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Roman Catholoic

Placentia and St. Mary's District,

Overall View of Cemetery

WALSH Lawrence J 1950 2006    
WALSH Bride V 1951 Still Living   Ever remembered, ever loved.
NORMAN Thomas     63 years R I P
BARRON Peter   61 years R I P  
BARRON Thomas   66 years R I P  
GEAR Patrick Joseph Nov 22, 1943 Mar 10, 2000   Beloved husband, father amp; grandfather. He loved and was loved.
COCHRANE Maurice J Oct 17, 1913 Nov 15, 1999   Until we meet again.
GREENE Irene M Jan 25, 1953 Still Living    
GREENE Melvin J Dec 5, 1948 Nov 4, 1999   The bonds of love that joined our hearts together, will never part.
SMITH Mark F May 24, 1950 January 29, 2003   He's in God's country.
SMITH Terry Aug 17, 1971 Oct 23, 1999   Forever in our hearts, forever loved.
CARTER Norah (nee Gear) Sept 19, 1946 Mar 15, 1999   Be like the lovely butterfly who, when long winter's done, unfolds bright rainbow-colored wings for dancing in the sun.
HICKEY Stephen F 1923 1998   Beloved father and husband. Ever remembered - ever loved.
BLANDIN David G 1953 1997   Beloved husband of Faustina, father of Marilyn amp; Shane.
WALSH Patrick Mar 4, 1922 May 30, 1997   On that bright eternal shore, We shall meet to part no more.
HICKEY Elizabeth Anne 1957 1996   Wife. What we keep in memory is ours untouched forever.
MURPHY Kenneth 1949 Still Living    
MURPHY Sharon 1955 1996   Forever remembered - forever loved. Erected by husband and children.
POWER Martin Joseph Nov 25, 1909 Sept 25, 2001   NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit, WW II. Married Aug 18, 1949
POWER Bride Marie May 3, 1912 Still Living   Forever in our hearts.
POWER Robert J 1922 2001   Father.
POWER Agatha M 1920 1992   Mother. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
STACEY Adrian 1932 1992   Ever remembered, ever loved.
MOORE Irene M Sept 25, 1915 Dec 13, 1992   We'll miss you.
KING Bernadine Kavanagh 1933 1993   You gave all you had. L H M
KING Bernard Jr     48 years R I P
COONEY Mary 1919 1994    
COONEY Michael 1921 1993   Together forever. Along a lonely shore, we shall meet again. Someday may they rest in peace.
FLYNN Peter J 1938 1994   Forever in our hearts.
EDMUNDS Mary 1922 1999    
EDMUNDS Robert 1917 1994   They died as they lived, trusting in God.
LAKE Thomas V 1935 1995   Husband. Together forever.
FULFORD Carl Jan 1, 1963 Sept 25, 1996   Our sadness turned to joy, when you made peace with God. Rest in Peace. Erected by Mother.
WALSH Unknown       Plot marked in corners
NORMAN Mary A 1948 1995   At peacae with nature and with God.
COOPER Puline A Feb 11, 1932 June 8, 1996   Until we meet again.
HANLON Kevin 1918 1993   Private, Canadian Army, WW 2. Lest we forget.
HANLON Thomas N 1957 1991   Ever remembered, ever loved.
CLARKE Sheldon Sean 1966 1992   Forever in our hearts.
KERRIVAN Loretta R N Feb 11, 1944 Jan 5, 1996   Rest in Peace.
HICKEY Anthony Paul (Tony) Nov 15, 1954 May 23, 1992   Wonderful was your love for us. Erected by Marjorie, Tracey and Jennifer.
WADMAN Catherine     97 years Mother. R I P.
WADMAN Douglas 1905 1992   Father. Ever remembered, ever loved.
BRUCE William 1909 1991   Merchant Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
MURPHY Thomas J 1908 1991   God be with you until we meet again.
RYAN Margaret Mary June 25, 1952 Aug 17, 1990   Forever loved. A lovely wife and mother.
BISHOP Annie June 5, 1909 March 9, 1995    
BISHOP Aloysius Oct 10, 1914 Dec 2, 1989   Forever in our hearts.
FITZPATRICK Gertrude M 1918 2000   Ever remembered, ever loved by son James, Daughter Mary amp; Grandchildren.
FITZPATRICK James J 1907 1982   Ever remembered, ever loved. From wife Gertie and family.
HARTLEY Louise 1888 1982 94 years A dear mother and grandmother. Erected by her family.
COADY Elizabeth 1924 1995   Peace, perfect peace. Sadly missed by children and grandchildren.
COADY Thomas 1927 1981   Life's work well done. Sadly missed by wife Elizabeth and children. RIP.
HYNES Peter 1926 1985   Rest in peace.
HYNES Selina 1894 1984    
HYNES William 1886 1981   Not lost to memory or to love, But save in our Father's home above. Erected by his loving family.
MURPHY Michael 1905 1999   Rest in peace.
MURPHY Alicia 1912 1980   Rest in peace.
VISCOUNT Mary Ann Aug 28, 1924 Feb 8, 1981   In remembrance of a loving wife and mother.
VISCOUNT Philip Dec 15, 1919 Apr 18, 1999   In remembrance of a loving father.
