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Twillingate District

The following Headstone information was recorded in May 1999. It only contains the
factual data, names and dates. Where two people were listed on one Headstone and it was
readily apparent that they were husband and wife, Husband or Wife of…. was added in
such cases. Family information know to the authors appear in [brackets.] While every
attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headstone
inscription shall take precedence.

NOTE: Cemetery updated by Margaret Head Major with names of those buried since the original transcription.(December 2013)

Gerald Major and Margaret Head Major.


HEAD Rodney James 1970 1991.   [son of Aaron Jr]
HEAD Fanny Matilda[HICKS]   2 May 1971 76 years. Wife of Stanley Head.
HEAD Stanley   8 Oct 1972 80 years. Husband of Fanny. [son of John and Mary Elizabeth]
HEAD Lewis 1917 1979.   Husband of Elsie May [Hale] Head. [son of Stanley]
HEAD Moses 1881 1972.   Husband of Lily [son of John and Jane]
HEAD Lily[MERCER]   5 Jan 1959 74 years. Wife of Moses.
BURT Louise[HEAD]   17 Nov 1955 47 years. Wife of Maxwell Burt. [Daughter of Moses]
GODDEN John W 1874 1949.   Husband of Ida.
GODDEN Ida 1888 1962.   Wife of John W Godden.
WATKINS Nancy Elizabeth 30 Apr 1952 24 Dec 1952.   Daughter of Thomas and Jennie.
WATKINS Thomas 26 Dec 1915 27 Jan 1981.  
WATKINS Phoebe Jennie[EVELEIGH] 1910 1999 88 years. Wife of Thomas Watkins.[daughter of Joseph and Louisa]
EVELEIGH Guy Hanson 1906 1977.   [Husband of Martha and son of Joseph].
EVELEIGH Curtis H 1947 1974.   [ son of Guy and Martha]
EVELEIGH Martha [QUINLAN]   17 Jan 1963 58 years. Wife of Guy Eveleigh.
HEAD Verna Jean[EVELEIGH] 24 Jul 1931 7 Jul 1952 21 years. Wife of Martin Head.
HEAD Hedley 1903 1970.   Husband of Alfreda. [son of John and Mary]
HEAD Alfreda[BRENTON] 1906 1949.   Wife of Hedley.
HALE Walter 1891 1961.   Husband of Minnie.
HALE Minnie J[WHITE] 1898 1971.   Wife of Walter Hale.
EVELEIGH Joseph Mews 4 Jun 1875 17 Mar 1966.   Husband of Louisa Jane.
EVELEIGH Lousia Jane[HEAD] 22 Aug 1886 14 Aug 1969.   Wife of Joseph Mews Eveleigh. [Daughter of John and Jane Head]
EVELEIGH Fanny Jane[BUSSEY] 1903 1996.   Wife of Garland James Eveleigh.
EVELEIGH Garland James 1908 1989.   Husband of Fanny Jane. [son of Joseph]
EVELEIGH Cecil Solomon 1905 1995.   Husband of Melvina Spracklin. [son of Joseph]
EVELEIGH Melvina Spracklin[CANNING] 1905 1993.   Wife of Cecil Solomon.
EVELEIGH Joseph G 1920 1997.   Husband of Mary A Eveleigh. [son of Joseph]
HEAD Infant   20 Jan 1972.   Daughter of Gerald and Kathleen Head.
HEAD Joseph B 1911 1984.   Husband of Mary A Head. [son of Aaron]
HEAD Mary A[HARNETT] 1917 1990.   Wife of Joseph B Head.
HEAD Hubert No Dates.     [Son of Mary and Joseph][1940-1992]
HEAD Edgar   31 Jan 1966 60 years. [son of Moses]
HEAD Overton   6 Jan 1996 60 years. [son of Edgar]
HEAD Elizabeth 1942 1998 55 years. Wife of Lloyd Head.
BURSEY Ernest M 1917 1988.   Husband of Alma Bursey.
WHITE Stanley J 1911 1990.   Husband of Dorothy White. [son of Stephen]
WHITE Hal S 1954 1992.   [son of Stanley and Dorothy]
WHITE Elizabeth 1895 1989.   [ wife of Stephen who is buried in the Old Combined Cemetery]
HARNETT Adolphus M 1914 1968.   [son of Hubert]
HARNETT Hubert 1887 1970.   Husband of Effie M Harnett.
HARNETT Effie M 1891 1967.   Wife of Hubert Harnett.
HARNETT William George 1919 1992.   Husband of Fanny Olga Harnett.
HALE Alphonso G 1922 1997 74 years. Husband of Leuella Hale[Laing]. [son of George]
Cemetery updated by Margaret Head Major Dec 2013 with the following information of those buried since the original transcription
BRETT Thomas Jacobs 1918 3 Sept 2004   Husband of Evelyn
BRETT Evelyn Constance [COBB] 1918 8 Dec 2004   Wife of Thomas
BRETT Ronald Temple 21 Oct 1944 25 May 2005   Husband of Emily
[Son of Thomas & Evelyn]
EVELEIGH Lewis 25 June 1915 13 Dec 2006   Husband of Olive Rideout
EVELEIGH Olive Jane [RIDEOUT] 22 June 1919 4 Mar 2009   Wife of Lewis Eveleigh
GINN Gary 25 Mar 1946 27 April 2012   [Son of Lewis & Georgina
(A joint memorial service/burial of ashes was held at the United Church Cemetery on June 13, 2012 for Gary and his Aunt Irene Harnett (Wife of Murry Zinck)
GODDEN Angus Harvey Thomas Follett 22 Sept 1927 12 May 2003   Husband of Ruth
HEAD Eva Mary [HARVEY] 23 Jan 1917 30 Oct 1999   Wife of Stewart
HALE Mildred (Louella) [LAING] 5 Nov 1921 4 Oct 2009   Wife of Alphonso
HEAD Elsie May [HALE] 25 May 1924 31 Mar 2010   Wife of Lewis F.
HEAD Nina Mary [PRYOR] 22 Aug 1908 30 Oct 2002   Husband of Edgar
HEAD Thomas John 16 May 1921 22 Mar 2004   Husband of Evelyn
LeDREW Lucy [WHITE] 1 Sept 1915 22 June 2012   Wife of Harry
OAKE Charles Albert 28 Sept 1920 22 Jan 2013   Husband of Priscilla
WHITE Allen 5 Aug 1913 9 Aug 2008   Husband of Clemintine
WHITE Clementine [HILLIER] 8 April 1919 31 May 2012   Wife of Allen
WHITE Estley Lucy [GINN] 19 Dec 1930 14 Jan 2002   Wife of Charles
WHITE Charles John 22 Aug 1919 20 Feb 2006   Husband of Estley
ZINCH Irene [HARNETT] 20 July 1925 14 Mar 2012   Wife of Murry
[ Daughter of Hubert Harnett
A joint memorial service was held at the United Chrch Cemetery on Sunday June 13, 2012 for Irene and her nephew Gary Ginn]

Transcribed by: Gerald Major and Margaret Head Major (2006)
Updated with additional Information by Margaret Head Major - December 2013

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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