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Old Methodist (UC) Cemetery
Gulliford's Lane/Marine Drive


District of Trinity Bay

JANES Willie E.   21-Aug-08 8ys, 3 mos Son of George & Rhoda
JANES George   24-Sep-13 59 yrs Verse
JANES Rhoda Aug 15, 1860 25-Dec-45 85 yrs Verse
JANES Audrey Isobel 13-Oct-24 12-Aug-25 10 mos Rest for the Little Sleeper
JANES Henry Joseph   23-Aug-72 84 yrs Ever Remembered
JANES Emma Louise   15-Jul-63 71 yrs Thy Will Be Done
JANES George   ? new grave    
STRONG Raymond   18-Dec-25 5 yrs, 3 mos Beloved son of Arthur and Lillian
BALSOM Mary 1883 1958   Beloved wife of Arthur
          Peace Perfect Peace
BALSOM Arthur   4-May-53 84 Beloved Husband of Mary Balsom
BALSOM Samuel   18-Sep-13 11yrs, 11 mos Darling Son of Arthur and Mary (some words not visible)
BALSOM James   15-May-09 6 mos Son of Arthur and Mary
ADEY Alexander J.   30-Jan-11 2yrs, 8 mos Beloved Son of John and Bertha Adey, Safe in the Arms of Jesus
ADEY Bertha   19-Jan-13 35 yrs, 5 mos Beloved wife of John James Adey, Dearest Wife and Mother
ADEY John James   16-Apr-26 56 yrs A light from our household is gone
PELLEY John   8-Apr-32 83 yrs Rest Dear Father
PELLEY Mary   8-Dec-22 78 yrs, 9 mos Beloved Wife of John Pelley
STRONG Theresa   15-Jun-15 76 yrs Dear Mother
Same Marker          
STRONG Alfred   July 28, 1912 (Drowned) 73 yrs Our Dear Father ..
Same Marker          
STRONG Athaliah   Dec 1, 1899 66 yrs Beloved wife of Joseph Strong
STRONG Joseph   10-Mar-16 81 yrs  
STRONG Sarah   18-Aug-12 42 yrs Beloved wife of Horatio Strong
STRONG Horatio   15-Mar-52 88 yrs Erected by the Family
Old Slate Marker - no name/inscription          
Darling Children of Kenneth and Catherine Balsom   One Marker for three      
-BALSOM Reginald   21-Sep-32 1 yrs  
- Maud   Jul-35 3 yrs  
- Elsie   2-Feb-61 27 yrs
JOHNSON James W. July 15, 1887 21-Sep-69   Erected by Nieces and Nephews
JOOHNSON Eliza   30-Jul-16 65 yrs Erected by Her Son
BURSEY Richard   Feb 10, 1894 78 yrs Verse
EDDIE Fanny   Nov 6, 1892   Wife of William Eddie
BALSOM Norivian   Oct 29, 1883 8 yrs, 10 mos Darling Child of George and Mary Balsom
BALSOM George   5-Feb-24 79 yrs Beloved Husband of Mary E. Balsom
BALSOM Mary E.   20-Oct-46 94 yrs  
STANLEY Susanna   May 1, 1896 75 yrs Beloved Wife of Levi Stanley
WEBBER Mary Jane   30-Dec-12 3 yrs, 8 mos Darling Child of Arnold and Eliza
WEBBER Eliza Ann   14-Jun-24 46 yrs, 4 mos Beloved Wife of Arnold
STANLEY Elizabeth   19-Feb-20 63 yrs Beloved Wife of Zebedee Stanley
WHITE Ida   1-Jul-02 23 yrs Beloved Daughter of ABm & Caroline Bursey
Same Marker          
OSWALD     8-Oct-07 21 yrs Also her Brother who was drowned at Grand Falls
Same Marker          
BURSEY Abram   8-Apr-26 83 yrs Beloved Husband of Caroline Bursey
SUMMERS Alexander   11-Oct-38 69 yrs Until the Day Dawns
SUMMERS Bessie   27-Nov-14 46 yrs Wife of Alexander (first wife)
SUMMERS Winnie Mabel Feb 11, 1896 28-Jun-28 32 yrs Daughter of Alexander and Bessie
BALSOM William H.   20-Mar-17 53 yrs Beloved Husband of Sarah
BALSOM Sarah Lily   10-Apr-49 80 yrs Erected by her Children

Originally provided by the late Gerry Balsom of Clarenville as a partial transcription. Posted: OCTOBER 1999
Updated and Completed by Wanda Bailey (SEPTEMBER 2011)
Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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