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United Church Cemetery (#3)
District of St. Barbe (White Bay)

Partial Transcription (67 of ~95 as of 2002)

This Cemetery is located at the top of a hill, overlooking the beautiful town of Englee. It's very well maintained. The majority of the older headstones were in a scattered order, but in relatively good condition. Unfortunately, some of them were falling down the side of the hill and it was too dangerous to transcribe them. Many of the graves had wooden crosses, and only one of those had a name plate. This transcription is done in memory of my grandmother, Susannah Chloe Lane Canning (1913 -1942).
Surname Given name Headstone inscription Transcriber's Comments
Compton Delilah Delilah
Beloved wife of John Compton
Died Feb. 16th, 1961, Aged 79 Years
Compton John John Compton
Died Mar. 23rd 1935
Aged 75 Years
Compton Mae Mae
Darling Daughter of
Samuel and Dulcie Compton
Who Died Jan. 3rd. 1942
Aged 2 years and 6 months
Compton Samuel G & Dulcie A. Compton
Samuel G Dulcie A
July 4, 1913 Aug. 30, 1916
Jan. 20 1995 Dec. 10 1991
Together forever
Compton Samuel Gordon Samuel Gordon Compton
Merchant Navy W W 2
1913 - 1995
[This was a plaque lying flat on the ground next to the headstone for Samuel and Dulcie above. (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Lane John & Caroline & Fredrick Lane
John 1874 - 1965
His Wife Caroline 1876 - 1931
Lane Fredrick R 1906 - 1949, Husband of Nina
[Caroline 's maiden name is believed to be Handcock. Fredrick is their son. (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Randell Mary Jane Mary Jane Randell
Born Sept. 9, 1896
Died Aug. (?) 1987
aged 90 Years
Gillard Pleman Pleman W. Gillard
Died May 29, 1985
Aged 77
Gillard Katie Blanch Katie Blanch Gillard
Beloved Wife of
Robert Gillard
Born Oct. 21st. (??)
Died Dec. 22nd (??)
Aged 18 Years
[year of birth and death unreadable (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Gillard Graham Douglas Dougie
Graham Douglas Gillard
Son of Baxter and Lucy Gillard
Died Jan. 4, 1941
Aged 7 Years and 10 Months
Gillard Noah and Mary Father, Noah Gillard
Died July 13, 1963 Aged 96 years
Mary Gillard
Beloved wife of Noah Gillard
Died Mar. 25, 1923 Aged 40 Years
Hynes Herbert & Violet Herbert Hynes
Beloved Husband of Violet Hynes
Born Nov. 9 1897
Died Feb. 21, 1970
Violet Hynes
Died May 15, 1976, Aged 77 years
Compton Alfred Alfred Compton
Beloved Husband of
Eva Compton
Born Mar. 14, (??)
Aged (??)
[This stone in on a cement footing and the date is at the
very bottom. It looks like this stone had been repaired and the date of death is missing. (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Barnes Harold Harold Barnes
Husband of Bertha Barnes
Died June, 19th 1985
Aged 78 years
Barnes James Father
James Barnes
Died Dec. 16, 1965
Aged 64 Years
[James was married to Lily Canning daughter of Levi and Charlotte Canning (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Barnes Francis & Selina Francis Barnes
Died Aug. 4 1923, Aged 54 Years
Selina Barnes
Died July 27, 1939, Aged 65 Years
Randell Stanley Father
Stanley Randell
1903 - 1984
Randell Rudolph Rudolph Randell
Born July 13, 1910
Died Sept. 4. 1986
Fillier John Kenneth John Kenneth Fillier
Died Mar. 26, 1919
Aged 27 Years
Fillier Elizabeth Anne & William Charles Mother, Elizabeth Anne Fillier
Born July 27, 1884
Died Dec. 5, 1963
Father, William Charles Fillier
Born Aug, 20, 1882
Died Dec. 23, 1989
Fillier A. Cecil A Cecil Fillier
Born July 1913
Died Feb. 1970
Brown George George Brown
Beloved Husband of Asenath Brown
Died Dec. 19th 1952
Aged 37 Years
[Asenath's maiden name was Lane (source: Daphne Duffy)]
[son of John and Mary Brown (source: Tammy Curtis)]
Brown John 1889 - 1957 [son of Eli and Margaret Brown (source: Tammy Curtis)]
Mary 1892 - 1982 [daughter of Michael and Martina Hynes (source: Tammy Curtis)]
Unknown   6 wooden Crosses in a row [No information recorded on these markers (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Compton Lemuel Compton
1904 - 1977
