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British Harbour
Anglican Cemetery
Trinity Bay District

View from water

HIGDON None       Badly eroded marker with "The Higdons" noted on it.
SCEVIOUR AARON   June 1st 1914 63 years Beloved husband of Elizabeth Sceviour. Drowned. Erected by his sons. Lone is the house and sad the hour, Since thy sweet smile is gone; But oh! a brighter home than ours, All Heaven is now thine own.
GARDNER ARABELLA KING   June 25,1920 49 years Beloved wife of Edward Gardner. Peaceful be thy rest dear mother, Tis sweet to breathe thy name, In life we loved you very dear, In death we do the same.
LEONARD ARCHIBALD J   June 16th 1952 85 years ????? with the Lord.
BANNISTER ARTHUR   Nov 16th 1905 48 years Beloved husband of Rebecca Bannister. Wife farewell I'm gone before, My pains on earth will be no more, With me can you no longer stay, For death hath summoned me away.
GARDNER ARTHUR   May 15th 1918 65 years "The loved and Lost". Why do we call him "lost". Because we miss him from our onward road. God's unseen angel o'er our pathway crossed, Looked on us all and loving him the most, Straightway relieved him from life's weary load.
LeDREW, ARTHUR H   May 7,1920   Died in infancy. Weep not for us but pray, While time to you is given, Your tears can only wet our clay, But prayer may gain us Heaven.
BANNISTER CAROLINE   Aug 16th 1904 36 years Loving friends weep not for me, I long to be at rest, How happy happy I shall be, When pillowed on my Saviour's breast.
BANNISTER ELI   Feb 4th 1905 37 years Beloved husband of Caroline Bannister.
HODDER CHARLES   April 21,1876 78 years  
GARDNER CHARLOTTE   March 20th 1945 79 years Erected by Chesley King in loving memory of his Grandmother Charlotte, beloved wife of Noah John Gardner. Remaining inscription unreadable.
GARDNER CHESLEY GEORGE   June 4th 1944 23yrs, 8mos Beloved son of Thomas and Louise Gardner. Prince of Peace, who in Thy death, Didst for him the ransom pay, Cleanse him in Thy precious…remaining inscription unreadable.
GARDNER CHESTER FREDERICK   Feb 23rd 1953 5 weeks Darling child of Kenneth & Elizabeth Gardner. He shall gather the lambs in His arms.
ANDERSON CHRISTIANA   April 22,1927 67 years Beloved wife of William Anderson. A loving wife, A mother of…remainder unreadable.
BANNISTER COLIN GILBERT   Jan 14th 1955 62 years My dear husband. 'Twas hard to give him up, But Thy will, O God, be done.
BANNISTER DIANA   Feb 3,1908 78 years Erected by Robert Bannister in memory of his beloved wife. Inscription unreadable.
BLUNDON, DORCAS   Oct 17th 1907 25 years Beloved wife of Frederick T. Blundon. Dearest wife thou has left us, And our loss we deeply feel, But 'tis God who hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
ANDERSON EDMUND   Jan 22,1928 65 years This tablet to an uncle's love is …remainder unreadable.
ANDERSON EDMUND 1894 1963   Loved by all who knew him.
GARDNER, EDWARD   May 10th 1896 75 years  
GARDNER, GRACE   July 17,1902 78 years Beloved wife of Edward Gardner. Inscriprion unreadable.
LEONARD, ELI A   Oct 7th 1945 28 years Sons of William & Elizabeth Leonard. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord. Ever remembered by his wife & son Calvert.
LEONARD GERALD H   Jan 2nd 1952 36 years  
BANNISTER ELI   Feb 4th 1905 37 years Beloved husband of Caroline Bannister. Yet again we hope to meet thee, When the day of life is fled…remainder unreadable.
SCEVIOUR ELIZA MAE (WATTON) June. 1928 June. 1949   Ever remembered by son and daughters.
GAWLER ELIZABETH   Dec 17, 1886 71 years Beloved wife of Thomas Gawler. Inscription unreadable.
BANNISTER ELSIE   April 30, 1905 10 years Inscription unreadable.
BANNISTER ESTHER LOUISE   Sept 28th 1948 27 years Beloved wife of Arthur Bannister. What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.
BANNISTER ESTHER LOUISE Nov 21,1921 Sept 28, 1948   Note: Two different markers
BANNISTER FLORANCE MARY ANN   May 2nd 1901 9 months Inscription unreadable.
LEONARD FRANCES LOUISE   Feb 13th 1941 21yrs,7mos Loving daughter of William & Elizabeth Leonard. Darling Frances thou has left us, Left a world of pain and care, Gone to Heaven to be with Jesus, And a gown of glory wear. Erected by Father, Mother & Brothers.
GARDNER FREDERICK   Nov 19th 1889 12 mos  
GARDNER GEORGE   April 26, 1914 54 years Beloved husband of Grace Gardner. I came to Jesus as I was, Weary, and worn, and sad, I found in him a resting place, And He hath made me glad.
GARNDER GRACE   Dec 28th 1879 84 years Part in peace! Christ's life was peace. Let us live our life in Him, Part in peace! Christ's death was peace, Let us die our death in him.
GARDNER GRACE   July 17, 1902 78 years Beloved wife of Edward Gardner. At rest in Jesus' faitful arms, At rest as in a peaceful bed, Secured from all the dreadful storms, Which round this sinful world are spread.
