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Codroy - Holy Trinity Church


Note: I have included maiden names () where I know them.
	Lavina, beloved wife of Alexander died May 24th, 1939 aged 67yrs.

	George G, died November 28th, 1963 aged 57yrs.

	John, died March 29th, 1924 aged 61yrs.
	Maria, died January 18th, 1923 aged 74yrs.

	John William, August 17th, 1870-February 7th, 1947
	Charlotte Jane, January 22nd, 1875-October 5th, 1954
	wife of William J.

Comments: Double headstone, therefore John William is William J.

	John  November 30th, 1839-May 24th, 1915
     	Catherine April 11th, 1844-August 20th, 1994
	1864 George 1938
	1862 Emmaline 1938

	Mary Ann died April 8th, 1913 aged 45 years. Beloved wife of George.
	George M, son of George and Mary Ann died July 11th, 1894 aged 	3yrs.7mths.
	Olive Mable, beloved child of George and Elizabeth [Mary Ann 
	Scratched in above Elizabeth] died May 25th, 1893 aged 2yrs. 5mths.

	Serg't John A, husband of Queenie died June 27th, 1929 aged 29

	Kathleen, wife of Joseph 1899-1944

	John T, Able Seaman, Royal Navy died September 5th, 1968 aged 55yrs.
	Annie J, January 27th, 1930-October 13th, 1968

	Beside Mary Ann Moore, 	
	Top: In memory of Mary Ann
	Bottom: wife of William Blac??? died October 2nd, 1919 aged 41 yrs.

Comments: Stone badly damaged, broken in half, not certain that the 2
pieces even belong together.

	1919 Reginald T.A. 1984
	1931 Regina (Samms)

	1868 John 1943
  	1871 Jane 1953
	their son; 
	1900 Ernest 1950
	Ever remembered by daughter Marjorie and son Kenneth.
	1908 Eliza Jane 1984 beloved wife of Kenneth
	Kenneth, February 19th, 1904-March 29th, 1991

	In memory of Blanche (White), beloved wife of Edwin J. died 
	October 29th, 1934 aged 45yrs.

	wooden cross with Fred Braithwaith inscibed on it.

	John W, February 7th, 1910-November 26th, 1993
	Reta M, July 30th, 1913-October 3rd, 1997

	James Harold, May 13th, 1934-March 6th, 1992

	John Alexander, died October 21st, 1946 aged 82
	Mary Jane, died July 22nd, 1963 aged 96

Comments: 5 unmarked wooden crosses are beside these 2 headstones.

	William R, February 2nd, 1901-November 26th, 1972

	Catherine, October 19th, 1909-December 6th, 1980

	Israel, died February 23rd, 1925 aged 77yrs.
	Isabella (Samms), July 3rd, 1853-July 5th, 1928

	In memory of Mary Ann beloved wife of Philip died August 9th, 
	1903 aged 81yrs

Comments: Double headstone but Philip's half is empty except for his

	In loving memory of George M, died August 14th, 1932 aged 64
	Charlotte, September 5th, 1868-February 23rd, 1950
	Erected by daughter Ethel.

	In memory of my beloved wife, Amelia Jane (Samms), 1866-1928.
	In memory of our dear father, John T, 1876-1961
	right in front of them, on their own 4 steel crosses with painted
	names;	Johnny     Kathleen     Ruby      Baby Girl

	1940 Patricia 1941

	Rose, April 12th, 1912-June 29th, 1944

	John Henry, died May 26th, 1942 aged 91 yrs. 1mth.

	1886 Philip Henry 1947

	1881 James W 1961
	1882 Mary J 1969

	Wilfred J, February 28th, 1935-_______
	Mable C (Hewitt), February 8th, 1937-December 28th, 1997

	1887 Henry E. 1977
	Annie, September 17th, 1894-January 18th, 1997
	their son;
	James W, December 22nd, 1911-August 8th, 1970

	1926 John Clifford 1963
	1925 Dulcie _____

	1918 Agnetta (Hilliard) 1979

	1901 Joseph 1979

	Clayton, April 7th, 1949-December 21st, 1974

	James Walter, died April 28th, 1946 aged 31yrs. 6mths.
	John H, February 8th, 1908-January 31st, 1985

	Elizabeth, beloved wife of (damaged) died April 24th, 1916 aged 68
	beside her, her husband, I think?
	William, died April 14th, 1922 No age given.