Compton David E & Martha Compton
Father Mother
David E Martha
1883 - 1968 1886 - 1971
Compton William & Elizabeth William Compton
Died 16th, 1948, Aged 68 Years
Elizabeth Compton
Died April 8th 1955, Aged 69 Years
Brown Maxwell K. Maxwell K Brown
Son of Harold & Anne
Born Aug. 5, 1951
Died July 11, 1960
Brown Dulcie Edgar Dulcie Edger Brown
1912 -1979
Loving Wife and Mother
Brown Jeromy Jeromy Brown
beloved Husband of
Barbra Andrews
[no date found on stone (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Brown Jerome Jerome Brown
beloved Husband of
Barbara Landers
1951 - 1983
[Transcribed by Tammy Curtis]
Brown Mary Mary Brown
of Arthur
1880 - 1953
Reid William George William George Reid
Born Feb. 14, 1899
Died Sept. ? 1970
Compton Samuel Samuel Compton
July 7, 1913
Aged 70 Years
Brown Harold*1 Brown
Husband Wife
Harold Annie
May 23, 1927 Born Aug. 25, 1927
Mar. 24, 1955
Brown Henry Henry Brown
beloved Husband of Georgina Brown
Born Oct. 30, 1890
Died June. 30, 1985
Compton Lindolph Compton
Oct. 27, 1929
June 27 1988
Eaple Edward Edward Eaple
Born at Bay Roberts
Died July 12 1914, Aged 86
Brown Melvin Herbert Brown
Melvin Herbert
Oct. 13, 1950
Apr. 6, 1951
[son of Herbert Gordon and
Marie Brown (source: Tammy Curtis)]
Randell Elias Elias Randell
Died Aug. 24, 1975
Aged 86 Years
[believed to be son of William and Susannah (Cassell) Randell, and husband of Laura Critch, all of Little Harbour Deep. Elias was born Feb 6, 1888 at Grand Vache. (source: L. Elkins-Schmitt)]
Stokes Robert Robert
Beloved Husband of Doras Stokes
Accidentally Killed Nov. 19, 1937
Aged 34 Years
Randell William & Daisy William Randell
Born Nov. 17, 1902
Died June. 3, 1989, Aged 89 Years
Daisy Randell
Born June 10, 1907
Died Jan. 5. 1972, Aged 64 Years
Gillard Robert Lorenzo Gillard
Robert Lorenzo
Born June 23, 1919
Died Jan. 16, 1987
Fillier Samuel & Phoebe Samuel Fillier
Died May 13, 1951, Aged 64
Phoebe Fillier
Died Aug. 14 1953, Aged 69 Years
Wilcox Bertha Bertha Wilcox
Wife of John Wilcox
Died Feb. 8, 1950, Aged 76 Years
Brown George Brown
George Browm
B- April, 1901
D- ??? 1988
[month and day of death unreadable. Also unreadable stone next to his which may be his wife's. (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Brown Fred Fred Brown
B- Dec. 19, 1893
D- Jan. 30, 1980
[son of Eli and Margaret Brown (source: Tammy Curtis)]
Randell Scott Scott J Randell
Son of Raymond Randell and Beatrice
Died Nov. 10, 1977
Aged 18 Years
Fillier Adolphus Fillier
Adolphus Fillier
May 16, 1919 to July 17, 1977
Wilcox Nellie May & Bertha & John Nellie May
Beloved Daughter of John & Bertha Wilcox
Died at St. John's Oct. 28, 1959, Aged 65
Bertha Wilcox
Wife of John
Died Feb. 8, 1950, Aged 76
John Wilcox
Died Dec 21 1955, Aged ?4
[John's age at death could be 84 (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Simms Lavinia Lavinia Simms
Born-Mar. 5,1880
Died June 5 1966
[This is the only wooden cross bearing a name plate. (source: Daphne Duffy)]
Pollard Sylvester G. Born May 10th, 1915
Accidentally killed May 28th, 1985
Pollard Wesley 1924 - 1998  
Pollard Alfred July 16, 1905 - Oct 5, 10-5  
Pollard Bessie Aug 1, 1912 - May 3, 1987  

Others Reported to be Buried in this Cemetery
(but no headstone is visible) as follows:

(Anyone with additional information, please contact us.)

Surname Given Born Died Age Notes by contributors


Susannah Oct 22, 1913 Aug 27, 1942 29 Years Susannah Chloe Lane Canning, Wife of Jerimiah Canning (source: Daphne Duffy)
BROWN, Harold*1 Please note, the information provided for Harold Brown is incorrect as his Birth Date should be May 27, 1927 and his Death Date should be March 24, 1995. Also, his Wife Annie Georgina Brown Birth Date August 25, 1927 her Death Date was May 20, 2011. Barbara Cull -

Transcribed and contributed by Daphne Duffy (2002)

Updated with added names and photographs: Pauline Hollett (June 2003) & Tammy Curtis (June 2006)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday November 04, 2014 (Craig Peterman)

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