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Bay St. Georges District

View of Cemetery

HALFYARD Eileen Mar 11, 1958 Mar 13, 1958    
WHITE Harry 1917 1996   Ever remembered, ever loved.
WHITE Connie 1962 1965   Now I lay me down to sleep.
FUDGE Celinda Jean Thorne 1928 1953   Wife of George Fudge.
JOHNSON William 1909 1960    
JOHNSON Ernest 1943 1945    
JOHNSON Baby       Erected by son David.
BOWERING Thomas   Feb 13th 1951 75 years Until the day dawns and the shadows flee away.
Ever remembered by his wife & Rge & Mary
GILLETTE John C 1920 2006   Husband.
GILLETTE Olga M 1918 2000   Wife. Forever in our hearts.
YOUNG Susan   Dec 25th 1953 80 years We'll meet you in the morning.
The dead in Christ shall rise first.
OSMOND Inez 1931 1998   Married Dec 18, 1956
OSMOND Manson 1912 2002   Forever in our hearts.
LAYDEN Annie May   Sept 29, 1970 71 years Mother.
LAYDEN John William   Sept 1, 1970 81 years Father. Lord, all pitying Jesus blest,
Grant them Thine eternal rest.
OSMOND Eric Walter Osmond 1947 1967   Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth.
OSMOND Joan       White wooden cross.
OSMOND James       White wooden cross.
OSMOND Catherine Jane Sept 25, 1917 April 11, 1953   Wife and mother. We loved thee well
but Jesus loved thee best.
GILLETT John S Nov 17, 1877 Oct 1, 1946 69 years  
GILLETT Minnie Feb 10, 1882 Jan 31, 1960 78 years  
CHAMPION Rosanna 1850 1937    
BURSEY Florrie   July 31st 1956 41 years Beloved wife of Raymond Bursey.
The morning cometh.
STAGG Anita M 1904 1997   The daughter of John Sr & Minnie Gillett.
BUTLER Lavenia 1921 1981    
MARSHALL Edward   Oct 25, 1967 75 years In life and death O Lord, abide with me.
CHIPMAN Sarah A 1884 1962   Till we meet again.
GILLETTE Ivan   Oct 1, 1966 17 years Beloved son of Chesley & Eileen Gillette.
Ever remembered, ever loved
by Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brothers.
GILLETT Calvin D 1934 1977   Rest in peace.
GILLETT Chesley E Sept 7, 1912 Feb 28, 1993   Father.
GILLETT Eileen Nov 17, 1914 Oct 12, 2004   Mother. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.
GILLETTE Rodney William   March 20, 1973 6 years Beloved son of Everette and Jean Gillette.
GILLETTE William J 1906 1977    
GILLETTE Matilda A 1905 1985   Pastors. How beautiful upon the mountain are
the feet of Him that bringeth good tidings of salvation.
HEATH Bride Ivy Jan 19, 1926 July 19, 1998   Forever in our hearts.
MORRY? Reginald       Weathered white wooden cross.
WALBOURNE Samuel 1880 1937    
WALBOURNE Sarah 1892 1953   and their children
WALBOURNE Archibald 1922 1942    
WALBOURNE Georgine 1916 1936    
WALBOURNE Bobby 1936 1940   Grandson. Gone but not forgotten.
BUTLER Joseph   Aug 26th 1936 62 years Erected by a loving wife and daughter.
Softly at night the stars are shining,
O'er a lonely silent grave…remaining unreadable.
FIFIELD David W 1954 1968   Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.
LIDSTONE Elizabeth 1904 1952   Rest in peace.
WICKS William Nov 10th 1921 June 12th 1949   also his wife
WICKS Nina June 28th 1927 June 28th 1949   Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep. Erected by the family.
WINSOR Louisa 1875 1962   Forever with the Lord.
WINSOR Samuel John 1870 1950   Servant of God, well done
SQUIRES Gertrude 1909 1978   Wife
SQUIRES William 1904 1951   Husband. Together forever.
SQUIRES Twin Girls April 18, 1958     Premature twin girls born to Elmen and Pansy.
Thy will be done.
MARCH C L        
EDDY Eliza   March 19th 1950 67 years Beloved wife of Herbert Eddy. Asleep in Jesus.
EDDY Herbert       Father. Til the day break and the shadows flee away.
WINSOR Ivan   October 1937 2½ years  
WINSOR Lorna   May 1937 7 months  
WINSOR Baxter Roy   February 1930    
WHITEHORNE Willis D 1900 1932 32 Years  
WHITEHORNE Mary   1931   Infant daughter, died at birth. Peace perfect peace.
FRY Jane 1892 1982    
FRY Joseph 1885 1943   Forever with the Lord.
VATERS James   Dec 19, 1979 86 years For God so loved the world that he gave his only
befotten son that who so ever beleiveth in Him
should not perish but have everlasting life.
Unknown #1        

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2010)
Photographed and copyrighted by Don Tate (2010)

Page Last Modified: Thursday September 17, 2020 (Don Tate)

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