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Inscriptions from Various Bell Island Cemeteries
(Names R - Z)


While I was home on Bell Island this summer I took a lot of pictures of headstones there. Some didn't turn out very clear and because I was with someone else that is not interested in genealogy I felt rushed when I was taking the pictures and some of them have pieces of grass or flowers that blocked some of the information on several of the headstones. I'm typing the inscriptions below for the ones that I can read the only problem is I can't remember which cemetery some of the pictures were taken. Most were taken at St. Michael's Roman Catholic, the one's of Normore's were from the Old Cemetery, then some of the others were taken at the cemetery Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery, there are also some from the two other cemeteries on the Island as well. One across from the arena and the other across the street from a store but I don't remember the names or religion of the two cemeteries. Anyway here's some of the inscriptions from those headstones.




RYAN /R/I/P/James Ryan/D/I/E/D/J/U/N/E/4/1992/Age/62

RYAN /In/Loving/Memory Of/Catherine Ryan/Born Nov. 19th, 1907/Died July 18th, 1962/Sacred Heart Of Jesus/Have Mercy On Her Soul.

RYAN /Pte. Joshua C. Ryan/1895-1964/Royal Nfld. Regiment/Lest We Forget.

RYAN /In Loving Memory/Of/Sarah Ryan/Beloved Wife Of/Johsua Ryan/Died Aug. 28th, 1958/Aged 65 Years.

RYAN /In Memory Of/David A. Ryan/Died Jan. 26, 1990/Aged 52 Years/Abide With Me

RYAN /John C. Ryan/Gunner/Royal Artillery/3 May 1964/Age 44

RYAN /R.I.P/Passed/On/Anna D. Ryan/Feb/3/1990

RYAN /JX211501/William J. Ryan/Able Seaman/Royal Navy WW2/12 July 1986/Age 65

RYAN /In Memory Of/Yvonne Ryan/Died Oct. 31, 1964/Age 39 Years/Rest In Peace.

RYAN /R/I/P/Dolph Ryan/D/I/E/D/J/U/N/E/6/Age/51/1995

RYAN /In Memory Of/James Ryan/Died May 10, 1965/Aged 75 Years/Lord Have Mercy On His Soul.


/Elizabeth Ryan/Died May 23, 1962/Aged 73 Years/Sacred Heart Of Jesus/Have Mercy On Her Soul.



ROCKWELL /789666/William E. Rockwell/Private/Canadian Army WW2/7 May 1989/Age 65



SHEA /In Loving Memory Of/William Shea/Died Aug. 10, 1940/Aged 27 Years/Also His Wife Julia/Died May 7, 1946/Aged 29 Years/His Sister Mary Bernadette/Died Aug. 21, 1930/Aged 18 Months/Rest In Peace/Erected By His Mother And His Son.

SHEA /JX316630/James J. Shea/Able Seaman/Royal Navy WW2/22 February 1988 Age 65



SKEANS /Erected To The/Memory/Of/William Skeans/Who Died At/Lance Cove/Feb. 7th, 1927/Age 78 Years/Peace Perfect Peace.

SKANES /Robert Skanes/Died May 9th, 1911/Aged 52 Years/Elizabeth Skanes/Died May 12th, 192(3 or 8)/Aged 64 Years/Peace Perfect Peace

SKANES /In Loving Memory Of/(Jane or James ????)/Beloved Child/Solomon & Esther E. Skanes/Died July 10, 1894/Aged 3 Yrs. & 8 Mds./Also Of Lillian Mary/Nov. 16th, 1895 Aged 6 Months 15 Dys./Golden Gates Were Opened Wide/???????? (can't make out the rest of the writing.)

SKANES /In Memory Of/Henry H. Skanes/Who Died/Jan. 24th, 1930/Aged 85 Years/At That Day Of Tears And Mourning/From The Dust Of Earth Returning/Man For Judgement Must Prepare/Spare O God In Mercy Spare.

SKANES /In Memory Of/Theresa/Beloved Wife Of/Henry H. Skanes/Died Sept. 1898/Aged 42 Years. (can't read the rest of the inscription)

SKANES /In Fond Memory/Of/Solomon/Beloved Husband Of/Esther E. Skanes/Died Dec. 8, 1920/Aged 63 Years



STOYLES /Debbie/Loving Daughter Of/Peter And Mary/Stoyles

STOYLES /Our Darling Daughter/Debbie/Sept. 15, 1964-July 7, 1978/To Know Her Was To Love Her.



WHALEN /Mary(Babe)/1923-1991/Mother You Are WIth Your Mom And/With Your Dad Even Though It Makes Us/Sad A Tear Will Fall From One And All/You Can't Come Back We Know That's/True Someday Babe We'll Come To You.

WHALEN /1929 Patrick D. 1984/His Wife/1929 Helen M. 1998/At Home In Heaven

WHELAN /James Whelan/Sept. 13, 1892/June 29, 1968/Rest In Peace

WHELAN /Mary Ellen (Nellie)/Feb. 17, 1908-July 19, 1987/Rest In Peace/Erected By Her Children

WHELAN /In Loving Memory Of/WHELAN/James J./Apr. 29, 1941/May 30, 1997/We Will Always Love You/Remember O Most Gracious Virgin Mary

WHELAN /William P./Mar. 9, 1914/June 7, 1985/Ever Remembered Ever Loved/Erected By The Family

WHELAN /In Loving Memory/Of/John(Rocky)Whelan/Died Dec. 12, 1903/Aged 66 Years/Sacred Heart Of Jesus/Have Mercy On His Soul/Erected By His Wife/And Children/ (the year of death could also be 1963 there is a piece of grass blocking it but I believe it to be a 0.)

WHALEN /Rosemary Whalen/Born Oct. 20, 1944/Died May 11, 1976 on same headstone

WHALEN /William P. Whalen/Born May 12, 1939/Died (no date of death was recorded on this headstone for William)

WHALEN /William P. Whalen/1939-1991 (I believe this was the same person as above)

WHALEN /In Loving Memory/Of/Henry Whalen/Died Jan. 26, 1974/Age 62 Years.



YOUNG /Michael Young/Seaman/Nfld. Royal Navy Res./21 Dec.(1999)/Age 65

YOUNG /Sarah Young/Age 71/Died Oct. 31, 19(95)

YOUNG /Florence/1929-1982 across on the same headstone

YOUNG /Wm. Lenius/1922-1996/Ever Remembered Ever Loved

YOUNG /John J./1926-1990/His Wife/Ethel L./1931-1992/Ever Remembered/Ever Loved

YOUNG /Uncle/Andrew/1906-1975 in the middle was Father/Matthew/1919-1989 and next to him was Mother/Lydia/1921-1991 and below the names Rest In Peace.

YOUNG /Patrick J./1942-1998 and across was Mary/1943-  and below both of their names was Edward J./1973-1977/Until We Meet Again.

YOUNG /Billy Young/Born 1958 Died Feb. 4, 1959/4 Months.

YOUNG /R/I/P/William Young Jr./08/14/52 then there was a black line across with more numbers following 01/07


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