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Inscriptions from Various Bell Island Cemeteries
(Names L - Q)


While I was home on Bell Island this summer I took a lot of pictures of headstones there. Some didn't turn out very clear and because I was with someone else that is not interested in genealogy I felt rushed when I was taking the pictures and some of them have pieces of grass or flowers that blocked some of the information on several of the headstones. I'm typing the inscriptions below for the ones that I can read the only problem is I can't remember which cemetery some of the pictures were taken. Most were taken at St. Michael's Roman Catholic, the one's of Normore's were from the Old Cemetery, then some of the others were taken at the cemetery Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery, there are also some from the two other cemeteries on the Island as well. One across from the arena and the other across the street from a store but I don't remember the names or religion of the two cemeteries. Anyway here's some of the inscriptions from those headstones.




LAHEY /Marie/1933-1987/We Shall Meet Again



LAURIE /In Loving Memory Of/Herbert P./1891-1980/Rest In Peace/Erected By The Laurie Family



LITTLEJOHN /Bridget Littlejohn/Born August 28, 1910/Died July 28, 196(2) to the left of this inscription is written MOM and under that is written LITTLEJOHN /Richard Littlejohn/Born May 24, 1911/Died March 8, 1980 and to the right of this inscription is written DAD

LITTLEJOHN /In/Loving/Memory Of/Our Dear Mother/Sarah Jane/Littlejohn/Died/Aug. 3rd, 1945/Aged 65 Years/Another Link Is Broken/In Our Family Land/But A Chain Is Forming/In A Better Land/Erected By/The Family



LUFFMAN /In Loving Memory Of Our Mother/Annie Winnifred/Luffman(Ryan)/1918-1969/At Peace With Nature And God

LUFFMAN /In Loving/Memory Of/Llewellyn B./Husband Of/Winnin/Luffman/Born/Sept 28th, 1913/Died/June 12th, 1954/Ever Remembered/Ever Loved/By His Wife/And Children



McCARTHY /Charles/1886-1968 across on the same headstone
McCARTHY /Margaret/1888-1980 and below both names The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life/Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

McCARTHY /Raymond/21 July 1929-6 Jan. 1996/Rest In Peace.

McCARTHY /Mike P./17 March 1918/4 April 1992/Rest In Peace.

McCARTHY /In Loving Memory/Of/Maud McCarthy/Died Nov. 3, 1977 Age 68 Years/????/ We Keep In Memory Is Ours/Unchanged Forever.

McCARTHY /In Loving Memory/Of/Henry McCarthy/Died Feb. 24, 197? (it could be a 5 or 6)/Age 66 Years./The Call Was Sudden, THe Shock Severe/To Part With One We Loved So Dear.

McCARTHY /Father/Gerald P./1924-1977 on the same headstone Mother/Mary E./1924-1999.



McGRATH /Vincent McGrath/Private/RCASC-Korea/1929-1990/Lest We Forget

McGRATH /Sharon


McGRATH /Annie



MERCER /Father/Thomas G./1908-1968 on the same headstone Mother/Susanna/1921-1980 and under both names We Shall Meet Again/Gone But Not Forgotten.



MURPHY /John D. Murphy/Gunner/Royal Artillery/?? Feb. 1973/Age 66

MURPHY /In Loving/Memory Of/Denis A/Murphy/Died/Jan. 30th, 1958/Aged/54 Years/Rest In Peace/Erected By/His Wife/Elizabeth.

MURPHY /Leo C. Murphy/Captain/Royal Nfld. Regt./? July 1956 (it could be a 2 or 7).

MURPHY /In Memory/Of/Andrew Murphy/Born Dec. 21, 1914/Died Dec. 2, 1949/May His Soul

MURPHY /Rest In Peace/Erected/By His Loving Wife/Lillian Murphy

MURPHY /In/Loving Memory Of/Our Mother/Margaret Murphy/Died Jan. 17th, 1957/Aged 66 Years./Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus/Have Mercy On Her Soul/Erected By Her Sons.

MURPHY /In/Loving Memory/Of/John J. Murphy/Who Died Feb. 9th, 1940/Aged 59 Years/(there is a 8 line verse written here but I can't make it out) at the bottom of the headstone is written Erected By His Wife And Family.



MYERS /Joseph Myers/1922-2000/Annie Evans/1919-1993/



NOFTALL /In Loving Memory Of/Wife/Patricia M/Sept. 26, 1959/Nov. 26, 1995/Dedicated By Her Loving Husband Gordon/And Children Christopher And Robert/Daughter Of Vincent And Violet McGrath.

NOFTALL /Frederick Noftall/Seaman/Merchant Navy WW2/25 December 1982/Age(not sure could be 60, 66 or 68).



NOLAN /Forever In/Our Hearts/Samuel A./1928-1975/His Beloved Wife/Mary J./1921-1994



NORMORE /In/Memory Of Gregory/Normore Of Great Bell Isle/Who Died the 4th Of July 1785/Aged 66 Years/He Lived Respected & Died Lamented.

NORMORE /At Rest/In Loving Memory/Of/Thomas Normore/Died/Feb. 18, 1919/Aged 79 Years/Earth To Earth And Dust To Dust/Calmly Now The Words We Say/Leaving Him To Sleep In Trust/Till The Resurrection Day/Father In Thy Gracious Keeping/Leave We Now Thy Servant Sleeping.

NORMORE /In Loving Memory/Of/Mary Jane/Beloved Wife Of The Late Thomas Normore/Died Jan. 1, 1920

NORMORE /Thomas J. Normore/Who Died/Oct. 27, 1913/Aged 94 Yrs/Gathered Home In A Good Old Age.

