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Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery,
[partial listing]
Meadows, BOI., NFLD.

The last eight items were added by David Gooch on the 25th of July 2001.I trust the foregoing is useful. Regards David Gooch
BRAKE Gordon Edward, 3.10.1906, 5.12.1964   husband of Edith,
BRAKE H?rbert Francis,   21 Mar 1948, 51 husband of Margaret,
BRAKE H Margaret,   31 Jan 1987, 87 wife,
BRAKE Aaron,   23 Mar 1941 82  
BRAKE Elizabeth   Feb 15, 191?, age unreadable  
HUNT Alexander Earl,   31 July 1932, 21  
BRAKE Cornelius, 15 Ap 1862, 12 Mar 1929, 67  
BRAKE Eliza,   6 Oct 1958, 90 yrs [transcriber's note: Alexander Earl was son of John and Annie HUNT; Eliza was daughter of George and Lucy HUNT]
BRAKE George E,   11 Nov 1918, 20  
BRAKE John William, 24 June 1869, 15 June 1959    
BRAKE Mary Louisa,   29 May 1959, 86 [transcriber's note: Mary Louisa was daughter of George and Lucy HUNT] wife,
BRAKE Rebecca,   11 Aug 1928, 71 wife of John H,
BRAKE Sarah Blanche ,   5 Apr 1962, 86 wife of Walter James,
BRAKE Walter James,   19 June 1932, 57 [fallen headstone] [transcriber's note: Sarah was daughter of George and Lucy HUNT]
BRAKE George E,   3 Jan 1957, 78. Erected by brother Thomas BRAKE
BRAKE Hannah Elizabeth,   7 may 1929, 49 wife of George E,
BRAKE Thomas H,   23 Feb 1956, 76  
BRAKE Alfred Francis   April 7, 1948 63  
BRAKE Elizabeth Maud Apr 18, 1902 Mar 24, 1980   [wife of Alfred]
BRAKE Mary Emma 1885 - 1977    
BRAKE Thomas Albert Dec 8, 1883 Nov 1970   [brother of George E BRAKE already on the website.]
BRAKE Albert E   Feb 6, 1959 92  
BRAKE Stanley G   Sep 14, 1950 47  
BRAKE Joseph A   Mar 21, 1949 77  
BRAKE Edward M   July 11, 1911 74 [son of John & Elizabeth]
BRAKE Caroline   Oct 26, 1910 73 [Daughter of William & Charlotte Humber] spouse of Edward M
BRAKE Isreal   April 1, 1942 68  

Contributed and Transcribed by: Linda Elkins-Schmitt

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