	Margaret Jane (Hall),
	John Thomas,

	Kirk James, March 20th, 1987-April 22nd, 1987

	1909 Ivan G 1970

	Kathleen-can't make out the inscription.

	John, November 26th, 1982

	John William, March 10th, 1885-May 31st, 1968
	1887 Elizabeth 1962

	Emily, died November 2nd, 1936 aged 82yrs. 6mths.
	Beside Emily;
	George husband of Emeline died July 29th, 1917 aged 65 yrs.10mths.

	3 plots together with 3 headstones cemented on a single base;
	In loving memory of Harriet died March 18th, 1944 aged 91yrs.
	In memory of Abram died July 3rd, 1919 aged 68yrs.
	Daughter Myra Belle died July 27th, 1929 aged 18yrs. 2mths.

Comments: Myra is actually their granddaughter, daughter of William and
Mary Ann.
	William, died May 15th, 1952 aged 71yrs. 7mths.
	Mary Ann (Parsons), June 9th, 1890-August 31st, 1968

	In loving memory of our dear mother, Maria 1913-1974

	In loving memory of Mary Jane beloved wife of Clement aged 68.

	Isaac R, died February 24th, 1959 aged 69yrs. 10mths.
	Ethel D, August 17th, 1897-May 15th, 1977

	1905 J Wallace 1978
	Amelia Jane, September 12th, 1908-December 12th, 1997

	Everett, September 7th, 1925-May 24th, 1993

	Erected by their children, In loving memory;
	James who died May 6th, 1930 aged 64 and his wife Elizabeth Ann
	(Harding) who died January 5th, 1915 aged 47yrs.

	In loving memory of Thomas Shearly, husband of Emmaline and father of 
	Thomas A, who drowned in the Lachine Canal near Montreal 
	July 28th, 1926 aged 36yrs. 7mths.

	Wilson, died October 7th, 1904 aged 73yrs. 7mths.

	James Walter, son of Mary Jane and William who was drowned at sea 
	August 8th, 1908 aged 24yrs. 3mths.
	Mary Jane, wife of William died July 7th, 1897 aged 46yrs. 2mths.
	William E, died March 15th, 1927 aged 67
	his second wife;
	Lucretia, died April 18th, 1943 aged 78

	Kathleen Doris, wife of George died July 15th, 1946. No age given.

	James William, December 24th, 1924-December 27th, 1924

	James Wilson, died June 3rd, 1952 aged 68yrs.
	Frances, wife of Wilson, died at St. John's March 23rd, 1964 aged
	71yrs. 9mths. 

Comments: 2 unmarked crosses beside them.

	Dorothy C, August 16th, 1919-December 9, 1940

 	William died March 7th, 1906 aged 37yrs. 7mths.
	James died October 24th, 1906 aged 74yrs.
	John departed this life May 8th, 1902 aged 73yrs.
	Thomas P, August 28th, 1909-September 10th, 1997
	Susanna (Anderson), April 13th, 1920-
	David Raymond, son of Tom and Susie 1961-1981
	James W, October 1st, 1907-February 20th, 1962
	1917 Archibald M 1987
	1925 Mary K 

	Captain William J (Joshua?) died January 11th, 1932 aged
	Ellen Jane beloved wife of Joshua who died December 31st, 1907 aged
	In loving memory of Alice died June 9th, 1942 aged 79yrs.
	also her mother Sarah Kendell who died June 2nd, 1907 aged 79yrs.

	1910 Morgan 1973
	Levina(Bennet), June 20th, 1908-Februray 23rd, 1983

	Erected by her children in memory of Sarah wife of Capt. John 
	died April 7th, 1910 aged 63yrs.