NORMORE /In Loving Memory/Of/John Normore/Beloved Husband/Of Fanny/Who Fell Asleep/9th Sep. 1907/Aged 55 Yrs.(more written after this but I can't read it)

NORMORE /FATHER   MOTHER/In Loving Memory Of James Normore/Died Dec. 16th, 1953/Aged 81 Years. Across on the same headstone Elizabeth Normore/Died June 7th 1944/Aged 69 Years and below both names Father In Thy Gracious Keeping/Leave We Now Thy Servants Sleeping.

NORMORE /In Loving/Memory/Of/Thomas Normore/Who Died Oct. 13th 1888/Aged 78 Years/He Did Good Both Toward God And His House. (there was more written but the stone had turned black at the bottom and I couldn't read it)

NORMORE /In Memory Of The Beloved/Children Of/Thomas & Mary Normore/Henry Robert/Died 9th Dec. 1892/Aged 9 Years/David Allan/Died (either 7 or 17th) Dec. 1892/Aged 2 Years ? Months. (there was a verse written below but the stone had turned dark and I couldn't read it.)

NORMORE /In/Fond Memory/Of/James Normore/Who Departed This/Life Mar. 26th, 1916/Aged 81 Years/Rest Eternal Grant/Him O Lord And ??????.

NORMORE /In/Loving Memory Of/Henry Normore/Who Departed This Life/Aug. 5, 1926/Aged/81 Years/In God We Trust.

NORMORE /In Loving Memory Of/Johannah/Beloved Wife Of/Solomon Normore/Who Died/Jan. 26th, (1899)/Aged/96 Years.

NORMORE /In Loving/Memory Of/John Charles/Normore/Died Jan. 2, 1963/Aged 78 Years/Also His Wife/Alice Moss/Normore/Died Oct. ?, 1952/Aged 62 Years/May Their Souls/Rest In Peace.

NORMORE /In Memory Of/Virtue Bennett/Beloved Child Of/James & Elizabeth/Normore/Died Feb. 13, 1906



O'LEARY /Margaret O'Leary/Jan. 24, 1915/Feb. 18, 1992/Always A Kind Word/For Everyone.

Double Headstones
O'LEARY /Charles F./Sept 5, 1904/Jan 16, 1983/Ever Remembered Ever Loved/Erected by the Fmily
O'LEARY /Margaret/Jan 24, 1915/Feb 18, 1992/Always A Kind Word For Everyone



O'NEILL /Betty M./June 15, 1940/Feb. 2, 1999/We Will Look For You In Our Hearts.

O'NEILL /In Loving Memory Of/Dougie O'Neill/1965-1983/He Lives With Us In Memory/And Will For Evermore/Erected By His Family.

O'NEILL /Mary E. O'Neill/1922-1962/Ever Remembered/Ever Loved/Erected By Her Family

O'NEILL /James L. O'Neill/Bombardier/Toyal Artillery/25 Jan. 1974/Age 70

O'NEILL /Sadie Conran O'Neill/1908-1995/Wife Of Leo O'Neill/Beloved Mother/And Grandmother/Always In Our Hearts.



O'TOOLE /In Loving Memory Of/Anne O'Toole/Died July 31, 1966/Aged 64 Years/She Lives With Us In Memory/And Will For Evermore/Erected By Her Husband

O'TOOLE /In Loving Memory Of/Patrick O'Toole/Died Sept. 12, 1986/Aged 79 Years/Gone But Not Forgotten/Erected By His Children



QUIGLEY /Erected/By/Peter In Memory Of/His Beloved Mother/Alice Quigley/Died Mar. 20, 1902 Aged 84 Yrs./Also Her Husband/Peter Quigley/Died March 12th, 1861 Aged 46 Yrs./R.I.P./Time Nor Distance Cannot Part/Hearts United To The Sacred Heart

QUIGLEY /In Loving Memory Of/Edward W. Quigley/Born July 12, 1897/Died Aug. 14, 1962/Erected By His Wife Sarah

QUIGLEY /In Loving Memory/Johnny Quigley/Nov. 24, 1954/Sept. 11, 1956/God's Little Angel In/Heaven/Forever Loved Mom

QUIGLEY /Fergus(Chuck)/Mar. 29, 1943-June 4, 1997/In Loving Memory Of A/Dear Brother

QUIGLEY /Sarah Cecilia/Sept. 18, 1904-Sept. 5, 1987/In Loving Memory Of A/Dear Mother (this headstone and the one for Fergus are identical so I believe them to be mother and son)

QUIGLEY /Gerald(Sandy)/March 12, 1945-Feb. 12, 1994/Forever In Our Hearts/Erected By The Family

QUIGLEY /Peter A./June 20, 1928/June 20, 1988/Life Is Not Forever But Love Is

QUIGLEY /Peter J/1906-1979 across on the same headstone Agnes/1909-1987 below both names Ever Remembered Ever Loved/Erected By Family

QUIGLEY /Peter J. Jr./Oct. 31, 1937/Jan. 4, 1988/Our Loved One Sleeps/Here.

QUIGLEY /Erected By John/In Memory Of His/Father/Peter Quigley/Died Nov. 22, 1928/Aged 76 Yrs./And/His Mother/Agnes/Died Jan. 6, 1938/Aged 73 Yrs/May The Sacred/Heart Of Jesus/Have Mercy On/Their Souls



Contributed by Patricia Byrne

Transcribed by Barbara McGrath (January 2000)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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