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Anglican Cemetery

Port de Grave District,

View of Church

MORGAN George   Nov 6th 1896 33 Erected by Lavinia Morgan in memory of her beloved husband. Son of James & Mary A Morgan. A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vqacant in our home, Which never can be filled. Remainder unreadable
MORGAN Samuel   May 27, 1893 7 Years Beloved son of James & Mary A Morgan.
BADCOCK Susan Morgan 1872 1951    
MORGAN James John   April 14, 1915 45 years Beloved husband of Susan Morgan. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. All is dark within our dwelling, Lonely is our home today, For the one whose smile did cheer us remainder unreadable. Also
MORGAN Allen Stanley   Nov 11, 1914 10 years Our darling boy who was accidentally killed.
UNKNOWN J S B   1906 1940 No name, just initials.
TAYLOR Wm John   July 17th 1955 64 years Beloved husband of Rose Taylor who was accidentally killed. How sweet are the memories that will never fade of a loved one gone to rest.RIP
TAYLOR Rosanna   Sept 27, 1976 90 years I heard the voice of Jesus say "Come unto me and rest"
BISHOP Reuben   Aug 13th 1896 66 years Also his wife
BISHOP Eliza   May 27, 1894 72 years Belssed are the dead which die in the Lord.
BISHOP George Scott   Dec 11th 1933 59 years Also his wife
BISHOP Jane Maria   Aug 14th 1939 64 years When the day of toil is done, When the race of life is run; Father, grant Thy wearied one's, Rest for evermore.
BISHOP Alfred J 1885 1933   Father
BISHOP Ethel 1897 1970   Mother. Rest in peace.
BISHOP Erick Lewis 1921 1976   He doeth all things well.
TAYLOR Myrah   July 20th 1932 21 years and
TYALOR Clara Marjorie   May 5th 1929 1 year Beloved daughters of Jacob H & Cora Taylor. Grant them O Lord eternal rest and let perpetual light shine upon them.
TAYLOR Gertrude   Dec 24, 1925 12 years Beloved daughter of Jacob H and Cora Taylor.Safely, safely gathered in, Far from sorrow, far from sin. God has saved from weary strife, In its day this fresh young life. Now she waits for us above, Resting in the Saviour's love.
TAYLOR Henry John   Dec 26, 1923 4yrs, 10mos Darling child of Jacob H and Cora Taylor. We loved this little tender one, And would have wished himstay, But let our Father's will be done, He shines in endless day.
TAYLOR Cora J   June 29th 1966 83 years Beloved wife of Jacob H Taylor. Memory is the gift of God that death cannot destroy.
TAYLOR Jacob H   Jan 4, 1969 88 years Beloved husband of Cora J Taylor. His toil is past, his work is done, He fought the fight, the victory won.
MORGAN Elizabeth   June 18th, 1905 42 years Beloved wife of William Morgan. Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh. Many a heart no longr here, Ah, was all too inly dear; Yet, O Love, 'tis Thou dost call, Thou wild be our All in All. Also
MORGAN William   Jan 12th 1929 72 years  
NEWELL William July 13, 1916 Mar 20, 2002   Sadly missed and never forgotten.
NEWELL Jessie L 1884 1936    
NEWELL Jacob 1861 1945   Grant them O Lord eternal rest.
BISHOP Sophie   July 4, 1897 13 Years Beloved child of James & Elizabeth Ann Bishop. Dearest daughter thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel, But 'tis God who hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heel.
MORGAN John   June 20, 1918 63 years Beloved husband of Mary Jane Morgan. Earth to earth and dust to dust, Calmly now the words we say, Leaving him to sweetly rest remainder unreadable.
MARTIN Frederick G   March 8th 2006 82 years Beloved husband of Carrie Martin. Loving memories last forever.
MARTIN Carrie Verna   Dec 18th 1966 43 years Beloved wife of Fred Martin. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord.
BISHOP Annie Millicent   April 23, 1915 19 years Beloved daughter of Henry & Emily Bishop. Thy will be done. Calm on the bosom of thy God, Fair spirit rest thee now, Even while with ours thy footsteps trod, His seal was on thy brow. Dust to its narrow house beneath, Soul to its place on high, They that have seen thy look in death, No more may fear to die.
BISHOP Henry   March 18, 1939 73 years Also his wife
BISHOP Emily   Aug 14, 1938 72 years They rest from their labours.
