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St. Sylvester's Cemetery
South Branch
Codroy Valley
Bay St. George's District



Headstone Data The cemetery at South Branch is located on a rise of land to the south of the where the railway station used to be. It is not known for sure when it was first used, but the villages of South Branch and Coal Brook were established around 1896-1898. Many of the old wooden crosses and markers are gone. Weather any of them could have yielded any information when I completed a transcription of the headstone data in August 1999 is not known. At that time the graveyard was found to be neat and tidy. Some of the older cement markers were quickly disintegrating and I suspect that in about 10-15 years they will be unreadable. However, the stone and marble markers seemed to be holding out very well. The following transcription was completed to preserve the information presently available on the markers.





Albert M. AuCoin
1940 - 1985
Edna AuCoin
James W. AuCoin
Born Nov 19, 1924
Died Aug 29, 1991
In God's Care
In Loving Memory 
of Thomas AuCoin
Died October 3, 1985
Age 74 Years
Erected by Mr & Mrs George Cormier
In Loving Memory of Father
Narcis AuCoin
Born Oct 25, 1896
Died Nov 4, 1977
(the following all in one plot)
Mother			Father
Margaret St.Croix	Hugh AuCoin
1928 -			1921 - 1995
Life is not Forever	Life's Work Well Done
Love Is.
Miranda AuCoin				
Jan 10-11, 1996
Darling dau of Denise & Claude
A Day in our arms forever in our hearts.
In Loving Memory of 
William Joseph AuCoin
Born July 26, 1900
Died May 4, 1979
Rest In Peace
AuCoin, Charles
1910 - 1981

In Loving Memory of
Tim AuCoin April 21, 1940
Gertrude AuCoin
Jan 6, 1939 - Feb 13, 1948
Asleep in Jesus ...(rest unreadable)
In Loving Memory of			(one stone)
Father Medrick 1862-1944
Mother Matilda 1869-1961


(the following all in one plot)
Barteaux Beloved Wife Annastasia (O'Quinn) 1918-1997
Loving Husband Edward T. 1914-1993
Loving Grandson McIsaac Richard Allan 1957-1994 	(Annastasia' grandson)
Andrew B. Benoit
July 30-31, 1959
Walter 1913 - 1993
Regina M.
1919 - 
Married Nov 27, 1939
Peace, Perfect Peace
In Loving Memory
of Carol J. Brake
Born Nov 11, 1928
Died Mar 22, 1993
Until We Meet Again
(David ?) Brake
Kevin J. (SR)
1933 - 1989
And the Hunter is Home from the Hill
Joseph M. Brake
1893 - 1976
In Memory of Mary Margaret Brake		(wife of Joseph M.. above)
Beloved Wife of Joseph Brake
Died June 17th 1953 Aged 58 years
William F. 1913 - 1983				(s/o Joseph & Mary Margaret above)
Ever Remembered, Ever Loved
In Memory of Elsie				(wife of William F. above)
Beloved Wife of W.F. Brake
1916 - 1960
Bennett						(d/o W.F. and Elsie above. No dates)
Bernadette Barbara (Brake)
Forever Young

Generous of Heart
Constant of Faith
Geraldine A. Brake				
Sept 18, 1927 - Dec 29, 1994
Dearly Beloved, Sadly Missed

Peace in The Valley
In Loving Memory of
Ceorge C. Cormier
1892 - 1978
Beloved Husband and Father
Lucy Cormier
1898 - 1983
Beloved Wife and Mother
Francis J. Cormier
1915 - 1987
In Loving Memory
Gerald Cormier		(no dates - wooden cross)
Baby Cormier
Sears Cormier
Dec 1911 - Aug 1987
Ever Remembered
Ever Loved
Erected by his children 
in memory of their loving father
Patrick Cormier
Died July 29, 1923 Aged 75 years
Erected by her children 		(wife of Patrick above)
in memory of their mother
Maria Cormier who Died 
Nov 29, 1923
Aged 82 years
Erected by Patrick Cormier
in memory of his beloved daughter
Henrietta A. Died Jan 4, 1919 Aged 28 years
the hour cometh where in all that are in the grave
shall here the voice of the son of God

