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St. John's East District

(Complete as of 2007)

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BROWN John 1893 1925   ROYAL NFLD REGT WW I, Lest we forget
BUTLER Ida M   April 15th 1971 77 years Beloved wife of Wm Butler. And while she lies in peaceful sleep, Her memory we shall always keep.
BUTLER John   Oct 14th 1918 26 years Son of Matthew & Martha Butler. Died at Military Hospital, Devonport, Eng. Buried in Beford Cemetery, Plymouth, Eng. Grave No 4181. Remaining inscription unreadable.
BUTLER Martha   Nov 27th 1937 75 years Beloved wife of Matthew Butler. Not dead to us who love you, ??????? But gone before, You live with us in memory, And will forevermore.
BUTLER Matthew   Jan 29th 1943 88 years Beloved husband of the Late Martha Butler, Inscription unreadable.
BUTLER Unknown        
BUTLER William J   Nov 13th 1953 63 years Beloved husband of Ida Butler. Yet tho thy smile be lost to sight, To memory thou art dear
BUTLER John   Feb 9, 1936 17 yrs Beloved son of William & Ida Butler. Dearest son thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel. Remainder unreadable
KING Annie Maud   Octr 9th 1906 1 Year 4 Months Darling child of Ambrose & Dianna King. Remainder unreadable.
KING Bertha   April 24, 1921 33 Years Beloved Wife of Ambrose King
KING Clarence Apr 4, 1924 Oct 6, 1957    
KING Mary Jan 12, 1928 Oct 3, 2005   Together forever
KING Clayton James   July 7, 1933 4 years  
KING James Baxter   Oct 22, 1922 3 Months Darling children of Berkley & Gertrude King
KING Dinah   April 21, 1923 53 years Beloved wife of Ambrose King. Mother you have left us and our hearts are very sore; Till the time of sweet reunion, we shall see your face no more. But the promise of the meeting on the bright eternal shore, Is the solace of our weeping and it makes our spirits soar, When we think of all the greeting, and we meet to part no more.
KING Elijah   Oct 6th 1944 30 years Inscription unreadable
KING Elijah   Nov 3rd 1945 86 years Also his dear wife
KING Maria   May 31st 1943 82 years Until the day dawns and shadows flee away.
KING Florena   April 17, 1985 91 years Beloved wife of the late Robert King. 'Twas hard to give her up but thy will, O God, be done.
KING Frederick June 11, 1879 April 21, 1944   Beloved husband of the late Lizzie Clara King. There are thoughts that never perish; Bright unfacing through the years; So thy memory we cherish; Shrined in hope, embalmed in tears.
KING Henry Louis   May 3, 1905 ?? Beloved child of Isaac & Mary King
KING Isaac   Jan 2nd, 1938 79 years Beloved husband of Mark King
KING James Albert   May 4, 1892 1 yr 9 mos Beloved son of Isaac & Mary King
KING James   July 1st, 1897 73? Years Beloved husband of Selina King. Inscription unreadable.
KING James A   Nov 9, 1923 28 years Son of Wm & Priscilla King. Inscription unreadable.
KING James   Feb 28th 1934 83 years Beloved husband of Mary Ann King. Inscription unreabable
KING Joseph   Dec 10th 1912 48 years Beloved husband of Rebecca King. Inscription unreadable.
KING Lenora   April 1881 14 years Daughter of James & Selina King. Inscription unreadable.
KING Lizzie Clara Sept 21, 1892 Feb 27, 1940   Beloved wife of Frederick King. A light from our household is gone; A voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled.
KING Martha Lizzie   April 13th 1905 20 years Beloved wife of Frederick King. Inscription unreadable.
KING Mary Ann   Feb 20th 1942 83 years Wife of James King. Inscription unreadable. Erected by Margaret Leslie.
KING Mary   May 3rd 1945 86 years Wife of the late Isaac King.
KING Phyllis   Nov 18th 1941 18 years Beloved daughter of William & Flora King. On that happy Easter morning; All the graves their dead restore, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Meet once more
KING Robert   Jan 2, 1908 72 years Beloved husband of Gracie King.
KING Robert   April 8th 1951 57 years Beloved husband of Florena King. 'Twas hard to give him up but Thy will, O God, be done.
KING Rowland Douglas Hill   April 2, 1903 10 mos Beloved son of Wm & Priscilla King. Inscription unreadable.
KING Selina   Mar 31, 1922 88 Years Beloved wife of the late James King.
KING Simeon   Aug 30, 1890 23 years Beloved son of Richard & Elizabeth King. Inscription unreadable.
KING Simon Chesley   Feb 4th 1902 10 years Beloved son of Isaac & Mary King. Inscription unreadable.
KING Stanley R.N.R.   Jan 19th 1920 23 years RNR No. 1971X
KINGS Unknown       Wooden Cross
KING William   Dec 6th 1945 82 years Father
KING Priscilla A.   Oct 4th 1949 85 years Mother. Inscription unreadable.
LeGROW Alfred   Sept 15, 1919 70 years Beloved husband of Dorcas LeGrow
LeGROW Ambrose   April 1st 1930 67 years Inscription unreadable.
LeGROW Dina Doras   June 19th 1947 28 years Beloved daughter of Gilbert & Alice LeGrow. Inscription unreadable.
LeGROW Dorcas   Oct 6th 1971 85 years Beloved wife of E LeGrow. Not lost to memory, nor to love; But safe in our Father's home above.
LeGROW Edna   Aug 16th 1937 21 years Beloved daughter of Henry C & Mabel? LeGrow