MORGAN Nathaniel Nov 5, 1887 Oct 14, 1963    
MORGAN Edith Dec 6, 1897 May 19, 1988   Though death divides, fond memory clings.
MORGAN Samuel George July 25, 1925 Oct 26, 1926    
MORGAN James Frederick 1892 1942    
OAKE Margaret (Morgan) 1900 1990   Ever remembered, ever loved by Melvina
NEWELL Charlotte L July 21st 1875 Sept 3rd 1944 69 years At rest.
NEWELL Edward Oct 12, 1873 July 26, 1935   At rest.
NEWELL Maria   July 8th 1908 73 years Beloved wife of Isaac Newell. In my house of many mansions, I've prepared a place for thee, Where are no dark clouds or tempests, Where I am, there thou shalt be.
DAWE Patience Mar 1861 May 1946   also her husband
DAWE Abraham Feb 1857 Oct 1918   and their daughter
DAWE Alma Gladys June 1898 May 1919    
DAWE Heber Jan 15, 1889 April 5, 1971   Rest in peace.
DAWE William John   Dec 24, 1921 68 years Beloved husband of Sarah Dawe. There is no death in heaven, For they who gain that shore, Have won their immortality, And they can die no more.
ROSE Charles 1910 1954   Husband of Maud Rose. Their children
ROSE Jean 1954 1956    
ROSE Walter John 1938 1966   Rest in peace.
ROSE Charles 1910 1954   Father. Ever remembered.
ROSE Maude 1917 1985   Mother. Ever loved.
ROSE Jean 1954 1966   Their children
ROSE Walter J 1938 1966    
MARTIN Fannie   Feb 13th 1952 72 years Beloved wife of Leonard Martin. Grant her, O Lord, eternal rest with the spirits of the blest.
MARTIN Leonard   Dec 7th 1959 83 years Beloved husband of Fannir Martin. Grant him O Lord. Eternal rest with the spirits of the blest.
MARTIN John 1905 1986    
MARTIN Hazel 1909 1998    
MORGAN Bertha   Oct 26, 1927 43 years Mother.
MORGAN George M   Sept 20, 1926 18 years Son. Teach us to humble our ways that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Day by day the voice said come Enter thine eternal home Asking not if we can spare These dear souls it summon'd there.
MORGAN Susan M.   April 30, 1924 48 years Wife of Robert Morgan. Why should your tears run down And your hearts be sorely riven? For another gem in the Saviour's crown and another soul in heaven. Although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil.
MORGAN Lorenzo William   Dec 4, 1910 21 years Son of Joseph & Virtue Morgan. Also their son
MORGAN Edward   May 7th 1887 11 years  
MORGAN Abram   Dec 19th 1896 47 years Beloved husband of Rebecca Morgan. At rest with Jesus Oh how sweet Four dear ones I have there ??? He knew best He took them home To where that is bright and fair. There is one who misses them The mother of the four But one day she can meet you Where parting is no more. From us they have departed Our loss is heaven's gain Their bodies lie in the chuch yard Their souls ....unreadable.
UNKNOWN R J D       White wooden cross.
UNKNOWN S J D       White wooden cross.
BISHOP Mabel   Sept 8, 1914?    
BISHOP Ralph   Aug 28th 1935 23 years Son of Noah and Ann Maria Bishop. May our dreams be of Thy Kingdom Full of Grace Where at last unreadable
BISHOP Edward   Nov 26th 1933 28 years Son of Noah and Ann Maria Bishop. Coming morros we may never live to see All we ask Thee is to keep us safe with Thee.
BISHOP Noah   Nov 16th 1941 63 years Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. Ps 23.4
BISHOP Ann M   April 12th 1948 69 years Peace perfect peace.
DAWE William G 1872 1936    
DAWE Wilhelmina 1883 1955   and their children
DAWE Malcolm 1906 1922    
DAWE Mabel & Donald       Died in infancy.
DAWE Mary Anne 1870 1941   Mother.
DAWE John 1871 1940   Father.
DAWE Annie 1909 1936   Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
DAWE Frederick May 8, 1888 Sept 17, 1964   Father.
DAWE Fanny June 30, 1893 Aug 23, 1958   Mother. On that bright eternal shore, We shall meet to part no more.
DAWE Elizabeth 1893 1918    
DAWE Angus 1923 1945    
DAWE Samuel H 1928 1943    
DAWE Florence E 1938 1938    
BISHOP Samuel G   May 15th 1942 69 years Beloved husband of Martha Bishop. We loved him in life.