	Erected by Alice in memory of her husband Emanuel who died 
	July 18th, 1934 aged 78yrs.

	In loving memory of our dear father Henry who died 
	September 8th, 1933 aged 64yrs.
	In loving memory of our dear mother Mary Margaret who died
	July 13th, 1943 aged 67yrs.

John, died December 12th, 1913 aged 76yrs.
	Maria, died March 8th, 1908 aged 64yrs.

Comments: There is an unmarked grave beside them.

	Israel, died January 27th, 1947 aged 78
	Mary Ann (Robinson), January 14th, 1872-December 23rd, 1962

Comments: Mary Ann is buried with her first husband, Jacob Samms.
	Wooden cross with name Benjamin GALPIN marked on it.

	1874 John W 1960

	Charles, husband of Catherine died September 15th, 1901 aged 77yrs.
	beside him, with a K not a C;
	Katherine, died March 22nd, 1897 aged 66yrs.
	beside them;
	Andrew, son of Chas and Catherine died May, 1918

Comments: Stone broken and patched destroying any further inscription.

	James, died October 2nd, 1942 aged 87yrs. 3mths. 
	Elizabeth, died March 2nd, 1942 aged 86yrs. 2mths. 8 days.
	Erected by wife and children in loving memory of George husband of 	Mary Ann
	died April 27th, 1955 aged 91yrs. 3mths.
	Mary Ann, wife of George October 3rd, 1880-Sepember 13th, 1971

	1874 John W 1960

	Charles, husband of Effie, died September 30th, 1937 aged 50yrs.

	Annie, beloved wife of James died at Codroy January 24th,1967 aged
	In front and to the right; James died June 5th, 1947 aged 73yrs.
	Beside him; Earnest aged 27yrs. and George Emanuel aged 39yrs.
	Beloved sons of Mr. and Mrs. James Hilliard accidentally drowned at 
	Low Brook February 15th, 1942.
	Beside them;  1912 Bertha J 1995

Comments:  I think Bertha was married to George.
	1901 James W 1965
	1908 Harriet E 1989
	1948 Clifford G November 7th, 1997

	1933 Manuel 1998

	1903 Roy 1965
	1914 Annie 1994

	1908 George S 1975
	1920 Pheobe E 1963

	1910 Solomon 1992
	1916 Ethel A (Kendell) 1984
	behind Eli and Edith Samms;
	John died March 9th, 1905 aged 56

	In loving memory of my dear wife Annie Laurie died May 6th, 
	1926 aged 19yrs.

	1986 Tracy Diane 1990

	Hanna Jane (Frank), died May 22nd, 1924 aged 57yrs.
	William, died August 27th, 1936 aged 80yrs.

	George 1895-1981 husband of Mary Ann

Comments: 3 unmarked plots along side this one

	1907 Montford C 1997
	1935 Olive M ______


	1881 George 1958
   	wife, Mary Ann May 11th, 1880-December 6, 1965

	1912 George 1983
	1916 Hilda

	Benjamin December 16th, 1886-June 9th, 1964
	1899 Julia 1983

	Henry Elias, April 16th, 1887-March 23rd, 1969
	Frances Elizabeth, November 30th, 1894-December 12th, 1982

	1918 Isaac Samuel 1992
	1917 Josephine (Bragg) 1996

	Mable, May 6th, 1926-April 2nd, 1992

	Bertha, October 6th, 1906-August 12th, 1971

	"Brother" In loving memory of William Noah 
	August 17th, 1909-March 4th, 1988.

	John William September 3rd, 1894-June 1st, 1971
	Elizabeth died March 19th, 1954 aged 58yrs. 7mths.
	beside them on a wooden railing;
	M.K.      S.K.    A.K.     M.K.     M.K.     S.A.K.

