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This cemetery is located on the left side of Route # 330, about 1 km past the Carmanville South turn off,
when traveling towards Musgrave Harbour.
The Headstone information was recorded in August 2002.
It only contains the factual data, names and dates.
Where two people were listed on one headstone and it was apparent that they were married,
Husband of ... and Wife of ... was added.
Y = Years M = Months D = Days H = Hours MIN = Minutes.
Entries with the same No. indicate that the transcriptions were taken from the same headstone.
While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headstone
inscription shall take precedence.

Chris Gillingham.



No. Surname Given Name Dates Age Notes
7 BLACKWOOD, Alfreda B. June 8th, 1897 - January 23rd, 1984   Wife of Theophilus W. Blackwood; Married November 6th, 1918
7 BLACKWOOD, Theophilus W. March 12th, 1896 - April 24th, 1984   Husband of Alfreda B. Blackwood; Married November 6th, 1918
1 CHAULK, Dolph W. March 28th, 1922 - June 7th, 2000   Husband of Ethel M. Chaulk
4 COLES, Elsie M. 1909 - 1995   Wife of Howard Coles
3 COLES, Howard 1899 - 1987   Husband of Elsie M. Coles
8 CUFF, Ronald G. 1906 - 1994   Husband of Bessie A. Cuff; Merchant Navy WW2
8 CUFF, Bessie A. 1909 - 1991   Wife of Ronald G. Cuff
2 ELLSWORTH, Nina J. July 1st, 1915 - January 7th, 2002   Wife of Ephraim M. Tulk
11 GRAY, Jacob W. 1927 - 1996   Husband of Maude D. Gray; Married October 14th, 1954
12 HARVEY, Amelia L. 1924 - 2001   Wife of Lindsay G. Harvey; Married November 10th, 1944
14 HARVEY, George July 24th, 1883 - February 6th, 1976 92Y  
13 HARVEY, Matilda L. November 9th, 1896 - October 14th, 1989    
10 HARVEY, Wilbert D. 1963 - 1987   Son of Wallace & Ivy
9 MORGAN, Edward J. 1912 - 1991   Husband of Effie D. Morgan
9 MORGAN, Effie D. 1915 - 1996   Wife of Edward J. Morgan
5 MORGAN, Dorothy G. 1914 - 1985   Wife of Herbert Morgan
2 TULK, Ephraim M. November 15th, 1900 - January 10th, 1974   Husband of Nina J. Ellsworth
6 WHALEN, George 1902 - 1984    
15 WHALEN, Susan L. 1909 - 1986   Wife of John T. Whalen

Contributed and Transcribed by Christopher G. Gillingham (August 2002)

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