarah Riverhead Nov 4 1905 Riverhead 32 yrs Consumption Fairview
Power Thomas Chateau Nov 5 1905 Chateau 22 yrs Consumption Fairview
Power Pierce St. John's Sept 10 1907 Chateau 70 yrs Paralysis Fairview
Power Patrick St. John's May 17 1911 Fairview 64 yrs Nephritia Fairview
Power Mary Corner Brook Oct 4 1914 Corner Brook 53 yrs Cancer Fairview
Power Michael St. John's Aug 16 1908 Corner Brook 84 yrs Old Age Fairview
Power William P Corner Brook Nov 20 1914 Corner Brook 11 mo Convulsions Fairview
Power Amelia Carbonear Jan 14 1915 Corner Brook 82 yrs Old Age Fairview
Power  Alice L Pinware Dec 1 1914 Summerside 31 yrs Consumption Fairview
Reddy Joseph St. John's Aug 9 1902 Summerside 84 yrs Old Age Fairview
Reddy Josephine Summerside July 3 1917 Summerside 54 yrs Heart Disease Fairview
Reid Thomas St. John's Feb 21 1897 Corner Brook 68 yrs Pneumonia Fairview
Roderick Mary F Corner Brook Nov 15 1918 Corner Brook 1.5 yrs Influenza Fairview
Terry Margaret Newman's Cove March 7 1905 Irishtown 32 yrs  Abscess Fairview
Terry Helen Newman's Cove May 18 1906 Irishtown 32 yrs Consumption Fairview
Terry Mary Newman's Cove Feb 24 1911 Irishtown 75 yrs Dropsy Fairview
Tessier Mary St. Pierre June 12 1897 Corner Brook 10 yrs` Diphtheria Fairview
Walsh Ellen Waterford Is. Ire July 28 1903 Corner Brook 85 yrs Old Age Fairview

Compiled and Contributed by:
Marlene Companion August 28, 2000

Page Last Modified: Thursday September 17, 2020 (Don Tate)

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