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Harbour Grace District

> View of Cemetery

STEPHEN V P May 2, 1992 December 10, 2007   Sadly missed by father Vaden, Mother Karen and sister Stephanie.
WINSOR Annie June Clarke Dec 17, 1933 Oct 3, 2005   Wife. And now, Lord, what wait I for? My hope is in thee. Psalm 39:7
MORGAN Alexander 1910 1991   Husband
MORGAN Florence 1910 1999   Wife. Forever with the Lord.
ALLEN Mabel T Jan 5, 1938 Jan 29, 2002   Ever remembered, ever loved.
BROOMFIELD Wm Albert 1926 2003   On that bright eternal shore, We shall meet to part no more.
ROWSELL Ruby M April 24, 1923 Sept 21, 1990    
ROWSELL Arthur A Oct 25, 1918 March 12, 1995    
BURTON Reginald W 1935 1999   Husband
BURTON Ronald W 1961 1999   Son. Awaiting the resurrection
CRANFORD Andrew 1928 2000   Always remembered, always loved by Edna, Ruby, Andrew, Lewis & Leslie.
RUSSELL Maude 1905 1985   Forever with the Lord.
RUSSELL Arthur 1921 2002   Forever with the Lord.
WINDSOR Pastor Arthur S Feb 5, 1905 Jan 10, 2005    
WINDSOR Pastor P Palmer Aug 23, 1908 Nov 5, 1998   Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.
BOWERING Sherry M Dec 17, 1963 Dec 20, 1963   Daughter of Elsie & Wallace. He shall gather His jewels.
SPARKES J. Garfield 1913 2003   Father. Under his wings.
GIFFORD Harris 1911 1978    
UNKNOWN #1       Grave marked by partial wooden cross.
TAYLOR Donald R 1919 1977   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
PARSONS Clifton 1919 1976   Beloved husband of Dorothy. Ever remembered - ever loved. Erected by the family.
PARSONS Dorothy Jean 1927 1998   Love wife and mother. Ever remembere - ever loved. Erected by son.
MUGFORD Marjorie Bradbury June 29, 1913 Nov 14, 1999   Always Remembered, Forever Loved.
BRADBURY Thomas Arthur   Aug 11, 1975 69 years His toil is past; His work is done; He fought the fight; The victory won. Erected by his wife Marjorie.
BOWERING Eleanor Jan 22nd 1892 April 17th 1959   Beloved wife of Isaac Bowering. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. Erected by her children.
BOWERING Isaac Nov 4th 1881 Sept 27th 1952   Beloved husband of Eleanor Bowering. He shall be missed for his seat will be empty. Erected by his wife & children.
MERCER Eliza Ann   Aug 31, 1971 78 years Forever with the Lord.
MERCER George   Jan 31st 1954 76 years Forever with the Lord.
RALPH Malcolm 1910 1965   Husband. Precious memories.
SPARKES no given name March 28, 1940 April 31, 1940   Beloved son of Agrfield and Louise. Our loved one sleeps here.
MERCER Lloyd Clifford 1912 2003   Beloved husband of
MERCER Susie King 1917 2003   In God's holy keeping.
CLARKE Jessie   Jan 9, 1960 75 years At rest.
MERCER Shirley May   Nov 1978 15 years Suffer the little children to come unto me
DIXON Christopher 1911 1972   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
SNOW - CLARKE Selena Sept 8, 1910 Nov 2, 1994   A dear Mother. With patience I have waited Lord; For Thee to call me home; Oh Lord I pray that I am worthy; To sit beside Thy throne. Erected by son Garfield.
BOONE Gordon C 1915 1984    
BOONE Muriel 1922 1994   Resting with Jesus in that beautiful home above.
THOMPSON Robert 1906 1987    
THOMPSON Hilda M 1910 1979   Looking for that blessed hope.
COOPER Samuel J Oct 12, 1900 Dec 10, 1988   The Lord is my shepherd. Erected by wife Sarah.
COOPER Sarah Oct 21, 1908 Dec 3, 1990    
JANES Eric R 1915 2007    
JANES Eva H 1914 1980   Fell asleep in Christ, to be raised in glory.
ROWSELL Jessie 1888 1975   Asleep in Jesus.
ROWSELL George H 1888 1967   Forever with the Lord.
ROWSELL Charles F 1913 1970   Absent from the body, Present with the Lord.
ROWSELL Elizabeth O 1915 1971   Peace, perfect peace.
FILLIER Esau   Aug 31, 1985 65 years Ever remembered.
MARSHALL Israel B 1888 1879   Forever with the Lord.
