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St. Andrew's Anglican Church Cemetery
(Partial Listing)

Bonavista Bay District

Taken from grave stone inscriptions

OLDFORD THOMAS 1878 1965    
OLDFORD LUCY 1880 1911    
OLDFORD VERA 1910 1911    
HARRIS JOB 1871 1937    
HARRIS SARAH 1872 1909    
HARRIS PTE. WM. C. born 1898 MIA April 14,1917   Sons
HARRIS HURBERT 1904 1905   Sons
HARRIS JOSEPH 1907 1908   Sons
HARRIS LEVI 1912 1912   Sons
HARRIS GEORGE   Nov.21,1953 90 years. husband of Mary Ann
HARRIS MARY JANE   Sept.5,1984 81 years 11 months. Erected by son William
HANDCOCK BARNABAS   May 8,1893 51 years. husband of Providence Handcock
HANCOCK PROVIDENCE   1939 96 years.  
(note the "D" used in one spelling of the surname, and dropped in the other.)
(HANCOCK) HENRY T. Feb.17,1884 Feb.1,1982    
(HANCOCK) CHARLOTTE Feb.26,1887 May 20,1931    
HANCOCK FLORANCE   Aug.26,1928. 12 years. daughter of Henry T. & Charlotte
HANCOCK LILLIAN   March 8,1965 77 years wife of H. T. Hancock
HANCOCK JOHN A. Sept.20,1878 Sept.1 1960    
HANCOCK ELIZABETH Sept.?,1878 Jan.?,1917    
HANCOCK Sister FLORENCE W. Oct.5,1904 Dec.29,1905    
MATCHEM EDWARD Nov.30,1904 June 9,1973    
MATCHEM SAMUEL 1862 1937    
MATCHEM ELIZABETH 1872 1954   Erected by Nina
HANCOCK SMN WILLIAM A. 1900 1943   Royal Navy.
HANDCOCK AUGUSTUS   March 5,1943 43 years  
HANCOCK SARAH   Sept.2,1965 68 years Erected by son Gerald
(note the "D" used in one spelling of the surname and dropped in the other).
HANCOCK GERTRUDE 1902 1968    
HANCOCK FRANCIS H. 1884 1970    
HANCOCK AZARIAH A(?) Feb.18,1879 May 28,1920    
HARRIS JAMES   Jan 3.1941 76 years 3 months husband of Harriett
HARRIS DAVID July 27,1897 May 18,1971   husband of Annie
RUSSELL GEORGE 1884 1950    
  REBECCA 1866 1943    
MATCHIM JAMES 1897 1954    
MATCHIM V. MINNIE 1902 1986    
RUSSELL HENRY E. June 5,1909 March 23,1981    
RUSSELL ROBERT 1915 1967    
RUSSELL KATE 1920 1990    
1885 JAMES RUSSELL 1965    
1802 EMMIE RUSSELL 1841    
HANDCOCK ANNIE   May 18,1893 53 years wife of William
The following headstone inscription having to do with the above Annie and William Hancock's children was very difficult to read as it was chipped and faded. Most of the childrens' names were referred to by initials only. It read as follows:
HANDCOCK EL & H (?)   May 18,1893 30 years Also their children:
HANDCOCK MH   May 22,1893 28 years Also their children:
HANDCOCK JOSEPH H   May 22,1893 16 years Also their children:
HANDCOCK TR(P?)   M(?),1885 9 days Also their children:
HANDCOCK VH   Feb.15,1893 6 months Also their children:
HANCOCK JOHN   Aug.17,1912 68 years.  
HANDCOCK Also THEODORE   Nov.24,1891 2 years  
HANDCOCK JOHN ALBERT   June 25,(no year) 6 months beloved son of John & Selina Handcock
(Note the "D"used in one spelling of the surname and dropped in the other.)
RUSSELL SAMUEL 1868 July 1934    
RUSSELL EDITH   1873-March 1949    

Contributed by Martha and Bill Warren March 21st, 2000

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