BISHOP Martha Jane   Dec 12, 1955 81 years Grant unto her O Lord, eternal rest. Farewell: in hope and love In faith and peace and prayer, Till He whose home is ours above, Unite us there.
TAYLOR Susannah M 1913 2006    
TAYLOR Benjamin H 1918 2003   Forever in our hearts.
DAWE Sabrina Mar 26, 1892 Oct 24, 1974   Rest in peace.
DAWE Effie 1917 1936    
DAWE Winifred 1922 1941    
DAWE Zena Marie 1936 1938   Daughters of Heber & Sabrina Dawe. Grant unto them, O Lord eternal rest and may light perpetual shine upon them.
TAYLOR Mary Ann   Aug 12, 1923 73 years Beloved wife of James John Taylor. And Oh what depth of joy .We bend the trempling knww, To know that Thou are one with us And we are one with Thee.
TAYLOR James John   Nov 6, 1930 76 years With weary body and ???? Heart remainder unreadable
TAYLOR Elizabeth   Nov 25th 1937 17 years Beloved daughter of Benjamin and Mary Jane Taylor. Safe in the arms of Jesus Safe on His gentle breast There by His love o'er shaded Sweetly my soul shall rest.
TAYLOR Benjamin 1892 1973    
TAYLOR Mary Jane 1894 1988   Forever with the Lord.
BISHOP Cyril A June 30, 1911 Jan 4, 1973   How sweet to sleep where all is peace and pain is lulled to rest.
BISHOP C. Lewis June 27, 1923 Aug 13, 1988   Peacefully sleeping.
UNKNOWN Martha Ellen   Nov 5th 1934 63 years Top of marker is broken. Rest eternal grant unto them and may perpetual light shine upon them.
BISHOP Malcolm   March 22nd 1956 59 years Grant unto him, O Lord, eternal rest.
DAWE Fannie   Dec 17th 1945 59 years  
DAWE Henry Wm   Nov 5th 1951 72 years They died as the lived, trusting God.
DAWE William John 1906 1959   Father
DAWE Myra Victoria Hussey 1906 1988   Mother. Ever remembered - ever loved by the family.
BISHOP George Clarence Feb 27, 1913 Nov 28, 1978   At rest.
BISHOP Violet E July 3, 1907 May 6, 1989   Peace perfect peace.
BISHOP William R Aug 31, 1906 Feb 3, 1975   Beloved husband of Violet E. Peace perfect peace.
DAWE Albert J 1881 1948    
DAWE Mary A 1885 1925   Wife.
DAWE Greta E 1915 1927   Daughter. Gone but not forgotten.
BISHOP Albert Seely   April 19, 1933 44 years Erected by Emily in memory of her dear husband.
BISHOP George W   April 8, 1914 48 years Erected by Alexander in memory of his father. Afflictions sore for years he bore, Physicians were in vain, God gave ease when He did please, And freed him from his pain. Also his mother
BISHOP Sarah   July 13, 1925 56 years Mother thou are now at home, Among angles fair above, But yet below thy child must roam, 'til summoned by His love.
BISHOP Meta Blanche   June 17, 1925 25 years Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes, Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies, Heavens morning breaks and earths vain shadows flee, In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.
BISHOP Emma S   Jan 16, 1941 79 years Not dead, but living unto Thee.
BISHOP John   Jan 17, 1939 80 years That shalt come to thy grave in a full age like as a shock of corn cometh in his season. Job 5.26.
BISHOP Jane   May 10th 1959 75 years Beloved wife of John Bishop. We were not there to see you die, To clasp your hand and say good bye, But we'll remember through the years, What a wonderful mother you were to us.
BISHOP William John   March 28th 1953 73 years Beloved husband of Jane Bishop. In memory a daily thought, In heart a silent sorrow.
BISHOP Alfred   March 17 (?), 1918 12 years Beloved son of Wm J & Jane Bishop. Darling we miss thee. Slowly fading, lintering, dying, Like the leafe he passed away. Heeding not our tears of anguish. Heaven has claimed its own today.
BISHOP Elfreda Sept 20, 1885 Feb 25, 1978   Until the day break and the shadows flee away.
BISHOP Herbert Aug 12, 1883 Feb 5, 1966   He who is dead honour with remembering, not tears.
BISHOP Lena   Sept 7, 1929 13 years Daughter of Herbert and Elfreda Bishop. One family we dwell in Him, One church above, beneath, Though now devided by the stream, The narrow stream of death.