BOWERING Caroline B 1944 1991   Looking for that blessed hope.
FRENCH Alfreda Sept 8th 1882 March 22nd 1963   Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion, With our dear loved ones, who have gone before, And in that homeland, We'll know no parting, Beyond the sunset for evermore.
FRENCH James   Aug 30th 1949 72 years Beloved husband of Alfreda French. We say good night here, but good morning up there.
FRENCH Thomas G 1906 1934    
FRENCH Eliza 1871 1940   his Aunt. Our loved ones sleep here.
BISHOP Joseph 1872 1942    
BISHOP Patience 1874 1957   Til the day break and the shadows flee away.
RUSSELL William James July 11th 1881 April 13th 1953   Beloved husband of Jane Russell. Forever with the Lord. Erected by wife and children.
RUSSELL Allen Jan 26th 1917 Nov 19th 1942 25 years No. 31023533, Pte 1st Class, 182 Infantry, 26th Yankee Division, U S Army. Killed in action in South Pacific. Son of William & Jane Russell. He gave his life for freedom's cause on that November dawn. In a soldier's grave he is laid at rest, Until the judgment morn.
RUSSELL Jane Sept 5, 1880 Nov 3, 1963   Beloved wife of William James Russell. There by His love o'shaded, Sweetly my soul shall rest. Erected by her children.
SNOW James   Dec 27th 1953 70 years and his wife
SNOW Esther   April 19th 1954 68 years In God's holy keeping.
FRENCH Nathan 1891 1953   Rest in peace.
FRENCH Selena 1892 1966   Rest in peace.
MERCER Thomas 1886 1946   Father
MERCER Ethel 1884 1964   Mother. 'Til the day break and she shadows flee away.
BRADBURY John   July 1, 1968 60 years Gone but not forgotten.
PARSONS Louise   Aug 13, 1977 81 years Beloved wife of Albert Parsons. Wver remembered, ever loved.
BRADBURY Fannie   Feb 25th 1952 67 years Blessed hope of sweet reunion. Erected by the family.
BOWERING Caroline Sept 17th 1878 Dec 28th 1951   Beloved wife of William T Bowering. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
BRADBURY Delia   Dec 21st 1950 33 years Gone from this vale of sorrow, waiting a blissful morning.
MARSHALL Mary   April 19th 1962 77 years Beloved wife of Josiah Marshall. Here they bloom but for a season; Soon their beauty is decayed; I am going to a city where the roses never fade. He giveth His beloved sleep.
MARSHALL Josiah   Nov 20, 1972 87 years Beloved husband of Mary A Marshall. I hope to see my pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar.
RUSSELL Azariah Dec 1st 1883 May 8th 1950   Beloved husband of Henrietta Russell. Precious in the sight on the Lord is the death of his saints.
BOWERING Donald Dec 5th 1912 June 14th 1933   Erected by the family.
BOWERING Stephen E   Feb 21st 1943   Erected by his loving wife and children.
BOWERING Elizabeth 1886 1971   We loved thee well, but Jesus loved thee best. Erected by the family.
PARSONS Eileen Mary June 7, 1954 Oct 12, 1954   Ever loved by Mom, Dad, 3 Brothers & 2 Sisters. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
KINGSLEY William J   March 12th 1946 30 years Beloved husband of Olive Kingsley. We miss thee from our home, We miss thee from thy place, A shadow o'er our life is cast, We miss the sunshine of thy face.
DEERING Thomas 1876 1857    
DEERING Sarah 1881 1937    
BOONE Lucinda 1886 1964    
BOONE No Name       Boone Family Plot marker. Looking for that blessed hope, the appearing of Christ.
BOONE Isaac 1882 1958    
MERCER Whitmore H Dec 24, 1913 Jan 5, 2001    
MERCER Jessie (Dawe) June 14, 1917 July 16, 1987   In God we trust.
BOONE Wayne Bartlett 1949 2002   Beloved son of Gordon and Muriel. Asleep in the arms of Jesus.
MERCER John S 1950 1999   Asleep in Jesus.
BOWERING Rowne I 1910 1991    
BOWERING William M 1914 2002   For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2010)

Transcribed from photos taken by Don Tate and Craig Peterman

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