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1st Anglican Cemetery,
Daniel's Harbour
St. Barbe District
(The oldest cemetery in the community).

WentzellAlbert born Sept. 13, 1901April 9, 1913.  Head Stone.
WentzellHiram Jan. 30, 1900Feb. 1st, 1900.  Head stone (shares head stone with Albert Wentzell)
WentzellAngus Leander born March 1847Nov. 1919.  Head Stone.
WentzellViolet  Sept. 20, 1933 4yrs and 4 months. Head Stone. daughter of Cornelius and May Wentzell
WentzellAdelaide. No dates Small wooden cross; recently erected I suspect.
WentzellAlma. No dates Small wooden cross; recently erected I suspect.
WiltonCharles  June 5th, 1942 38. Head Stone. husband to Ireme Wilton
PayneClara Victoria  April 6, 1938 32. Head Stone. wife to Gordon M. Payne
PayneFanny  Jan. 30, 1899 16 yrs. Head Stone. wife of Ambrose
PayneElizabeth  Aug. 24, 1914 70. Head Stone.
PayneJesse  Dec. 17, 1890 23. Head Stone.
PayneCharles  June 15, 1914 71 yrs and 3 months. Head Stone.
RumboltJames and Mary Ann House and their four children who died Sept. 29, 1881. Head Stone
Stone in Memory. Drowned off Brain's Rocky, north of Danile's Harbour 2 miles or so. No bodies were ever discovered other than a headless body of a women somewhere to the north.
HouseDeborah May  Feb. 17, 1917 14. daughter of James and Anastatia House Head Stone.
MossDoris Oct. 9, 1926 May 21, 1931.   Head Stone.
MossFannie Lauinia Nov. 28, 1905 Mar. 20, 1937.  Head Stone.
BigginStewart Archibald & Abner Biggin April 9, 1941.  Head Stone.
House ?, Mary  Feb. 23 or 28, 1920 ? 81 1/2 yrs? or 61 1/2 yrs (stone in poor condition). wife of John House ? Head Stone.
HouseJohn  Jan. 27, 1927 78 and 7 months. Head Stone.
HouseJohn  July 12, 1868 19 yrs. Head Stone.
PearceDorcas  Oct. 27, 1900 37. wife of Emmanuel Pearce Head Stone.
House Henry  July 18, 1864 43 yrs. Head Stone.
HouseMary Ann  Nov. 11, 1921 90. wife of Henry House Head Stone.
HouseElizabeth Mar. 10, 1886 33yrs. Head Stone.
HouseElizabeth  March 3th, 1886 17 yrs. Head Stone.
HouseHenry  Nov. 3, 1927 77. Head Stone.
HouseMary Ann Sept. 26, 1850 July 30, 1929.  wife of Henry House Head Stone.
BigginHannah Melina  Sept. 23, 1939 64. wife of Abner Biggin Head Stone.
HouseFanny Ellen  June 10, 1932 22 and 11 months. Head Stone.
PearceLeslie;    (wooden cross, no dates). Head Stone.
Pearce Elizabeth     
Pearce Gilbert     
BenoitLily Gladys  July 25, 1916 14 yrs. Head Stone.
JanesEdith Agatha  Dec. 9, 1933 26 yrs. daughter of Abner and Melina Biggin Head Stone.
BennettJohn James  drowned July 9, 1935 27. Head Stone.
??? ???   (small box around grave but no stone). Head Stone.
BigginEileen Grimsby Mar. 20, 1924 June 1, 1941  Head Stone.
?,? (bit of stone left in the ground only). Head Stone.
?, James......... 17 yrs and 6 or 8 months. Head Stone.
HouseLevi  June 1, 1886 69 yrs. Head Stone.
Mu..yerJohn  Dec. 4, 1879 74 yrs (difficult to read).
???House  Aug. 21, 1856 34. Stone erected by husband Levi House. Head Stone.

Contributor: M. Scott Biggin and Patricia I. Reid

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