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Black Duck Cove Cemetery #2,
Trinity Bay District,

View of Cemetery







ADAMS, RACHEL   Aug 17th 1948 86 years Inscription unreadable.
COOPER, AMELIA   Jan 8th 1934 38 years Beloved wife of Willis Cooper. No one knows the silent heartbreak, Only those who have loved can tell, Of the grief that's borne in silence, For the one we loved so well.
COOPER EDWARD   June 23rd 1940 86 years  
COOPER, MARY ANN   Unreadable Unreadable Also our dear mother.
COOPER, GEORGE   Jan 6th 1948 79 yrs, 6 mos Beloved husband of Rebecca Cooper
COOPER, GORDON MACKENZINE   May 18th 1933 7 weeks Darling child of Egbert & Maggie Cooper. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
COOPER, GRACE Dec 21st 1881 Dec 2nd 1951   Beloved wife of Hugh Cooper. Inscription unreadable.
COOPER, MARIAM   May 19th 1920 27 yrs, 2 mos Inscription unreadable.
COOPER UNKNOWN   unreadable   unreadable
HODDER, ALMA PRITZLINE   June 19th 1938 1 yr, 8 mos Daughter of Lionel & Effie Hodder. Inscription unreadable.
HODDER, PRINCLINE   April 17,1926 7 months Darling child of Lionel & Effie Hodder.
HODDER ARTHUR THOMAS   Nov 27th 1951 69 years  
HODDER, ELLA   Sept 21st 1926 40 years Also his wife. Peace, perfect peace.
HODDER, CHARLES WILLIAM   Nov 20th 1935 64 yrs, 3 mos Beloved husband of Sarah Emma Hodder. A loving one from us is gone, A voice we loved is still, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.
HODDER, EFFIE HANNAH   Sept 15th 1946 49 years Beloved wife of Lionel G Hodder. Inscription unreadable.
HODDER, LILY F   Jan 12th 1959 55 yrs, 3 mos Beloved wife of Willis Hodder. Just a little cradle, Just a little child, Just a few short fleeting years, And then a girl so wild; Soon she reaches womanhood…remainder unreadable.
HODDER, LIONEL C   Oct 9,1955 58 Seaman. Royal Naval Reserve.
HODDER, WILLIAM H   Jan 25th 1928 62 years Also his wife. And their son. In memory a daily thought, In heart a silent sorrow.
HODDER PRISCILLA   Aug 4th 1952 79 years  
HODDER ROLAND J   April 4th 1944 34 years  
HODDER, SARAH EMMA June 2nd,1877 March 28th 1962 85 years Dear Mother. Another link is broken, In our household band, But a chain is forming, In a better land.
HODDER, VICTOR   May 27,1956? 26 years Our dear brother. God be with you 'til we meet again.
HODDER, WILLIS   Feb 1st 1962 70 years Beloved husband of Lilly F Hodder. Thy way, not mine O Lord, However dark it be, Lead me by Thine own hand, Choose Thou the path for me.
IVANY, DELILAH MAY   June 27,1929 23 1/2 years Beloved wife of John Joseph Ivany. Inscription unreadable.
IVANY, EDITH GERTRUDE   July 28,1929 37 yrs, 2 mos Beloved wife of Elam Ivany. Abide with me. Fast falls the eventide, The darkness deepens, Lord with me abide. Heaven's morning breaks and earth's vain shadows flee.
IVANY, ELAM   Nov 4th 1964 77 yrs, 3 mos Loving husband of Elfreda Ivany. On that bright immortal shore, remainder unreadable.
IVANY, GEORGE   Sept 22,1948 81 years ????? with the Lord.
IVANY, LOUISA JANE   May 27th 1955 27 yrs, 8 mos Loving daughter of Matthew & Rebecca Ivany who lost her life in the Humber River. No one knows the silent heartache, Only those who have lost can tell, Of the grief that's borne in silence, For the one we loved so well.
IVANY, THOMAS MERCER   Oct 3,1927 9 years Beloved son of William John & Lillian Ivany.
TOOPE, MATTHIAS JAMES   Nov 6,1925 61 years Dearest father thou has left us, Remainder unreadable.
KELLEY, FANNIE EDITH   Dec 27th 1945 53yrs,4mos Beloved wife of Reuben Kelley. Inscription unreadable.
KELLY, ELIZABETH   April 30,1931 65 years Erected by Levi Kelly in loving memory of his mother, beloved wife of David Kelly.