BISHOP Grace and Cyril       Also our two children. He gathered the lambs in His arms.
NEWELL William James   Nov 27th 1907 34 years Beloved Husband of Fanny Newell. Also their beloved daughter
NEWELL Menetre   Aug 15th 1907 11 Months Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. We wear the cross they wore of old, Our lips have learn'd like vows to make, We need not die, We cannot fight, What may we do for Jesus' sake?
NEWELL William Robert   April 18th 1907 3 1/2 months Also
NEWELL Violet Regina   Jan 4th 1908 8 months Beloved children of Archibald & Ruth Newell. Inscription unreadable.
BISHOP George   April 3, 1891 76 years Inscription unreadable.
BISHOP James John   Aug 10, 1931 82 years Bless Thou the deat which die in Thee, As Thou hast given them release, So quicken them Thy face to see, And give them everlasting grace.
BISHOP Mary Grace   Dec 14th 1904 47 years Beloved wife of James John Bishop.
BISHOP Banjamin   June 10th 1911 16 years Beloved son of James John & Mary Grace Bishop. They shall hunger no more neither thirst any more. Rev. VII & 16. Hunger and thirst are felt no more, Nor suns with scorching ray. God is their son, whose cheering beams, Diffuse eternal day.
BISHOP George Archibald   Feb 17, 1913 27 years Beloved son of James John & Mary Grace Bishop. If we suffer we shall also reign with Him. Timothy 2C, 12V. A prisoner long detained below A prisoner now with freedom blest Welcome from a world of woe Welcome to a land of rest Thus the choir of angels sing As they bear the soul on high While with halleluias ring All the region of the sky.
BISHOP Samuel George   June 12, 1912 25 years Beloved son of Jacob & Elizabeth Jane Bishop. Brother thou are gone before us, And thy saintly soul is flown, remainder unreadable.
BISHOP Archibald 1881 1952    
BISHOP Ethel 1883 1939   His wife. Erected by the family.
TAYLOR Eli   Nov 28th 1953 78 years Beloved husband of Susanna Taylor. Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, From which none ever wakes to weep, A calm and undisturbed repose, Unbroken by the last of foes.
MORGAN George   July 23, 1913 61 years Beloved husband of Naomi Morgan. Each moment draw from earth away My heart that lowly waits Thy call. Speak to my inmost soul and say I am thy Love Thy God thy all. To feel Thy power to hear Thy voice To taste Thy love be all my choice.
BISHOP A Family Plot       Larch plot enclosed it iron railing with the following 11 graves
BISHOP Marjorie Louise   May 28, 1925 19 years Daughter of William M S and Clara E Bishop. Christ shall gather in his own.
BISHOP W M S   Oct 26th 1957 85 years  
BISHOP Clara E   Feb 14th 1957 78 years  
BISHOP Jane   June 7th 1910 74 years Him that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out.
BISHOP John   April 23rd 1911 77 years He that believeth in Me, though he were deat, yet shall he live.
BISHOP Nathaniel   June 30th 1857 23 years Son of Joseph and Mary Bishop of Burnt Head. Look on my grave as you pass by, As you are now so once was I. As I am now, so must you be, Prepare for death and follow me.
BISHOP Joseph   Jan 14, 1871 77 years I am the resurrection and the life; He that believeth in me, though he were deat, yet shall he live. St John II, 25 verse.
BISHOP Mary   March 8, 1872 11 years Beloved daughter of John & Jane Bishop. Thou art gone to the grave we will not deplore thee Whose God was thy ransom thy guardian and guide. He gave thee he took thee And He will restore thee And death has no sting for the Saviour has died.
BISHOP Mary   May 22nd 1885 79 years The grass withereth, the flower fadeth, but the work of our God shall stand for ever. Isaiah 40.8.
MORGAN Robert Samuel   March 6th 1935 19 years Beloved son of Henry H & Emily S Morgan. A precious one from us is gone, The voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled.
MORGAN Emily Susannah   Oct 16th 1953 65 years Darling wife of H H Morgan. Beyond the gate our loved one finds happiness and rest; And there is comfort to the thought that a loving God knows best.
MORGAN Henry Herbert   July 14th 1960 79 years Erected by Lydia Morgan in loving memory of her husband. He lives with us in memory still and will forever more.
BISHOP Solomon   Jan 18th 1957 81 years Where the light for ever shineth, Where no storm ariseth more, There the Savious meets His loved ones, On the shore.
