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Clattice Harbour Cemetery
Clattice Harbour
Placentia & St. Mary's District

Partial Transcription (36 of ??? as of 2006)

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Note: Consecutive Asterisk's of the same colour indicate graves within the same fenced in area.

Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Other Information
Power Philip F.         [Written on a plaque placed in cement] Erected by Sons, Daughters and Grandchildren
Hipditch Anthony


1954     [Written on a plaque]
Erected by Maria (Hipditch) Crocker and Family in 2003
Mary (Hickey) 1889 1935    
Anthony 1928 1932    
Hunt Maurice   June 14th 1943 50 Years Margaret In Memory of her Dear Beloved Husband Who was killed at Argentia
Brewer* Michael   April 2, 1949 39 Years Agnes Erected By Agnes Brewer In Loving Memory of Her Husband
Brewer* Agnes April 13, 1917 April 15, 1963 46   [on a white wooden cross and on a plaque]
Follett* Douglas        

[on a white cross in the same fenced in grave. This marker was placed there during the Clattice Hr. 2000 Reunion.]

Brewer* John         [This marker along with the one for Doug, Lucy & Mary Follet are all enclosed in one large fenced in area]
Power* Wm.        
Martin David   May 25th. 1959 61 Years Bridget Erected By Bridget Martin In Loving Memory of Her Dear Husband
Parsons Hannah   Feb 12th, 1938 43 Years James Erected By James Parsons In Memory of his Beloved Wife
Hepditch Ann         [nailed on a sign on a tree as you enter the graveyard]
Hynes Catherine M.   Jan 14th, 1962 93 Years   Erected By James Hynes In Loving Memory of His Dear Mother
Young Petronilla     24 Years   Erected By Minnie Lake In Memory Of Her Niece
Brewer William   Nov. 15th, 1947 60 years Mary  
Collins Jerome   Feb. 14th, 1939 50 Years Flora accidentally Killed
Follett Lawrence   Dec 23rd, 1954 62 Years   Loving Husband and Father
Hepditch George   1936     [concrete headstone that has split into 3 pieces, middle piece is missing]
Hepditch* Margaret   April 14, 1935 16 yrs and 9 mos   Erected by Ellen Hepditch. In Memory of her Darling Child
Hepditch* James   Feb 13, 1936 56 year Ellen [concrete headstone]
Brewer* Patrick     75 Years   [on a white cross with a plaque]
Gambin* Selina Brewer         [on a white cross] Daughter of Patrick and Mary-Ann Brewer
Not For gotten
Brewer* Mary Ann   Feb. 9, 1935 58 Patrick  
Follett* George   March 19th, 1962 83 Years Margaret Erected By Michael & George Follett
Margaret   Sept 12th, 1935 39 Years George
Follett* Elizabeth   March 24th, 1962 73 Years   Erected By Michael & George Follett In Loving Memory of Their Step-Mother
[Unknown 1]            
[Unknown 2]            

Transcribed by Loretta & Kerry Ward (April 2006)

Page Last Modified: Sunday September 13, 2020 (Craig Peterman)

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