(the word "here" is typed as it is on the stone)
Erected by Francis I. Cormier
in memoery of his uncle 
Basil Cormier 1880-1920		(possibly s/o Patrick & Maria)

(the following two are on one plot)
In Loving Memory of James J. Cormier 	(at head of grave - standing)
Died Nov 19, 1923
Aged 4 yrs 5 mons
Not my will but Thine be done.
Kathleen Graham				(at foot of grave-flat)
Erected by his wife in Loving Memory of 
John T. Cormier Died June 17th 1938 Aged 59 years
You suffered so much you murmmured not We watched you day by day
Until at last with broken hearts we saw you pass away RIP
Elizabeth Agnes Cormier beloved wife of John T. Cormier
Born Oct 13, 1881
Died Dec 25, 1978
May her soul rest in peace
Michael Cormier Born 1862 - Died 1945
In memory of Philomena Doucette 
Beloved wife of Michael Cormier
Died June 8, 1934 aged 62 years
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on her. 
(the next two were very hard to read - very corroded)

James B. Cormier
Died Nov .................
John W. Cormier
Died Feb 3, 1923 Aged 2. 

Gale John J. 1896-1962
Gale Jessie 1898-1964			(wife of John J.)
Gale Edward Sept 28, 1918 Oct 9, 1993	(s/o John J. and Jessie)
In Loving Memory of Father John T.	(s/o John J. and Jessie)
1920 - 1993
Huband of Elsie
Until We Meet Again
Gale					(wife of John T.)
In Loving Memory of 
Nov 17, 1925
June 19, 1989
Gale Michael J. Oct 24, 1923 - Dec 4, 1994
In Memory of James Gale			(husband of Nell Smith)
Died Oct 4, 1930
Aged 63 Years
Grant Him O Lord Eternel Rest
With the Spirits of the Blest
Helen Gale 			(nee Helen "Nel" Smith - Wife of James Gale above)
Died June 4, 1945
Rest In Peace	
Edward A.	Mary Jane
1908-1967	1909-1987
Together Always
Joseph Gale Private Calgary Highlanders WW2 1914-1996 Lest We Forget
Dorothy Philomena Gallant
Born July 14, 1920
Died Sept 6, 1982
RIP 1979 Travis G. Gallant
Loyola Thomas Gallant
Born May 20, 1917
Died Sept 29, 1979
Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather
Forever Remembered
Baby Gallant		(no dates)
1899 Emmanuel J. 1984
Until We Meet Again
Timothy Gerald Gillam
Born may 25, 1974
Died Nov 29, 1996
Beloved son of Mike & Theresa
(the following three are all on one stone)

Agnes  Jan 5, 1942 - Aug 31, 1942
Anne Sep 8, 1955 - Feb 22, 1958
John E. Mar 13, 1937 - Oct 30, 1957
Beloved children of J. Emmanuel & Mary Gillam
Our Loved Ones Sleep Here
Erected by her children in loving memory of 
Mary Jane Gillam Died Jan 13th, 1943 Aged 83 years 4 months
We have only your memory dear mother to cherish our whole life through
The sweetness will linger forever as we treasure the memory of you
In loving memory of Emmanuel Gillam 
who died June 9th 1937 Aged 76 years 4 months
In the shelter of thy Sacred heart may his precoious soul find rest 
We love him well, but yet we know, God's holy will was best.
Erected by loving wife and children
Erected by John Gillam in memory of his beloved wife Mary
Died June 1, 1923 Aged 28 yrs RIP
come to me all that labour and are burdened and I will refresh you.
Matt XI.28
In loving memory of Mary Gillam died at South Branch April 18th 1915
Aged 17 yrs 11 mons RIP
A precoious one from us is gone A service we love is stilled
A place is vacant in our home Can never more be filled
God in his wisdom has recalled The boon his love had given
And though on earth the body lies The soul is safe in heaven
In memory of John Edward Gillam 
born at Cape Ray Feb 3, 1887 Died Oct 9, 1962
Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul
Gillam Mary Jane November 19, 1964 June 17, 1970
Beloved daughter of James & Catherine Gillam
Thy will be done