BISHOP Caroline   April 16, 1929 53 years Beloved wife of Solomon Bishop. Grant that we with her our loved one, Whom by faith we still can see, May when life's great morning dawneth, Follow Thee.
BISHOP Henry John Jan 9th 1879 Aug 2nd 1955   Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord.
BISHOP James   Jan 26, 1893 22 years Beloved son of Henry & Jane Bishop. Forever with the Lord! Amen; so let it be; Life from the dead is in that word, Tis immortality.
BISHOP Rebecca   May 25, 1903 21yrs, 9mos Beloved daughters of Henry & Jane Bishop. I am the Ressurection and the Life.
BISHOP Elizabeth   Sept 10, 1925 19 years Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
BISHOP Henry   July 26, 1912 72 years Earth to earth, and dust to dust, Calmly now the words we say, Leaving him to sleep in trust, Till the Resurreation day. Father in Thy gracious keeping, Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
BISHOP Jane   Aug 4, 1919 77 years Earth takes her own - this mortal frame, Eternity her part shall claim?, And so we say in humble trust, The soul to God, the dust to dust.
BISHOP Christopher Oct 6th 1879 Sept 22nd 1938 59 years  
BISHOP Sarah Jane Sept 22nd 1883 Nov 1st 1943 60 years Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, For Thou are with me.
BISHOP Allan   June 23rd 1827 24yrs, 4mos Beloved son of Samuel and Martha Bishop. Drowned off Boston. In the midst of life we all find death. Just when his days seemed brightest Just when his hopes seemed best God called him from among us To his eternal rest. Fold him O Father in thine arms And let him ????????? A messenger of love between Our human hearts and Thee.
BISHOP Abraham   July 11th 1894 29 years Beloved son of Joseph & Susan Bishop. Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep; A calm and undisturbed repose; Unbroken by the last of foes.
BISHOP Joseph   Oct 16th 1893 65 years Father.
BISHOP Susan H   Dec 30th 1895 66 years Mother. The sweet remembrance of the just, Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.
BISHOP Susanna M   March 22nd 1907 60 years Weep not, She is at rest. Mother, thou art gone to rest, And this shall be our prayer: That when we reach our journey's end, Thy glory we may share.
BISHOP Elijah   Febry 5th 1905 55 years The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by Him.
BISHOP Fanny   June 17th 1886 80yrs, 8mos Wife of Elijah Bishop. Thanks be to God which which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus. Remainder unreadable.
BISHOP Elijah   26th Sept 1885 79yrs, 7mos Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age. Like as a shock of corn cometh in, in His season. Also
BISHOP Fanny Elizabeth   28th August 1885 2 years Only daughter of Elijah & Susannah Bishop.
BISHOP John   Sept 17th 1855 10yrs, 5mos Son of Elijah & Frances Bishop.
BISHOP Beatrice 1880 1970   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
BISHOP Solomon   Aug 20th 1961 83 years We cannot think of them as dead, Who walk with us no more, Along the path of life we treat, He has but gone before.
BISHOP Benjamin   April 13, 1929 22 years Beloved son of Solomon and Beatrice Bishop. Thy will be done.
BISHOP Ann   Nov 1st 1910 23 years Beloved wife of George Bishop. And so shall we ever be with the Lord. Thes 4.17v. Forever with the Lord. Amen, so let it be, Life from the dead is in that word, 'Tis immortality.
BISHOP Samuel H   Sept 10th 1873 23 years Son of Edward & ???? Bishop. Also their son
BISHOP Edwd Charles   July 24, 1873 19 years drowned. One who loved the Savious well, Here in hope of pardon lies, In that dread hour the rest shall tell, Where the dead to judgement rise. Edward is not in the grave, Shrouded in this earthen bed, remainder unreadable.
BISHOP Joseph   Sept 30th 1926 68 years Beloved husband of Caroline Bishop. For a while Him with Christ in God. Also
BISHOP Eddie   July 10th 1893 4 1/2 Years Our darling Eddie. Safely gathered in. Sleep on dear father, your wsork is o'er, Your willing hands will toil no more, But Oh how kind you were and true, No friend on earth we'll find like you.
TAYLOR Patience   Jan 13th 1892 48 Years We shall meet beyond the river where the surges cease to roll. Erected by Elizabeth Brooks in loving memory of her mother.
BISHOP Henry   Feb 10th 1860 74 years Inscription unreadable.
BISHOP Caroline 1860 1940   Mother. Grant her, O Lord, eternal rest. Let light perpetual shine.
