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Trinity Bay District

Surname First Name Birth Death Age Inscription
Sutton Henry Thomas 9-Dec-07 7-Feb-93    
  Phoebe (Steele) 5-Mar-10 5-Mar-95    
Parrott Sterling Lloyde        
  Bernice No Dates      
Parrott Father: Gilbert E. 1926      
  Mother Barbara 1930 1979    
Walters Husband: Alonzo R 10-Jun-18 31-Jul-93    
  Wife: Violet (Carberry) 28-Jan-28 6-May-10    
Walters Janet 1890 1976   Beloved wife of Daniel Walters
Walters Daniel   12-Dec-60 72 yrs Beloved husband of Janet Walters, Erected by his wife and sons
Anderson Robert H. Anderson 1897 18-Jul-75   Ever Remembered by Wife Dorothy Anderson, sons and daughters
Anderson Dorothy A. Anderson 1895 12-Aug-95 100 yrs 4 mos  
Anderson Father: Jubal 1922 1983    
  Jubal Anderson       Seaman, Merchant Navy WW2
  Mother Rachael (Sutton) 1926 1995    
Anderson John 1924 1999   WW2, Lest We Forget
Phillips James H. 1907 1989   Married Nov 24, 1928
  M. Edith 1912 1995    
Phillips James   8-Sep-89 82 yrs Seaman, Merchant Navy
Phillips William R. 7-Jan-31      
  Julia P. 2-Mar-27 28-Feb-02    
Sutton Matilda D. 1937 1938    
  Chesley S. 1919 1921    
Froude Father: no name        
  Mother: Flossie 1936 1994    
Sutton James   29-Oct-12   Infant son of Wm & Elizabeth
Sutton Baby 1946 1946    
Sutton Violet 1927 2000   Wife of Andrew
Sutton Andrew 1914 1983   Husband of Violet
Froude Baby Joseph 1933 1933   Beloved son of William & Carrie Froude
Froude Phyllis Blanche 6-Feb-34 14-Feb-34    
Froude Sarah   29-May-20 50 yrs Beloved wife of Elijah Froude
Grave No Marker but same plot as Sarah Froude        
Froude Mrs. Margaret   16-Jan-36 18 yrs 3 mos Erected by son Raymond and father and mother Mr. & Mrs. R. Anderson
Froude Father: Albert 15-Jan-08 11-Jan-85    
Froude Albert   11-Jan-85 76 Able Seaman, Royal Navy WW2
Duffett Charles   April 11, 1894 50 yrs Beloved husband of Susanna Duffett
Tulk Henrietta   29-May-10 20 yrs Daughter of Wm & Caroline Tulk
Froude Caroline 1914 1993    
Froude William C. 1902 1989    
Froude William C.   9-Apr-89 86 Seaman, Merchant Navy WW2
Froude Joyce Irene March 4 - 23-Nov-46    
Froude Father: Archibald 1903 1970   Married Dec 16, 1929
  Mother: Adelaide 1909 2000    
LeDrew Jessie   1-Sep-47   Wife of Jonathan LeDrew
LeDrew Jonathan   3-Sep-39   Beloved Husband of Jessie LeDrew
LeDrew Leander   10-Jun-36 32 yrs Beloved son of Jonathan & Jessie LeDrew
Stevens George   10-May-04 31 yrs Erected by Emay J. Stevens in memory of her husband
Duffett Jack 3-Sep-28 18-Sep-11    
Duffett John Aug 16, 1830 Sept 7, 1888 58 yrs Drowned – Beloved husband of Sarah Duffett
Duffett Sarah   Nov 4, 1889 58 yrs Beloved wife of John Duffett
Gardner Thomas   10-Sep-01 73 yrs 6 mos Beloved husband of Ellen Gardner
  Ellen   17-Jan-07 74 yrs Beloved wife of Thomas Gardner
Duffett Holingsworth LeRoy   23-Oct-12 2 yrs 9 mos Beloved sons of John & Mariah Duffett
  Wm J. Duffett   8-Mar-13 9 yrs 6 mos “
Duffett John   16-May-33 73 yrs Departed this life..
Duffett Mariah Elizabeth   28-Oct-37 73 yrs  
Duffett Alexander 1905 1965   Dear husband and father
Duffett Marion (Duffitt) Gholson 1905 1995   In our hearts for eternity Jack, Gerald and Vi
Steele Llewellyn 1901 1971    
Steele Sophie G. 19-Jun-10 2-Dec-83    
Walters Daniel   12-Dec-60   Beloved husband of Janet Walters
Walters Janet 1890 1976   Beloved wife of Daniel Walters
Coish Emily 1933 1992    

Transcribed by: Wendy Bailey (2018)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday April 18, 2018 (Don Tate)

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