KELLY, LEVI   Sept 22nd 1941 52 years Beloved husband of Sarah Kelly. A loving one from us is gone, A voice we loved is still, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.
KELLY, LILY ALMA   Oct 2,192? 22yrs Beloved daughter of Valentine and Lydia Kelly.
KELLY, LYDIA 1869 March 7,1953   Beloved wife of Valentine Kelly. Lord all pitying Jesus blest, Grant them Thine eternal rest.
KELLY, MARY ANN May 8th 1893 Mar 12th 1952   Inscription unreadable.
KING, HERBERT STANLEY   April 27th 1940 20 years O happy ones and holy, Lord give us grace that we, Like them, meek and lowly, On high may dewll with Thee.
UNKNOWN, MAHALLA   ??? 24,1921   Headstone broken and badly eroded.
MILLER, BARBARA   April 3rd 1953 11 months Darling child of Hubert & Dorothy Miller. Suffer little children to come unto Me.
MILLER, DEBORAH   July 22nd 1950 75 years Beloved wife of Wm James Miller of Ireland's Eye. ????? can spare them loving Saviour, ???? know Thou guardest well…remainder unreadable.
MILLER, EVELYN BERTHA   Dec 19th 1955 48yrs,5mos Beloved wife of William Geo Miller. God called her home, It was His will, But in our hearts, She liveth still.
MILLER, JAMES   Oct 11,1962 70yrs,10mos Accidentally killed at Britannia. Erected by his wife Rebecc. We little knew when we woke that morn, Remainder unreadable.
MILLER, WILLIAM JAMES   Nov 26th 1955 82yrs,9mos Died at Come By Chance Hospital. ????
PAUL, GEORGE   March 28,1963 75yrs,6mos Beloved husband of Clara Belle Paul. He lives with us in memory still, And will for evermore. Erected by his children John & Phoebe.
TOOP, AMELIA J   Aug 12,1924 30 years Erected by Esau Toop in memory of his beloved wife. Just why He whispered come to me, I cannot know or tell to thee, But this I know I heard His voice, And in His love I rejoice.
TOOPE, ESAU   Dec 31st 1956 73yrs,10mos With Him in mansions of the blest, That perfect home of God; There we shall find sweet peace and rest, Forever more praise God.
TOOP CHARLOTTEE   Sept 20,1928 27 years Erected by William Toop. Also their children
TOOP MARY ANNE   April 9,1929? 7 months  
TOOP NAOMI   Nov 15, ????    
TOOPE, HENRY A   April 7th 1946 60 years Beloved husband of Mary A Toope. Dearest father thou has left us, And your loss we deeply feel, But it's God who hast bereft us, He will all our sorrows heal.
TOOPE, MATTHIAS JAMES   Nov 8,1929 61 years Beloved husband of Elle Hannah Toope. Dearest father thou hast left us…remainder unreadable.
TOOPE, MINNIE   Sept 14th 19?? 36 years Beloved daughter of James and Rebecca Toop. Died at the General Hospital. Inscription unreadable.
TOOPE, ALBERT   ??? 29th 1912 (?) Unreadable Inscription unreadable.
TOOPE, REBECCA   Sept 25,1921 71 years Beloved wife of James Toope. Mercy and truth are met together, Righteousness and peace have ???? each other.
TOOPE, SAMUEL   Mar 22nd 1961 83 years Rest, father, rest, In quiet sleep, While we in sorrow o'er thee weep.
TOOPE, SUSANNAH   April 4th 1956 80 years Beloved wife of Nathaniel Toope. In memory a daily thought, In heart a silent sorrow.
UNKNOWN #1 UNKNOWN #1   Jan 8, 1936 87 yrs, 9 mos Sleep on dear mother, Thy work is o'er, Thy willing hands shall toil no more. At rest. Broken headstone…top portion missing.
UNKNOWN #2 UNKNOWN #2   Unreadable Unreadable  
TOOPE?, JAMES   Aug 4th 1922 (?) 83 years Beloved husband of Rebecca Toope
KING?, SHIRLEY   Mar 24,1934 18yrs,7mos Just as the morning of her life, Was opening into day, Her young and lovely spirit passed, From earth and grief away.
WATTON, EMILY SARAH Aug. 1930 Aug. 1936    

Photographed and Contributed by Judy Oldfield (2005)

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson from Photos

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