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Trinity Bay District,

REID Harold Mar 29, 1925 Oct 1, 2005   Father. Peace is thine and sweet remembrance is ours.
REID Philipina Aug 28, 1902 Sept 8, 1986   Ever remembered, ever loved.
REID Solomon 1899 1981   Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by wife & family.
WARREN Robert M   Jan 14, 1973 62 years We will meet you in the morning, Just outside the Eastern Gate. Erected by his wife and family.
WARREN Mary L   Nov7, 1986 74 years Weeping may endure for a night, But joy cometh in the morning.
REID Robert John 1929 1996   Beloved husband of Sheila Doyle. Asleep in the arms of Jesus.
MANUEL Donald        
RIDEOUT Eunice I 1954 1998   Mom. Married Aug 16, 1974. Jesus thou are everything to me; All my lasting joys are found in thee.
MERCER Frederick J 1949 2005    
DAWE James 20 May 1935 3 Jul 1997    
DAWE Dorothy 7 Jul 1941 24 Nov 2003    
DAWE Jamie 9 Dec 1969     They live with us in memory and will for evermore.
UNKNOWN         Childs grave with carved marker.
CUMBY Murdock Austin Dec 27, 1942 Nov 1, 2003   Always in our hearts.
CUMBY Rose Marie June 13, 1947 Oct 30, 1994   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
MERCER John Drover 1904 1969   For all of us he did his best, May God grant him eternal rest. Erected by wife Hannah and children.
MERCER Hannah Apr 23, 1911 Sept 4, 1995   A tender mother; A faithful friend.
OSBOURNE David Feb 27, 1914 Feb 13, 1990    
OSBOURNE Elizabeth Aug 4, 1920 March 12, 2008   Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. Ever remembered by wife and family.
DAWE Alfred May 5, 1967 82 years   Beloved husband of Mary Dawe. On the bright eternal shore, We shall meet to part no more.
DAWE Mary   Sept 8, 1976 87 years Beloved wife of Alfred Dawe. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
DAWE Baby Girl   May 18, 1977   Of William & Madonna.
PRETTY Lawrence M Sept 28, 1940 Aug 24, 2007 66 years Son, brother.
PRETTY Alfred Feb 15, 1911 Mar 20, 1991   Husband and father.
PRETTY Laura E Aug 18, 1917 Sept 7, 1997   Wife and mother. Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above. Erected by family.
HUTCHINGS W A Aug 1, 1933 June 17, 1984   Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above. Erected by wife & family.
PIKE Maudie A 1913 1999   Ever remembered
PIKE George W 1909 1983   Ever loved.
PIKE Samuel S 1942 1996    
PIKE Elaine H 1943     Together forever.
RUSSELL Frederick G 1928 1983   We loved the well but Jesus loved thee best. Erected by wife and family.
PIKE James W June 1st 1901 Oct 9th, 1959   Beloved husband of Margaret Pike. Another link is broken in our household band; But a chain is forming in a better land. Erected by sons Cyril & Eric.
PIKE Margaret P June 19, 1908 Feb 3, 1988   Beloved wife of James Pike. There is a link death cannot sever; Love and remembrance last forever. Erected by sons Cyril and Eric. We shall meet again.
DAWE William J 1929 1997    
DAWE Trixie B 1930 2006   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
MOORE Mary Sheppard Lewis Dec 25, 1919 April 17, 2002    
MOORE John Thomas Aug 1, 1922 Mar 25, 2008   Forever with the Lord.
MOORE Sarah Elizabeth May 14, 1923 May 11, 1989   She died as she lived, trusting God.
BARRETT Benjamine W 1917 1984   A child of God am I; I'll trust in Thee.
ANTHONY William G 1927 1983   Our loved one sleeps here.
ANTHONY George 1902 1984   Ever remembered, ever loved.
ANTHONY Frances 1904 1959   She lives with us in memory; And will forever more.
RUSSELL Florence Joy   Aug 7th 1959 6 years Darling child of Eldred & Florence Russell. She lives with us in memory still; And will for evermore.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinsonm
From photographs taken by Don Tate and Craig Peterman

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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