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Church of Christ (?) Cemetery,
English Harbour,
Trinity Bay

On September 14, 2001, we transcribed the headstones in a small fenced
cemetery in English Harbour.  It is located at the start of the road that
goes off to Horse Chops from English Harbour.  Leon Ivany (Diane's father's
second cousin, who is the second oldest original resident of English Harbour
still living in the community) told us it was for a small Christian sect
that he said were locally called "Go Preachers", because they didn't have
any fixed churches, and would go to different places to preach.  He also
said James and Jemima Ivany were buried in the cemetery.  In the 1935 Census
they were listed as belonging to the Church of Christ, as were George Fraser
Barnes, Barnet Barnes and Sarah Barnes (but Arthur and Susannah Fifield's
religious affiliation was listed as "others").

Note: Go here to see an overall view of the cemetery:
Overall View

1. single grave, with a white marble headstone, and a concrete border around
the grave:
"In loving memory of Doris Elizabeth, darling daughter of Mark and the late
Lillian Maud Miller, died June 23rd, 1953, aged 25 yrs. 6 mos."

2. double grave with a concrete border, and a grey granite headstone:

Barnett                  Sarah S.
1886-1965                1892-1981."

3.  three adjacent single graves, all with individual borders of white
wooden boards, about six inches high:
- grey granite headstone:  Arthur Fifield 1865-1950."
- grave with no headstone
- white marble headstone: "In loving memory of Susanna, beloved wife of Arthur
Fifield, died Mar. 14, 1941, aged 69 years."

4.  grave with a tall thin headstone of grey granite:
"1738   George F. Barnes
Gunner Royal Nfld. Regt. WWI
15 December 1989    age 94."

5. single grave, adjacent to #4, with a concrete border and a white marble
"In loving memory of Ellen G. Barnes, died June 21, 1975, age 70 years,
beloved wife of George F. Barnes."

6.  two single graves, each with a border of white wooden boards about 6
inches high, but no headstones.

7.  short grave plot, with a concrete border about 5 feet by 5 feet, but no

8.  single grave, with a concrete border and a white marble headstone:
"In loving memory of Lawrence Sterling Barnes, beloved son of G.F. Barnes, died
Jan. 25th, 1955, aged 26 years."

9.  single grave, with a concrete border and a white marble headstone:
"In loving memory of Amy Elizabeth Barnes, beloved wife of G.F. Barnes, died June
20th, 1956, aged 49 years."

10.  single or double grave (about 4   feet wide), with a white border of
boards about 6 inches high, but no headstone.

Posted by Diane I. Hynes and Thomas P. Hynes, Copyright 2001.



This page Transcribed September 14, 2001 by
Diane Ivany Hynes and Thomas P. Hynes.

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