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Placentia and St. Mary's District,

View of Cemetery Entrance Sign

SHAVE Christopher 1877 1967   A dear husband and father.
SHAVE Emma Maud 1891 1978   A dear mother. She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
BEST Frank G 1925 1988    
DEIR Elizabeth   July 11, 1976 74 years A dear wife and mother. For all of us she did her best, May God grant her eternal rest.
DEIR William   Sept 9, 1973 75 years A dear husband and father. For all of us he did his best, May God grant him eternal rest.
BOUTCHER Peter Upshall 1890 1974   Merchant Navy, WW 1, WW 2. Lest we forget.
PENNEY Martha   June 12, 1974 94 years Rest in peace.
BEST M Jessie 1880 1973   Rest in peace.
DENTY Margaret   Dec 26, 1968 94 years White wooden cross.
DENTY Albert   May 23, 1973 73 years White wooden cross.
PIERCEY Mamie A 1880 1978   I heard the voice of Jesus say "Come unto me and rest". Erected by her daughter Peggy and her granddaughter Renie and sons John and William.
CAMPBELL Arnold L April 11, 1917 Aug 5, 1976   Beloved husband of Laura B Campbell. Father of Barbara Ann Powis, Lorne Arnold Campbell.
HAPGOOD Robert B E   11 Sept 1975 56 Years Ordinary Seaman, Royal Navy.
PRITCHARD Sarah 1928 1997   Forever with the Lord.
GRANTER Caroline 1906 1977    
GRANTER James 1894 1994   Her husband.
ELLIOTT William J 1919 1994   NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit, WW 2. Lest we forget.
ELLIOTT Hazel Mar 30, 1918 Nov 29, 1995   Beloved wife & mother. Ever remembered, ever loved.
HANN Eric 1907 1969    
HANN Augustia 1912 2005    
UNKNOWN ROSS Aug 14, 1958 Nov 29, 1970   Forever remembered by mom, dad, brothers and sister. Not lost to memory or to love, but safe in our Father's house above.
POMROY Desiree D E Mar 6, 2006 May 20, 2006   In the Arms of Angels. I'll hold you in heaven. Our little angel, Desiree Pomeroy. Love Jr, Nocola & family.
WARREN Anne M (Healey) 1921 1990   Ever remembered, ever loved.
WARREN Hayward March 25, 1922 February 9, 1982   A beloved husband and father.
BOLT William   27 March 1980 87 years Seaman, Merchant Navy W W 2
BOLT Julia   80 years   White wooden cross.
MANNING Berkley J May 14, 1926 Feb 21, 1996   Beloved father and grandfather. Gone but not forgotten.
MANNING Donald Alfred 1956 1979   Gone but not forgotten. Ever remembered, sadly missed by family.
CHUBBS George T   20 Feb 1971 25 years 105 292 163 CPL. Canadian Forces
HOBEN William A Oct 20, 1928 Nov 17, 1971   Dear husband and father.
UPSHALL Mabel     78 years White wooden cross.
DODGE Laura M     87 years R I P.
DODGE John George 1912 1983   Beloved husband and father. Wife Laura, daughters Alice Bertha and Laura. Ever missed, ever loved.
ADAMS Samuel J 1934 1987   Forever in our hearts.
DEIR James William 1920 1988   Ever remembered and sadly missed by wife Jessie and family. The Lord is my shepherd.
BROWN Mrs Lillian   79 years   White wooden cross.
BROWN Frederick 1906 1987   Erected by his family. Rest in peace.
WARREN James 1900 1990   The Lord is my shepherd. Ever remembered, ever loved by the family.
WARREN Ethel Maude 1905 1982   The Lord is my shepherd. Ever remembered, ever loved by the family.
WARREN Baby Michael   Dec 23, 1968   Died in infancy. So small, so sweet, so soon.
FOWLER Al David   Oct 3, 1969   Infant son of Albert & Jayne Fowler. Jesus called a little child..remainder unreadable
HODDER Baby Girl   Aug 12, 1965 1 day Daughter of Clayton & Katherine.
HODDER Cory   Jan 8, 1977   Died in Infancy. Son of Reuben and Sylvia Hodder.
ALLEN Benjamin March 30, 1913 May 11, 1994   Ever remembered, ever loved.
          Merchant Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