GARDNER GRACE   Dec 15,1919 88 years Beloved wife of Richard & George Gardner.
CLARK HARRIET   May 16th 1912 26 years Beloved wife of William Clark. Darling Harriet, thou has left us, Left us yes, for ever more, But we hope to meet our loved ones, On the bright and happy shore.
GARDNER, HENRY   March 13th 1903 51 years Beloved husband of Mary M Gardner. Inscription unreadable.
GARDNER JOHN   Dec 6th 1929 32 years And his wife, Velma, accidentally killed at St John's. Inscription unreadable.
GARDNER VELMA   May 21st 1948 49 years  
BANNISTER LEAH MARY   Jany 26th 1906 8 years Inscription unreadable.
GARDNER LEONIE   April 2nd 1933 9yrs,7mos Darling child of Wm H and Martha Gardner. Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safe on His gentle breast, There by His love o'er shaded, Sweetly her soul shall rest.
BANNISTER LORENZO   Oct 7, 1898 3 years Of such is the kingdom of heaven.
GARDNER. LOUISE   Sep 12, 1937 41 years Beloved wife of Thomas E Gardner. Peaceful be thy rest dear wife…remainder unreadable.
BANNISTER MALVINA   Aug 20th 1904 3 months ???? asleep in Jesus.
GARDNER MARIAH   28th August 1876 25 years Beloved wife of Theophilus Gardner. Inscription unreadable.
GARDNER, MARTHA   May 15th 1927 73 years Also her husband Noah Gardner. May they rest in peace.
GARDNER NOAH   June 1st 1929 79 years  
GARDNER MARTHA Sept 6,1890 Jan 29, 1952   Thy will be done.
GARDNER, MARY ANN   Nov 11th 1913 76 years Beloved wife of William Gardner. Farewell my beloved children all, From you a mother Christ doth call..remainder unreadable.
BANNISTER, MARY   Jan 25, 1916 20 years Beloved daughter of Adam & Tryphena Bannister. Dearest sister thou hast left us, Left a world of pain and care, Gone to heaven to be an angel, And a crown? of glory wear.
LeDREW, MOSES 1827 Feb 5,1899   Grandfather
LeDREW ANNIE PHILLIPS July 26,1834 Jan 15, 1913   Grandmother
LEONARD, NATHAN   Jan 3rd 1911 22 years  
LEONARD MATTHIAS   Oct 19th 1911 28yrs,8mos  
GARDNER NOAH JOHN   Feb 19th 1954 86 years Beloved husband of Mary and Charlotte Gardner. Calm and peaceful he is sleeping, Sweetest rest that follows pain, We who loved him sadly miss him, But trust in God to meet again.
ANDERSON PRISCILLA   6 August 1875 (?) 11 years (?) Beloved wife of John Anderson. Inscription unreadable.
SEVIOUR PTE MARTIN   June 16th 1918 22 years Beloved son of Ananias and Sarah Seviour. Peaceful be thy silent slumber, Peaceful in thy grave so low, Remainder unreadable.
SCEVIOUR MARTIN   16th June 1918 22 years 5373 PRIVATE. ROYAL NEWFOUNDLAND REG'T. Inscription unreadable.
LeDREW REBECCA B   Aug 1,1906   Died in infancy.
LeDREW ESTHER L   Dec 30,1908   Died in infancy.
BANNISTER ROBERT   Oct 2nd 1909 79 years His toils are past, his work is done…remainder unreadable.
BANNISTER SAMUEL   April 14th 1966 81 years Beloved husband of Mary Bannister. Inscription unreadable.
GARDNER SARAH ELIZABETH   March 6th 1905 26 years Beloved wife of Levi Gardner. (Side of Stone) Those precious to our hearts are gone, The voices we loved are stilled, The places vacant in our home, Can never more be filled.
TAVERNER SUSIE   May 28,1918 32 years Erected by William Tavener in memory of his beloved wife Susie. She is gone but not forgotten, Never shall her memory fade, Kindest thoughts ????? ever linger, 'Round the grave where she is laid.
LeDREW THEODOSIA GARDNER Mar 21,1873 July 27,1927   Mother. Inscription unreadable.
LeDREW, ROBERT HENRY April 17,1873 Oct 20,1936   Father
BANNISTER TRYPHENA   Sept 6th 1901 41 years Beloved wife of Adam Bannister. Inscription unreadable.
3 GARDNER HEADSTONES Unreadable       Badly eroded markers.
UNKNOWN #1 No Name        
UNKNOWN #2 No Name       Small white marble cross "Our Darling".
UNKNOWN #3 No Name        
LEONARD VIRGINIA   March 18th 1951 75 years Inscription unreadable.
LEONARD WALTER EDWARD   Sep 26,1913 20 years Son of Edward & Eliz^th Leonard. Drowned. 'Tis hard to break the tender cord, When love has bound the heart, 'Tis hard, so hard to speak the words, We must forever part.
BANNISTER WILLIAM   June 28th 1876 10 years Inscription unreadable.
GARDNER WILLIAM   Jan 28th 1898 65 years Beloved husband of Mary Ann Gardner. In death's dark vale I fear no ill, With thee, dear Lord, beside me, Remainder unreadable.
GARDNER WILLIAM H   July 15th 1932 41 years Erected by wife and children. Accidentally killed at Germantown, PA, U.S.A. Just away where no shadows fall, In perfect peace awaiting all, Longing perhaps in his love to say, I am not dead, I am just away.
ANDERSON WILLIAM   April 15th 1899 11 Years In Loving Memory

Photos contributed by Judy Oldford

Transcribed from Judy Oldford's Photos by Mary Rawlinson

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