BISHOP Abraham   July 29th 1860 18 years Inscription unreadable.
BISHOP Rebecca   Dec 5th 1872 58 years Wife of John Bishop. But soon the morning's happiest light, Its glory shall restore. And eyelids that are sealed in death, Shall wake to close no more. Also their son
BISHOP Solomon   Feb 10, 1871 23 years Only prepare us all Thy will, Gladly to suffer or fulfill, Then call us to thy Heavenly rest, With Thee and with our brother blest.
BISHOP John   Jan 22, 1878 65yrs, 3mos When dust to dust returns, And life's short path is trod, The souls whom Jesus hath redeemed, Rest safely in their God.
BISHOP Annie   March 11th 1872 4 years Beloved child of Noah & Emma Bishop.
BISHOP Emma   Oct 6th 1870 2 1/2 Years Beloved daughter of Noah & Emma Bishop. Now she is gone to Christ above remainder unreadable.
BISHOP Henry   Feby 10th 1860 74 years Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fean no evil, for Thou are with me, Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.
BISHOP ?????n   25th April 1888 84 years  
BISHOP Rachel   Feb 2nd 1890 100 years Beloved wife of John Bishop.
BISHOP John   April 17th 1864 71 years Lift up our hearts, Lift up our minds, and let thy grace be given, that while we live on earth below, our treasure is in heaven.
MORGAN Sanuel   Aug 17, 1918   Husband of Mary Jane Morgan.
DAW Reuben   June 12th 1860 28 years unreadable
BISHOP Victor Dudley   June 12th 1909 11 months Beloved child of Eliel & Eliza Bishop. God who loveth innocense, Hastes to take his darling. Hence, Christ when this sad life is done, Join us to Thy little one.
BISHOP Eliel   March 20, 1925 53 yrs, 8mos Beloved husband of Eliza Bishop. In the midst of life, we are in death. Thou art gone from the ome that thy presence did brighten. Without the warm rays of the bright summer sun, We will miss the, and weep, but our hearts will be lightened to know thou are now in the home of the blest.
BISHOP Eliza   August 26th 1941 68 years Beloved wife of Eliel Bishop. Dearest Mother thou has left us, And our loss we deeply feel, But we bow in deep submission, To our heavenly Father's will.
BISHOP Elizabeth   Sept 11, 1893 35 years Beloved wife of Henry Bishop. Put thou thy trust in God, In dutys path go on; Walk in His strength with faith and hope, So shall thy work be done.
BISHOP Wm Henry   Feb 9th 1911 56 years Dear husband of Amy Bishop. Some day, some time, our eyes shall see, The faces of those we loved so well. Some day, some time, our hands shall clasp, And never say farewell. Also their children
BISHOP Abram   Dec 10, 1916 22 years To live in the hearts of thos we love is not to die.
BISHOP Alex   June 10, 1909 4 1/2 Years  
BISHOP Amy   April 30, 1915 5 1/2 Years Sleep on loved ones and take your rest, We miss you most who loved you best.
BISHOP Benjamin   Sept 13th 1905 18 years Beloved son of Benjamin & Selina Bishop. To depart and be with Christ which is far better. Phil I.23. It is not death to die, To leave this weary road, And midst the brotherhood on high, To be at home with God.
BISHOP Cyril   Sept 15, 1916 27 years Died while fighting for his country. Greater love hath no man than this.
BISHOP Selina   Feb 27, 1935 76 years Christ the Lord shall guard them well, He who died for their release.
BISHOP Benjamin   April 19, 1934 77 years Father in Thy gracious keeping, Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
BISHOP Azariah 1880 1954   At rest.
BISHOP Eliza P   July 1st 1961 98 years  
BISHOP William T   May 12th 1947 86 years At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
BISHOP Solomon   May 19, 1877 25 years Son of John & Bridget Bishop. Now let the Lord my Saviour smile, And show my name upon His heaft, I would forget my pains awhile, And in the pleasure lose the smart. Dear Lord, imprint upon my heart, And in the .remainder unreadable.
BISHOP Bridget   Nov 13th 1902 71 years Beloved wife of John Bishop.
BISHOP John   Augt 29th 1903 74 years  
DAWE William   July 16, 1881 58 years Also his wife
DAWE Elizabeth   June 8, 1905 77 years I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Bright is their glory now, Boundless their joy above, Where, on the bosom of their God, They rest in perfect love. Lord may that grace be ours, Like them in faith to bear, All that of sorrow, grief or pain, May be our portion here.