HUNT Mary   1981    
DRAY Mary 1926 1982   To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
TOBIN John 1900 1982    
TOBIN Elizabeth 1896 1994   Rest in peace.
DOODY Daniel J 1923 1982   He died as he lived, trusting in God. Erected by his loving wife and children.
McCARTHY Anthony   40 years R I P.  
HANN Rita 1949 1994   What we keep in memory is ours, unchanged forever. Erected by the family.
HANN Raymond 1942 1987   What we keep in memory is ours, forever unchanged. Erected by wife Rita and family.
CALLAHAN Patrick J Sept 22, 1921 Apr 29, 1985 63 years Rest is thine, sweet memory ours. Erected by his loving wife and family.
LAKE Patrick 1895 1984   On that bright eternal shore, We shall meet to part no more. Always remembered by wife Margaret and family.
LAKE Margaret 1897 1998   Gone from our touch but never from our hearts. The Lake family.
KING David R 1938 1985    
UNKNOWN Plot       Grave marked by broken rock and stones.
KING William M 1914 1983    
KING Agnes M 1914 1997   His wife. Ever remembered, ever loved.
DRAY Dominic 1938 1983   Ever remembered, ever loved by wife Lucy and daughters.
HICKEY Anthony 1910 1985   What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.
HICKEY Patrick 1922 1989   What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.
BARRY Rita V. 1928 1986   She died as she lived, trusting in God.
BARRY Patrick J 1920 1999   In memory, a daily thought, In heart, a silent sorrow.
SMITH William P 1903 1988    
SMITH Mary Ann 1906 1983    
CRITCH Michael Sept 15, 1955 Nov 14, 1983   Rest in peace.
CRITCH Ronald June 6, 1964 Dec 19, 1988   Rest in peace.
O'BRIEN Mercedes 1916 2002    
O'BRIEN Joseph 1905 1986   Grant them eternal rest.
GEAR William G Oct 22, 1939 Feb 2, 1987   Live is not forever, but love is.
DUNPHY William J 1896 1985    
DUNPHY Ethel M 1911 1997   The rose of love blooms forever
BARRON Elizabeth 1902 1986   Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on her soul.
MARTIN Alex Paul Sept 21, 1947 April 12, 1987 39 years Loving memories last forever.
MARTIN Bride Oct 3, 1923 Nov 18, 2000    
MARTIN Andrew Dec 12, 1920 Sept 20, 1993   Those we love so much, never die.
SPARROW Vincent 1913 1996   Ever remembered, ever loved.
SPARROW Helena 1918 1986   Erected by Vincent Sparrow
PATTERSON Bride E 1903 2006   Mom. Wed Nov 6, 1926.
PATTERSON Henry Roberts 1902 1994   Dad. Together forever.
CLARKE Candace Nov 9, 1986 Jan 22, 1987   In the kingdom of Thy grace, Give a little child a place.
WALSH John T Oct 19, 1903 May 20, 1987   Rest in peace.
WHITE Marion 1905 1987    
HANLON Richard   17 July 1989 75 years NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit WW2
McGRATH Richard 1934 1989   Loving memories last forever.
BYRD Annie Oct 15, 1903 Dec 17, 1988    
KERRIVAN Mary Oct 30, 1917 Feb 13, 2007   Rest in peace.
KERRIVAN Vincent Oct 8, 1906 Aug 2, 1988   Rest in peace.
GEAR Nora C Mar 29, 1913 Mar 3, 1988    
GEAR Michael Aug 11, 1907 June 30, 1991   We never lose those we give to God.
BARNETT Catherine   May 7, 1988 36 years Beloved daughter. Ours for a little while, With Jesus forever.
BARNETT John J   18 May 1990 74 years Seaman, Merchant Navy WW 2
GHANEY Stephen F 1926 1988    
HARTLEY Edward P 1915 1988    
HARTLEY Elizabeth M 1916 2005   My Jesus, mercy.
SMITH Columbus 1930 1989   At peace with nature and with God.
SMITH Michael H 1956 2002   Love, Mom.
RYAN Paul 1923 1989   The Lord is my shepherd.
LINEHAN Edmund J Sept 20, 1916 May 13, 1992   Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by the family.
LINEHAN Marie A March 3, 1920 Aug 22, 1999   Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by the family.
STACEY Bernard G May 1, 1923 Feb 8, 1996    
STACEY Elizabeth M Jan 2, 1928 Still Living   Life is not forever, but love is
HALEY Ronald J 1955 1992   Sadly missed by wife Denise, Daughter Ashley and sons Ryan amp; Jeffrey. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
STACEY Genevieve M 1899 1990   She died as she loved, trusting in God.
MURPHY Mary Bridget 1910 1990    
MURPHY Edward 1914 2000   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
GEORGE Gertrude Frances Dec 29, 1944 Oct 28,1989   Will never be forgotten. She lived like she died, trusting in God.
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Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2010)

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