James R. Hayes		(this marker is flat at the foot of the grave)
87 Battn CEF
13 Dec 1959 Age 68
James R. Hayes		(this marker is standing at the head of the grave)
Born Feb 2nd, 1891
Died Dec 13th, 1959
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 
have mercy on his soul.
Mary Frances Hayes
Born July 14th, 1893
Died Nov 1st, 1969
Merciful Jesus Grant Her Eternal Rest
Stacey janine Eva
1984 - 1992
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Forever Loved by 
Mom, Dad & Family
Charles Francis
son of Charles & Frances Hilliard
Born & died Oct 30, 1991
So Sweet, So Small, So Soon 

Archie MacArthur 
1910 - 1996
Cyril MacArthur
June 17, 1921
Dec 25, 1992
Forever In Our Hearts
Catherine MacIsaac		("Old Kate" - mother of Angus C. MacIsaac)
Daniel J. MacIsaac
Born Dec 14, 1903
Died March 25, 1985
Archibald F.
Born April 23, 1902
Died March 18, 1984
Rest In Peace
In Loving Memory of 
Roy C. MacIsaac
Husband & Father
May 2, 1935
Jan 30, 1990
In Memory of Judy Elizabeth
Beloved dau of Donald and Loretta MacIsaac
Born oct 27, 1961
Died July 22, 1971
Never Will Her Memory Fade
Eunice MacIsaac
1890 - 1982
Ann MacIsaac
1872 - 1961
Alexander (MacIsaac?) 		(very corroded)
Catherine (Gale ?)  		(very corroded)

In Loving Memory
of our Dear Father
John A. MacIsaac
Sept 30th 1860 - March 7th 1950
In Loving Memory
of Mary MacIsaac
April 20, 1919
Nov 7, 1958
MacIsaac			(brother of Victor)
Died Oct 25, 1957
MacIsaac			(s/o Andrew MacIsaac & Beatrice Baggs)
1915 - (1960 ?)			(hard to read)
MacIsaac			(all three on one stone)
Father		Mother
Con		Mathilda
1907 - 1959	1917 - 1992
Son Leo 1940 - 1995
Walk Softly Loved Ones Lie Here
Ever Loved and Remembered by the Family 
In Loving Memory
Alexander D. MacIsaac
Died Fab 3rd 1955 Aged 83 years
Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy On His Soul
In Memory of Mary
Beloved Wife of Alex D. MacIsaac
Died at South Branch 
April 4th, 1951 Aged 75 years
Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy On Her Soul

Erected in Loving Memory
of Angus McIsaac			(s/o Arch MacIsaac & Anastasia Downey)
Died 15 Oct 1924
Aged 19 years RIP
Erected by her children in Loving Memory of
Agnes A. McIsaac				
Died May 12, 1920, Aged 80 years
Her Children rose up and called her Blessed
In memory of Lucy wife of Angus C. MacIsaac 1903-1956
In Loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of Angus C. MacIsaac
who died Aug 3rd 1932 aged 24 years
Safe in the arms of Jesus Safe in his gentle breast
There by his love o'ershadowed Sweetly her soul shall rest
Erected by her husband and children
Erected by Archie A. MacIsaac
in memory of his beloved wife Anastatia
Died Oct 20, 1918 Aged 54 years RIP
The hour cometh where in all that are in the grave
shall here the voice of the son of God.
In Memory of Charlotte MacNeil
Died June 25, 1970 Aged 104 Years
Ever Remembered, Ever Loved By Her Family
Erected by His Wife
In Memory of John MacNeil
Died Dec 6, 1918
Aged 60 Years
The hour cometh where in all that are in the grave
shall here the voice of the son of God and they that
have done good things shall come forth unto the 
resurrection of life.		(the word "here" is typed as it is on the stone)
McNeil, Michael Joseph
1900 - 1972
Ever Remembered by Sister Annie St.Croix
In Loving Memory
of John R. MacNeil
Born Aug 7th 1896
Died April 6th 1946
Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy On His Soul
Sandy MacNeil
1881 - 1966