DAW Job   May 6, 1840 24 years Son of William & Hannah Daw.
BISHOP Blanche   Nov 10th 1967 82 years Mother.
BISHOP Nathaniel   Aug 18th 1947 63 years Father. We cannot think of them as dead, Who walk with us no more, Along the path of life we tread, They have but gone before.
TAYLOR Bridget   Sept 10, 1879 20 years Daughter of Patience & Robert Taylor. And her brother
TAYLOR John   Feby 5, 1878 19 years  
TAYLOR Noah   Sept 11, 1917 23 years Beloved son of Abram & Mary Ann Taylor. Died in Toronto. In the midst of life we are in death. Dearest Noah thou has left us, Left a world of pain and care, Gone to rest a while before us, And a crown of glory wear.
TAYLOR Mary Ann   Nov 20th 1952 81 years Mother.
TAYLOR Abraham   Oct 22nd 1938 72 years Grant them O Lord eternal rest with the spirits of the blest.
TAYLOR Robert   May 15, 1889 69 years Also his wife
TAYLOR Patience   Feby 10, 1886 72 years unreadable.
TAYLOR Solomon   Sep 6, 1894 27 years Son of Patience and Robert Taylor.
BISHOP James   June 4, 1895 58 years They die in Jesus and are blest, How sweet their slumbers are, From suffering and from sin released, And freed from every snare. Far from this world of sin and Strife, They're present with the Lord, The labours of their mortal life, End in a large reward.
NEWELL Maria   Sep 4th 1896 56 years Beloved wife of Geo Newell. Also her husband
NEWELL Geo   Feb 3rd 1909 71 years Oh call it not death, It is life begun, For the waters are pass'd, The home is won. The ransomed spirit hath reached the shore, Where they weep and suffer and sin no more.
MORGAN Noah 1878 1952   In life and in death, O Lord, abide with me. Erected by H A & H L Morgan.
MORGAN Herbert L 1906 1988    
MORGAN Ethel M 1906 1985    
MORGAN Patience   Jan 22nd 1877 94 years  
MORGAN Willaim   June 28th 1863 80 years  
HOLWELL Jane Dec 17th 1883 March 30th 1958   Our mother. Not lost to memory, not lost to love, But gone to our Father's house above.
HOLWELL Clarence Apr 10, 1913 July 21, 1985   Father. Ever remembered
HOLWELL Mary Akerman Sept 25, 1919 Sept 7, 1994   Mother. Ever loved.
BISHOP John       Baby. 1943
BISHOP H Douglas 1923 1981   Together
BISHOP Vera C 1921 Still Living   Forever.
BISHOP Albert R 1918 1995    
BISHOP Mary S 1919 Still Living   Ever remembered, ever loved.
BISHOP Mona I 1921 2004   Loving wife of Allan, Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. Forever in our hearts.
BISHOP A Allan 1914 1970   How sweet to sleep where all is peace, And pain is lulled to rest. Erected by his wife and daughters.
BISHOP Judith   May 2, 1968   Daughter of Seymour & Judith Bishop. Baby girl.
TAYLOR James Silas 1922 1985    
NEWELL Elizabeth E 1911 1950   Gone but not forgotten.
BISHOP Samuel G   Dec 30, 1957 39 years Son of the late Archibald & Ethel Bishop. Though death divides, Fond memory clings.
BISHOP Harold 1901 1988    
BISHOP Ethel 1906 1945    
BISHOP Ella 1906 1964   Ever rembmbered, ever loved.
DAWE James B 1909 1980    
DAWE E Muriel 1910 2003   Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above.
DAWE Edgar Bishop 1932 1986    
DAWE Annie Olive 1933 Still Living   To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
DAWE Annie Beatrice 1913 1985   Grant her eternal rest.
TAYLOR Clara L 1920 Still Living    
TAYLOR K Oswald 1921 1987   Side by side we toiled together, Now side by side we rest forever.
DAWE Alexander 1911 1984   Father.
DAWE Jennie Newell 1912 2004   Mother. Ever remembered - ever loved.
NEWELL Harold Aug 29, 1906 Dec 30, 1972    
NEWELL Janet K Sept 7, 1908 Aug 12, 1992   Rest in peace.
NEWELL Frank Lambert Sept 12, 1928 Dec 28, 1977   Into Thy holy keeping.
BISHOP Julia Enid 1920 1998   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
BISHOP George Archibald 1922 1980   Though death divides, fond memory clings.