	1884 Anna A 1972                  1872 John A 1944
			John's father
			1842 Robert 1928

	Josiah Reuben July 29th, 1899-November 6th, 1970
	behind him, his parents;
	Reuben, died October 11th, 1940 aged 86yrs. 8mths.
	Mary died February 4th, 1934 aged 76
	beside them, 3 wooden crosses, 2 unmarked 1 marked;
	B. Kendell

	In loving memory of Stephen, died April 20th, 1955 aged 40yrs. 6mths.
	"Sleep on dear son" Son of George and Mary Ann.

4 plots with rock slabs names carved out very difficult to make out;
Grandmother		Susanna Kendell	Mother-Susie	Father-Levi 
died age 89?		died Sept. 17th,1940		1936?	age 61
around 1938		aged 79	
wife of Samuel

	2 more rock slabs;
	1 inscribed Clara, February ? 19?? 
	Cannot make out the other one.

	2 crosses with initals;
	H.S.K.		N.J.K.

	William, beloved husband of Sara died January 7th, 1939 aged 76yrs.
	his first wife;
	Elizabeth, died December 26th, 1902 aged 36

	1917 Archibald 1994

Comments: Served with NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit WW2.

	1932 Gladys E 1996

	Minnie C (Moore), wife of Aiden, died December 21st, 1941
	aged 19yrs. 11mths.

	Ada, died December 21, 1961 aged 53.

	1883 William 1973
	1888 Mary Ann 1961


	Isaac, died June 27th, 1930 aged 69yrs.
	Mary Ann, died November 12th, 1931 aged 64yrs,
	their son;
	1899 John P. 1984
	his wife;
	1896 Clara Florence (Parsons) 1995


	John Howard, died June 18th, 1947 aged 53yrs. 5mths.
	1898 Mildred W 1987


	Agnes J, 5/31/1916-7/8/1996


	Mary, wife of Elijah died March 16th, 1919 aged 24yrs. 2mths.

	Pheobe Jane, wife of Elijah died February 11th, 1914 aged 23yrs.

	William, died December 29th, 1914 aged 66yrs.
	Hannah, died September 27th, 1921 aged 69yrs. 

	two wooden crosses with brass plaques;

	beside them; Winnifred Janes*

	Donald W, June 7th, 1938 and his daughter
	Loriann M, September 19th, 1968 died in an automobile accident July
	21st, 1985 erected by Katie, Jason and Loretta.
	4 in a row;
	2 wooden crosses one inscribed I.M., the other C.M.
	William, died April 15th, 1943 aged 74yrs. 9mths.
	Hanna, died September 29th, 1922 aged 50yrs. 9mths.

	Isaac, husband of Mary A. died April 13th, 1911 aged 68yrs. 3mths.
	Mary Ann, died August 18th, 1919 aged 70yrs. 8mths.
	Erected by son, Abram.
	In memory of Noah, son of Isaac and Mary Ann Moore 
	(Stone faded, couldn't read the rest).
	Bertha J, daughter of Mary and Isaac Moore, 
	died December 8th, 1894 aged 19yrs. 1mth.
	1886 Abram Walter 1958
	Sarah S, December 18th, 1898-July 9th, 1995
	Silvia Patricia, died November 22nd, 1935 aged 3yrs. 7mths.
	James Maxwell, died December 10th, 1927 aged 1 mth.
	Howard C, April 12th, 1923-May 20th, 1997

	George Nathan, died December 21st, 1914 aged 26yrs.

	Charles A, husband of Leila E Moore, died February 16th, 1923 
	aged 39yrs. 5mths. 19days.


	Richard, beloved husband of Sylvia, died July 8th, 1968 aged 30


	James, husband of Leila E, died February 20th, 1965 aged 63
	Leila E, wife of James Mugford, died September 1st, 1972 aged 78yrs.


