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Cemetery Survey

East St. Modeste, Labrador

September, 1997



East St. Modeste (also known as Semadit to the people who lived there) was settled by Newfoundlanders and West Countrymen during the 1840s. The majority of the people who loved there were members of the Butt, Lilly and Dorey families. The Butt and Lilly families came from Carbonear and the Doreys originated in the West Country of England. Other family names occur in the cemetery as well, including Clarke, Fowler, Belben and Elsworthy.

East St. Modeste is located on the eastern bank of the Pinware River. When a road was constructed along the Labrador Straits int he 1950s the bridge across the River was constructed about 20 kilometers inland. East St. Modeste would not be connected to the rest of the Labrador Straits by road. As a result, the community was resettled under Newfoundland and Labrador's Resettlement Program in the mid-1960s. The families of East St. Modeste moved, many with their houses, to Pinware and Red Bay.




William Thomas, son of William and Asenath Lilly, died July 22, 1866, aged 1 year and 6 months.

Allan Lavender Lilly, died 29 September 1882, aged 25 years.

George Lilly, died March 8, 1867, aged 77 years.

Henry Lilly, died May 29, 1862, aged 19 years.

Ann Davey Tucker, beloved wife of George Lilly, died July 7, 1896, aged 57 years.

Henry, beloved husband of Elizabeth Clarke, died August 7, 1917, aged 53 years.

Elizabeth Sarah, beloved wife of Henry Clarke, died September 1, 1918, aged 57 years.

Jessie L. Lilly, beloved wife of Henry T. Lilly, born September 15, 1874, died September 19, 1946, aged 72 years.

George Snow, son of John and Mary Snow, died September 3, 1872, aged 23 years.

Archelaus Dorey, died January 27, 1959, aged 81 years.

George, eldest son of George and Sarah Lilly, died February 10, 1882, aged 55 years.

Sarah Lilly, died July 15, 1877, aged 80 years.

Susan Lilly, died January 28, 1887, aged 47 years.

Joseph C. Loyd Lilly, son of George Lilly, Carbonear, Newfoundland, died April 14, 1901, aged 74 years.

George Twining, son of William and Asenath Lilly, died October 13, 1894, aged 28 years.

Annie Fowler, aged 29 years, died June 24, 1891.

William Lilly, died April 27, 1888, aged 58 years.

Charles and Edward, beloved children of Joseph and Elizabeth Gallichon, who died November 7, 1864, aged 11 weeks.

George Dorey, of Dorset, England, died April 16, 1880, aged 70 years.

Elizabeth Dorey, died 11 May 1878, aged 62 years.

Archelaus Dorey, died April 4, 1876, aged 22 years.

Thomas Dorey, who died 7 June 1862, aged 21 years. Also Elizabeth Dorey, died 2 July 1862, aged 14 years.

Sarah, beloved wife of William Dorey, died July 8, 1891, aged 52 years.

William, son of George and Elizabeth Dorey, died September 4, 1912, aged 74 years.

Jane Ann, wife of Thomas Belben, died April 18, 1881, aged 32 years.

George, beloved husband of Lilly Dorey, died February 27, 1929, aged 55 years.

Joseph Fowler, died May 14, 1904, aged 45 years.

John G. Fowler, died October 14, 1900, aged 74 years.

Mary Jane, wife of John Fowler, died January 5, 1870, aged 40 years.

Mary, beloved wife of John Fowler, died June 28, 1891, aged 47 years.

William, son of John and Mary Fowler, died April 1, 1896, aged 16 years.

Theresa Butt, beloved wife of Frederick Butt, died March 26, 1876, aged 24 years.

Julia, wife of Frederick Butt, died 3rd day of June, 1867, aged 30 years.

Jane Ash, beloved wife of Charles Butt, died April 11, 1898, aged 46 years.

George Elsworthy, died May 1, 1937, aged 45 years, erected by mother and sister.

William H. Elsworthy, died March 27, 1938, aged 74 years, erected by wife and daughter.

Frederick Butt, beloved husband of Fanny, died May 1, 1912, aged 78.

Fanny L. Butt, beloved wife of Frederick, died January 19, 1915, aged 57.

Allan Lavender Butt, beloved husband of Susannah Butt, born August 19, 1886, died December 28, 1958, aged 72 years and 4 months.

Solomon Mansfield, died May 25, 1908, aged 57 years.

Hannah Jane, daughter of Solomon and Louisa Mansfield, died September 17, 1898, aged 17 years.



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