LeGROW Effie 1903 1925    
LeGROW Eliza   Aug 3rd 1901 29 years Beloved wife of Noah LeGrow
LeGROW Ellen   Jan 12th 1899 64 years Beloved wife of Simon LeGrow, remaining inscription unreadable
LeGROW Elsie Dove   May 8th 1952 69 years Wife of Kenneth LeGrow
LeGROW Kenneth Aug 1877 Jan 1968   We shall meet her some bright morning; Resting by the waters fair; She is waiting for our coming; In the upper garden there.
LeGROW Fannie   June 6th 1945 73 years A dear wife and mother. Wife of Tobias LeGrow. Far beyond this world of sorrow; Far beyond this world of care; We shall find our missing loved one; In that heavenly mansion fair.
LeGROW Joseph B.   Feb 21st 1958 73 years Beloved husband of Dorcas LeGrow. A precious one from us is gone; A voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our home; That never can be filled.
LeGROW Julia Ann   Dec 8th 1952 94 years Wife of Mark LeGrow. Inscription unreadable.
LeGROW Mark   Nov 4th 1934 84 years Beloved husband of Julia LeGrow. Remainder unreadable.
LeGROW Mary Beatrice   July 29, 1898 9 1/2 Years Beloved child of Henry & Elizabeth LeGrow
LeGROW Michael   July 21st 1955 89 years Beloved husband of Alice Jane LeGrow. Peace, perfect peace.
LeGROW Noah   Jan 22nd 1932 68 years Beloved husband of Leah LeGrow.
LeGROW Philip   March 5th 1923 21 years  
LeGROW Reuben 1889 1931   Royal NFLD Regt, WWI. Lest we forget.
LeGROW Selina   Feb 27th 1892 29 years Beloved wife of Hugh LeGrow
LeGROW Simon   May 20, 1883 67 years Beloved husband of Ellen LeGrow
LeGROW Solomon   Jan 29th 1906 49 Years Beloved husband of Virtue LeGrow
LeGROW Thelma   June 26th 1927 7 years  
LEeGROW Vera   Feb 9th 1918 7 months  
LeGROW Gideon Baxter   June 5th, 1924 1 yr 7 Months  
LeGROW Theresa   Sept 17th 1958 82 years  
LeGROW Tobias   April 17th 1953 82 years Dear Father. At rest.
LeGROW Virtue   May 11th 1915 54 years Beloved wife of the late Solomon LeGrow.
LeGROW Walter   May 20th 1955 60 years Beloved husband of Margaret LeGrow.
LeGROW Margaret   Dec 20th 1973 79 years Beloved wife of Walter LeGrow. Blessed are the pure in heart.
LeGROW William   Dec 7th 1940 29 years Beloved son of John & Sophia LeGrow. A precious son from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled. Remainder unreadable.
LeGROW William   Nov 1st 1945 66 years Beloved husband of Eliza E LeGrow.
LeGROW William Eric   Jan 25th 1950 2 months Ours for a little while, With Jesus forever.
MULLEY Rebecca   April 9th 1955 85 years  
UNKNOWN         Three wooden crosses.
UNKNOWN         Unmarked crosses.
LeGROW Alfred Feb 17th 1913 Aug 30th 1938 25 years Beloved husband of Maisie LeGrow. Son of Joseph B & Dorcas LeGrow
MEMORIAL - Overall - Erected to the memory of those who paid the supreme sacrivice in the 1st and 2nd World Warsand 2nd World Wars.
MEMORIAL - Front - Erected to the memory of those who paid the supreme sacrivice in the 1st and 2nd World Wars
BUTLER PTE John 1914 1918    
KING A/B Herbert 1939 1945    
MEMORIAL - Side - Erected to the memory of those who paid the supreme sacrivice in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Names below appear on the face of the monument.
LeGROW L/S Jack, DSM        
LeGROW L/S Gordon        
LeGROW L/S Reginald        
KING A/B Raymond L        
KING A/B/Roland B        
BUTLER A/B Cecil        
LeGROW GNR Edward L        
KING GNR Eleazar        
NFLD Regiment, Home Defence          
KING GNR Richard        
KING PTE Clarence        
LeGROW PTE Matthew        
WHALEN BDR Clyde        
LeGROW L/BOR Wesley        
KING PTE Gwendolyn        
BUTLER PTE Blanche        
LeGROW C/G Clyde        
KING C/WO William J        
KING C/PL Harold E        
KING PFC Robert L        
LeGROW S/SGT Silas B        
MEMORIAL - Side - Erected to the memory of those who paid the supreme sacrivice in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Names below appear on the face of the monument.
KING Stanley R.N.        
KING Ralph R.N.        
PARSONS Albert R.N.        
PARSONS John R R.N.        
KING PTE James A        
KING PTE William W        
LeGROW Reuben        
KING SGT Ernest G        
KING PTE Eli        
WHALEN Alice Jane   March 7th 1942 65 years Beloved wife of Michael LeGrow
WHALEN Charlotte Jane   Aug 29th 1968 87 years Mother
WHALEN William Francis   Dec 7th 1954 74 years Father When labour's ended and the journey done, Then He will lead me safely to my home, There I shall dwell in rapture sure and sweet, With all the loved ones (remainder unreadable).
WHALEN Ethel July 1896 April 1929   Beloved wife of Isaac Whalen, Ever Remembered
WHALEN Isaac Dec 1894 Dec 1936   Beloved husband of Ethel, Ever remembered.
WHITE Ina Pearl   June 19, 1955 34 years Beloved wife of Leslie White. T'was hard to give her up, But thy will, O God, be done.

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (December 2007) from
Photos Contributed by Craig Peterman and Don Tate (July 2007)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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