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The following Headstone information was recorded in October 2000. It only contains the factual data, names and dates. H=Husband, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter M = Mother and F = Father. Y = years M = months if it followed a number and D = days.Where two people were listed on one Headstone and it was readily apparent that they were husband and wife, H or W of…. was added in such cases. While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headstone inscription shall take precedence. Gerald Major, Margaret Head Major and Helen Head Bossley.


Surname Given Name Relationship Dates Age
KEARLY, Blanch   1906 - 1938  
WALL, Clarence   1948 - 1964  
WALL, Fredrick Gordon   1928 - 1964  
WALL, Clara w of Alfred Wall d Nov 8, 1938 52y
HARNETT, Joseph   no dates  
HARNETT, Clara and baby Lorraine   no dates  
CLARKE, Fanny d of John & Eliza d Oct 3, 1936 87y
MILLEY, Samuel h of Elizabeth 1881 - 1952  
MILLEY, Elizabeth w of Samuel Milley 1896 - 1980  
HILL, Nathanel h of Annie 1885 - 1967  
HILL, Annie w of Nathanel Hill 1888 - 1970  
HILLIER, Archibald h of Victoria 1879 - 1946  
HILLIER, Victoria w of Archibald Hillier 1889 - 1973  
YOUNG, Lester Gordon   Apr 14, 1951 - Mar 22, 1952  
PERRY, Mary   d Dec 6, 1951 78y
CALLAHAN, Timothy N h of Carrie 1885 - 1956  
CALLAHAN, Carrie w of Timothy Callahan 1895 - 1965  
BURT, Mary w of Willis Burt Jun 22, 1894 - Oct 2, 1939  
BURT, Murieale wooden cross no dates  
HILLIER, Baby Boy   Mar 22, 1968  
HILLIER, Baby Boy   Oct 31, 1963  
HILL, Jean   Jun 28, 1939 - Dec 6, 1939  
CHIPPETT, Herbert   1893 - 1962 69y

This page transcribed by Gerald Major, Margaret Head Major
and Helen Head Bossley. (November 2000)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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