ALLEN Martha Tryphena Aug 9, 1917 Sept 1, 1988   Dear wife, mother and grandmother. At home in heaven. Forever in our hearts. Erected by her family.
SELLARS Harry E 1920 1988   Ever remembered, ever loved.
PENNEY Edward 1914 1994   NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit. Lest we forget.
WARREN Olive Viola 1927 1984   Loving memories last forever.
PENNEY W. F. 1918 1998   White wooden cross.
WARREN Peter July 24, 1926 August 25, 2005   Weathered wooden cross.
WILLIAMS Gertrude 1918 1993    
WILLIAMS Jethro 1912 2002   On that bright eternal shore, We shall meet to part no more.
SELLARS William Robert Sept 1, 1918 April 20, 1980   Ever remembered, ever loved.
MORASH Lewis 1910 1981   A dear husband & father. Rest is thine, sweet memory ours.
BEST Victor   Aug 3, 1987 76 years Weathered wooden cross.
TAYLOR Clarence, Jr 1942 1984   Forever in our hearts. Erected by the family.
PILGRIM William A 1945 1980    
ALLEN Eli William Sept 6, 1923 Sept 28, 1993   The Lord is my shepherd.
GEORGE Irene 1928 1993   Mother.
GEORGE John 1917 1980   Father. Our loved ones sleep here.
HAPGOOD Norman 1917 1992   Merchant Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
BUDDEN Lloyd William 1938 2001   At peace with nature and God.
LANE Bertram Ronald 1938 1994   Deeply loved, sadly missed. Beloved husband and father. Father grant thy weary one rest for ever more.
YETMAN William L 1931 1992   Father. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
SLADE James F   2 Oct 1978 69 years Seaman, Merchant Navy, WW 2
SLADE E Lillias 1920 1984   Mother.
SLADE J Freeman 1908 1976   Father. Taken from the arms of their loved ones.remainder unreadable.
SLADE Frederick 1901 1980    
SLADE Marcie 1913 2001   His wife. Forever with the Lord.
SLADE Francis J 1952 1984   Brother and father. Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever.
MARSHALL Walter 1917 2000   Able Seaman, Royal Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
DOWDEN Lillian M 1915 1999   Mother.
DOWDEN Peter C 1909 1982   Father. Save in the arms of Jesus.
MORGAN Leslie Oct 26, 1926 June 20, 1982   He lives with us in memory, And will for ever more.
MORGAN Sadie Nov 24, 1926 June 29, 1978   She lives with us in memory, And will for evermore.
DOWDEN Peter C   21 October 1982 73 years Seaman, Merchant Navy, WW 2.
DEER Thomas Oct 6, 1928 July 7, 1977   His toil is past, His work is done, He fought the fight, The victory won. Erected by wife and family.
MORGAN Terry R Jan 24, 1968 Apr 6, 1991   Always in our hearts.
NEWHOOK H Gordon 1915 1996   and wife
HODDER Banjamin G 1927 1992    
HODDER Katherine 1929 2005   Ever remembered, ever loved.
BRENTON Albert E 1920 1993   Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by wife Alice and family.
BONNELL Jane June 20, 1913 March 19, 1998   Mother.
HOBEN Henry Eli     59 years R I P. White wooden cross.
HOBEN Mary     56 years R I P. White wooden cross.
HANCOCK Patience 1919 1990    
HANCOCK Wilfred 1915 1997   The Lord is my shepherd.
HEFFORD Raymond, Sr 1929 1989   And the hunter is home from the hill. Erected by wife Cynthia and family.
BRENTON Baby       White wooden cross.
BROWN Samuel J 1891 1978    
BROWN E Gordon 1900 1976    
BROWN Elsie F 1905 1993    
UNKNOWN #1       Glass enclosed floral.
UNKNOWN #2       Wooden grave marker, name plate unreadable.
UNKNOWN #3       Several white wooden crossed.
UNKNOWN #4       White wooden cross.
UNKNOWN #5       White wooden marker, broken and partially disintegrated.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson from photos taken by Don Tate  (2010)

Photographs copyrighted by Don Tate 2007

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