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Black Duck Cove Cemetery #1,
Trinity Bay District,

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SINCLAIR AGNES JANE   Aug 20th 1969 83 years I came me Jesus. And I drank of that life giving stream. My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, And now I live with him.
COLLINS WALTER   Feby 20,1915 23 years Beloved son of Susannah Collins. Inscription unreadable.
COOPER THOMAS   Oct 7,1910 78 years Beloved husband of Mary Arabella. Headstone is badly eroded.
COOPER ALEXANDER   Nov 2nd 1901 18 years, 3 mos, 22 dys Beloved son of Thomas & Mary A Cooper. Inscription unreadable.
COOPER ANNE   Aug 23rd 1883 85 years Beloved wife of Edward Cooper. But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God. Remaining inscription unreadable.
COOPER EDWARD   May 6th 1868 87 years Come Holy Ghost. Creator come. Remaining inscription unreadable.
COOPER LOUISA   unreadable   Beloved wife of William Cooper.
COOPER MARY ARABELLA   Oct 4th 1917 77 years Beloved wife of Thomas Cooper. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
COOPER MARY ANN   Sept 10th 1882 31 years Beloved wife of Edward Cooper.
COOPER LOUISA   Sept 25th 1881 Unreadable Also beloved daughter Louisa
COOPER MAXWELL GEORGE   June 29,1911 3yrs,11mos Son of Edward & Mary Ann Cooper, who was drowned. Inscription unreadable.
COOPER EFFIE RACHEL   Dec 26, 1887 17 years, 11 months Beloved daughter of Thomas & Mary Cooper. Let me die the death of the righteous and let my last end be like His.
COOPER REBECCA   Jan 12th 1914 42yrs,5mos Beloved wife of George Cooper. Onward ever onward, Journey o'er the road, Remaining inscription unreadable.
COOPER SIMEON   Aug 7th 1913 21 years Beloved son of George and Rebecca Cooper. Faint not, nor fear. His arms are near, He changeth not and thou art dear, Only believe and thou shalt see, That Christ is all in all to thee.
COOPER WALTER EDWARD   April 9, 1875 2 months Son of Thomas & Mary Cooper.
COOPER WILLIS   Aug 26th 1892 24 years Belove son of Thomas & Mary A Cooper. Inscription unreadable.
COOPER WILLIAM   Feby 17th 1900 77 years Inscription unreadable.
HODDER CHARLES EDWARD Jan 7,18?? Oct 19, ????   Beloved husband of Amelia Hodder. Eldest son of Thos & Lizzie Hodder.
HODDER ELIZABETH   Nov 22, 1912 65 yrs Beloved wife of Thomas Hodder.
HODDER WILLIAM JOSEPH   Dec 20,1916 25yrs,1mo Beloved son of Richard and Julia Hodder. Inscription unreadable.
IVAMEY ROSSANNA   ? 5, 1916 67 years Erected by Thomas Ivamey.
KELLY ARTHUR   Feb 4th 1912 25 years Also his wife, remainder unreadable.
KELLY ETHEL GLADYS   Aug 18,1919 8 1/2 Months Inscription unreadable.
KELLY SARAH   Sept  11, ????   Beloved daughter of E??ie Kelly.
KING HARRIET E   Nov 14,1890 30yrs, 1mo, 5dys Beloved wife of Levi King and daughter of Thomas & Mary A Cooper. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Death has been here and borne away, A sister from our side, Just in the morning of her days, So young as we she died. Remaining inscription unreadable.
LODER RACHEL   Jany 14th 1910 85 years Beloved wife of Silas Loder. ?? Mother, thy gentle voice is hushed, Thy warm true heart is still…remainder unreadable.
LODER SILAS   Sept 25th 1904 86 years Beloved husband of Rachel Loder. The hour of my departure is come, I hear the voice that calls me home. Remainder unreadable.
LODER WILLIAM   28 June 1877 20 yeaars Beloved children of Silas & Rachel Loder.
LODER RACHEL   8 Aug 1877 11 years Beloved children of Silas & Rachel Loder.
PAUL JOHN   July 7, 1903 68 years  
PAUL, ELIZABETH   Feby 25, 1915  73 years Also his wife Elizabeth. Inscription unreadable.
TOOPE ELIZABETH   Dec 6th 1915 68 yrs, 2 mos Beloved wife of Eli Toop.Inscription unreadable.
TOOP MATTHIAS W   March 5th 1904 22 yrs, 6 mos Beloved son of Jas & Rebecca Toop.
TOOP MATTHIAS W   Jany 13th 1880 36 years Beloved husband of Margaret Toop. Let me die the death of Thy righteous and let my last end be like His.
TOOP REBECCA   April 1st, 1902 48 1/2 yrs Inscription unreadable.
TOOP SIMEON   May 30, 1875 10 Months Son of Matthias W & Margaret Toop. Inscription unreadable.
UNKNOWN #1 #1        
UNKNOWN #2 #2   Aug 12, 1915 74 years  
WATTON AMOS Feb 11,1900 July 16,1952    
WATTON REBECCA (?)   August 18, 1879 (?) 89 years (?) Unreadable
WATTON SARAH J   Unreadable    
WATTON MARY E   Unreadable   Beloved wife of William Watton. Also Sarah J & Mary E.
WOOD ANNIE FRANCES   Jan 15th 1906 4 mos, 3 wks inscription unreadable
,WOOD CHESLEY   March 16th 1910 1 yr, 4 mos inscription unreadable.

Transcribed by: Judy Oldfield (2005)

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