	1886 Mary Maud Parsons 1963

	William, August 17th, 1897-January 15th, 1958
	Lillian, February 27th, 1897-February 12th, 1959

	W John December 25th, 1909-November 16th, 1961

	1897 Sarah J 1983
	1897 Alfred 1977

	William Ambrose JP, died December 20, 1948 aged 81
	Susannah, died November 22nd, 1925 aged 59


	Robert I, April 3rd, 1984-April 17th, 1984


	Lillian M November 25th, 1897-March 11th, 1975
	her husband George December 16th,1882-June 30th, 1975
	Beloved son John Nathan December 24th, 1918-October 31st, 1964
	Thomas, died October 29th, 1946 aged 91 


	"Mother"  Annabelle, November 25th, 1901-October 11th, 1993


	Rachel, wife of Benjamin died March 20th, 1940 aged 44yrs. 6mths.
	Benjamin, husband of Lillian died May 8th, 1956 aged 68

	Eli, died May 30th, 1942 aged 20

	Mable, died February 16th, 1976 aged 76

	James, December 24th, 1870-July 16th, 1962
	Elizabeth (Hilliard), September 5th, 1880-August 28th, 1931
	Eli, died October 15th, 1934 aged 43yrs.
	Edith Caroline (Alley), November 27th, 1891-October 21st, 1985
	their children; 
	William Thomas, August 7th, 1918-December 16th, 1986
	Margaret C Lanceleve, 1925-1996
	Howard C, December 8th, 1933-November 22, 1968
	Between Eli and Edith;
	In loving memory of our son Charles Edward May 26th, 1950-March 3rd,
	In memory of Sara Jane beloved wife of Isaac J. died December 22nd,
	aged 41yrs.12days.

	1890 Fred 1968
	1893 Mary 1965
	their son;
	1921 Reginald Thomas 1992

	Susie, July 19th, 1925-June 11th, 1937

	Henry, died August 10th, 1924 aged 65yrs.
	Susannah (Ball), died February 11th, 1922 aged 59yrs.

	1888 George ??
	1897 Mary Emmaline 1932

	Erected by Kezia in memory of her beloved son Frederick who was
	drowned November 13th, 1912 aged 18yrs. 5mths.
	Also her father James aged 49yrs. 9mths., her brother Emmanuel aged
	Both perished at sea March 21st, 1895.

	Jacob "Jake", July 1926-June 1995
	Dorcas, October 1937-

	Russell, 1922-
	Sara Jane (Collier), 1921-1989

	Benjamin A, June 11th, 1912-August 23rd, 1986
	Elsie, December 31st, 1913-

	Garland, June 17th, 1943-December 21st, 1974
	erected by wife Valerie and children.

	1928 James W 1983

	Jacob, died October 1st, 1913 aged 47yrs.
	his son;
	Firzman, March 30th, 1902- November 11, 1990
	Margaret P, July 10th, 1908-February 14th, 1979
	their son;
	1939 Chesley F, 1987

	Eric G, November 21st, 1942-August 26th, 1956

	George, July 19th, 1930-July 9th, 1964

	1900 John A 1977
	1901 Charlotte 1995

	Samms- In loving memory of Eli Sr., Sarah, Emanuel, Eli Jr.,
	Annie and Mary

Comments: I don't think this is a grave, rather a memorial stone.


	Catherine Ann, wife of Edward, died September 3rd, 1937 aged 57yrs. 8mths.


	In loving memory of our darling, Roberta A November 29th, 1966-July 5th, 1971
	daughter of Robert & Audrey Squires.


	1927 Pleaman 1987
	1932 Elizabeth (Fiander) _____


	Wooden cross inscribed Jane


	1914 Stanley 1964


	William, husband of Deborah died July 4th, 1921 aged 56yrs.

	Rhoda beloved wife of Francis died November 11, 1913 aged 21yrs

	beside John A Ball;
	Annie died June 15th, 1918 aged 69yrs. 11mths.

	Maggie Gladys, child of George and Clara Young died 
	December 6th, 1904 aged 6yrs. 1mth.

	James, died April 28th, 1956 aged 81yrs.
	Rachel, died September 1st, 1913 aged 30yrs.

	1906 James F 1981
	1918 Mary 1991



Transcribed by Brenda Janes November, (1998)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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