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Blundon's Point Cemetery
Bay de Verde
Bay de Verde District

For two views of the cemetery:





 1.  BLUNDON -- Caroline Blundon, died 27 August 1855, 15  years.
 2.  ROUSE   -- J.A. Rouse, died 22 November 1852, 1 year & 4  months. ROUSE  -- 
 		Mary Rouse, died 23 April 1860, 7 years. Children of  Rev. Oliver Rouse.
 3.  BLUNDON -- Catherine, beloved wife of Stephen Blundon,
		died 17 July 1861, 21 years.
 4.  BLUNDON -- William Blundon, died 7 November 1862, 28 years.
 5.  BLUNDON -- Caroline, wife of Stephen Blundon,
		died 18 June 1871, 29 years.
     BLUNDON  -- Stephen, husband of Caroline Blundon, died 6 November 1872, 
	 			37  years.
 6.  BLUNDON -- Ann Elizabeth, beloved wife of John Blundon,
		died 5 February 1910, 61 years.
		Also their two children who died in infancy.
 7.  BLUNDON -- John Blundon, died 25 January 1922, 75 years.
		Erected by wife and daughter Carrie.
 8.  BLUNDON -- Relatives say that Thomas Blundon, who
		died 20 March 1886 at age 55 years, rests in
		the N.W. corner of the burial ground. There is no stone
		to mark the spot.
 9.  Unmarked Stones.

Most of the above headstones are toppled and broken, and fragments of white marble 
are scattered among the grass. #1 and #5 are still standing.  A few feet from #1 was 
a  broken headstone similar in style to #1.  No mark was visible.

A number of stone slabs also lie among the grasses, no doubt marking the resting 
places of some long forgotten relatives.  Any identification which may have been 
painted or etched on those stone  markers  have  been  obliterated  by  the  elements.




Transcribed by: Florence (Blundon) Cowan, (4 August,1989)

Photos added August 2005 by Craig Peterman

Page Revised: August 2002 (Don Tate)

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