BISHOP Winston Clyde June 22nd 1947 June 10th 1964   and son
BISHOP Thomas Raymond Jan 1st 1952 Jan 1st 1952   Not lost to memory, nor to love; But safe in our Father's home above.
BOONE John January 15, 1911 September 9, 1990   Father. Gone but not forgotten.
BOONE Martha June 14, 1917 January 4, 1978   Mother. Gone but not forgotten.
CURL V Fredrick   Oct 15, 1967 24 years The pearly gates were opened, A gentle voice said "come", And with farewells unspoken, He gently entered home. Erected by his wife and family.
BISHOP Aubrey Llewellyn   Dec 17th 1945 9 1/2 mos Darling child of William & Mary Bishop. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
BISHOP Wm E 1911 2000    
BISHOP Mary 1906 1985   His wife.
MORGAN Evelyn Aug 8, 1908 Dec 26, 1998   She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
MORGAN Robert J   June 4th 1945 73 years Beloved husband of Evelyn Morgan. I cannot think of him as dead, Who walks with me no more, Along the path of life I tread, He has but gone before. O for the touch of a vanished hand, The sound of a voice that is still
BISHOP James R 1947 Still Living   Married May 2, 1970
BISHOP Dorothy Antle 1947 2002   Two hearts united for all eternity.
BARRETT Leslie McLeod 1921 1992   Leading Seaman. Royal Navy WW 2. Lest we forget.
BARRETT Leslie M 1921 1992   Husband. Married Apr 29, 1946
BARRETT Beatrice 1924 Still Living   Wife. Forever in our hearts.
BISHOP William Robert 1914 1986    
BISHOP Ethel Warford 1921 1994   His wife. Until we meet again.
DAWE Joyce Marie 1942 1986   Resting with Jesus in that beautiful home above.
DAWE Allan S Aug 28, 1921 Still Living    
DAWE Flora Oct 15, 1919 Dec 22, 1993   Forever with the Lord.
TAYLOR Victoria P 1910 1980   Peace, perfect peace.
TAYLOR Solomon 1905 1978   Peace, perfect peace.
TAYLOR Lona Jan 27, 1929 Dec 5, 1987   Peace, perfect peace.
TAYLOR Herman Oct 21, 1902 Aug 16, 1966   Lost to memory or to love, Save in our Father's home above.
TAYLOR Viola G Aug 24, 1904 May 6, 1976   Ever remembered, ever loved. Save in her heavenly home above.
TAYLOR Clarence 1932 Still Living   Father. Married Aug 9, 1954
TAYLOR Elizabeth 1934 2000   Mother. The rose of love blooms forever. Remembered by Judy, Wayne & David.
GILBODY Ernest A 11920 1980    
NEWELL Graham 1930 2005   Husband. Peacefully sleeping.
GUSHUE Ernest 1923 2003   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
ROSE Maryjean A Smith 1952 1998   Wed Mar 25, 1978. Heaven must have needed an angel so they took mine away from me.
ROSE James Charles 1952 Still Living   When we are joined for eternity, my heart will be at rest.
DAWE Rebecca 1917 1990   In our hearts forever.
BISHOP Samuel James 6.1.48 20.11.81   Into Thy holy keeping. RIP.
BISHOP Rachel 26.2.47 16.7.76   Beloved wife of S J Bishop. A loving wife, A good mother, A kind neighbour. RIP
BISHOP Noah   April 28, 1922 84yrs, 9mos Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in in his season. Job.5.26.
BISHOP Amy   July 5th 1909 67 years Beloved wife of Noah Bishop. In the midst of life, we are in death. Earth to earth and dust to dust, Calmly now the words we say, Leaving her to sleep in trust, Till the Resurrection day. Father in Thy gracious keeping, Leave we now Thy Servant sleeping.
UNKNOWN Eliza   Sept 20, 1861 3 years Dear Eliza, gathered tenderly unto her Saviours brest. No mothers love can wish her a sweeter happier rest.
UNKNOWN #1       Broken marker, badly eroded.
UNKNOWN #2       Badly eroded.
UNKNOWN #3       Plot enclosed in wooden frame
UNKNOWN #4       Plant encloses in metal fence.
UNKNOWN #5       White, wooden cross.
UNKNOWN #6       Broken marker.
UNKNOWN #7       White wooden cross marker.
UNKNOWN #8       Grave bordered with wood.
UNKNOWN #9       White wooden cross

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2010)

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