Erected by his Wife in Memory of John MacNeil
Died Dec 6, 1918 Aged 60 Years.
In Memory of John R. MacNeil
Born Aug 7th, 1896
Died April 6th, 1946
Erected in Memory of Peter Muise
Died Nov 6, 1922
Aged 62 Years
Margaret Muise
Denis Muise
A Beloved Husband & Father
Born 1907 - Died Oct 4, 1971
His Mother Florence
Born 1868 - Died 1950
She Lived with us in Memory 
And will Forever
Beatrice Muise				(wife of Denis Muise above)
Oct 10, 1911 - May 3, 1999
In Memory of Our Loving Father
James Muise				(s/o Denis and Beatrice above)
Sept 8, 1941
Oct 5, 1995


O'Quinn Husband & Father George H. 1910-1991
In God's Care Gone But Not Forgotten
Joseph O'Quinn Nfld Overseas Forestry Unit WW2	(s/o Peter A. O'Quinn)
1912 - 1985 Lest We Forget.
In Loving Memory of a 
Dear Husband and Father
William Peter (AuCoin) O'Quinn
Born April 1st, 1905
Died May 10th, 1986
Julia O'Quinn
1902 - 1978

In Memory of Peter J. O'Quinn 
1870 - 1957
His Beloved Wife Emma
1879 - 1947
Elizabeth O'Quinn (AuCoin)
Jan 17, 1919
Aug 1, 1994
Ever Remembered, Ever Loved
In Memory of Joseph S. O'Quinn
1862 - 1920
His Wife Henrietta
1887 - 1950
Peter John O'Quinn
1899 - 1978
Rest In Thine, Sweet Memory Ours


In Loving Memory
of John J. Pear
1932 - 1970
Rest In Peace
Robyn Paradis			(no dates)


Alfred Robichaud 
RIP Age 43
We Love You


In Memory of Eugene Wallace
Beloved son of Gordon & Cleophus Smith
Born Dec 14, 1961
Died July 22, 1971
Never Will His Memory Fade
Cleophus V. Smith
Born May 23, 1934
Died Nov 16, 1987
Diane Smith 
Daughter of Gordon & Cleophus Smith
Born July 16, 1956
Died Aug 3, 1956
In loving memory of John J. Smith
A beloved husband & father
Gone but not forgotten
In Memory of Elizabeth Smith		(d/o of John J.Smith)
Died July 14, 1931
age 4 yrs May her soul RIP
Randy St.Croix            	(no dates) (wooden cross)
Stanislaus St.Croix
Sept 4, 1895
Oct 27, 1966
Ever Remembered By Wife Annie
Home From the Hunt
Nicholas St.Croix		(s/o Stanislaus St.Croix above)
April 8, 1930
Dec 22, 1998
St.Croix Peter L. 		(s/o Stanislaus St.Croix above)
June 16, 1924 - Sept 6, 1997
Wildlife Officer & Naturalist
To Live in the Hearts of Those We Love is Not to Die
Precious Memories 
Linda (Wife)


Geraldine Bride Tompkins
(nee Hayes)
She died as she lived, trusting in God
Frank W. Tompkins
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus pray for him


Rita Cora
June 12, 1926
July 28, 1986



Transcribed by Ron St.Croix August 1999

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