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Battle Harbour Cemetery
Labrador District
(Complete as of 2006)

Click here for View down the Valley or Side View of Cemetery,  and the Church

Surname  Given Born  Died  Age  Spouse Other Information  
Acreman Samuel   April 7th 1953 74 years Hannah  
Acreman Hannah   Aug. 4th 1962 75 years Samuel [Note:- Headstone is lying on it's face. I was unable to photograph it]
Acreman Violet May July 20th 1905 April 1st 1924 19 years   Daughter of Samuel and Hannah
Acreman Marjorie Wakefield March 9th 1912 July 19th 1923 11 years   Daughter of Samuel and Hannah
Acreman William Henry Sept. 1st 1907 Aug. 29th 1977 70 years    
Acreman Caroline 1849 Jan. 6th 1925 76 years John Born at Port De Grave, Died at Lewis Bay, Battle Harbour
Ash Mary Grace   July 30th 1921 64 years George  
Brazill Frederick George Oct. 19, 1915 Aug 1st 1927 11 years & 10 months   Son of Stanley and Lilly Brazill
Croucher Victor   May 1, 1918 21 years   Erected by his sorrowing wife and father [Victor Croucher is the little boy on the poster ?In Cod we Trust? between the two cod fish. Picture was taken in Battle Harbour]
Jones* Eliza   July 23rd 1996     (Daughter of Jim and Yvonne Jones)
Jones Henry Sept. 13, 1912 July 11, 1983      
Lunnen Laura Maude Jan. 11, 1914 March 10, 1973     Erected by the family
Lunnen Francis John Nov. 9th 1899 Nov. 19th 1960     Erected by his wife and family in loving memory
Luther Ann Bush 1884 1971     In memory of a dear mother.
Luther Martin George   Sept. 16th 1963 80 years    
Luther Eliza Blackler   July 22nd 1936 16 years   Beloved daughter of Martin G. & Annie Luther
Luther John A.R. 1916 1971     In memory of a dear husband & father
Normore* Isabella (Barney) 1864 1905      
Rumbolt* Mariam   Nov. 3rd 1957 76 years James  
Rumbolt* Mrs. Joseph   Sept. 28th 1929 19 years & 8 months    
Rumbolt* Mrs. Ruth July 14th 1871 July 10th 1931      
Smith* Charlotte Oct. 21, 1904 July 15, 1991   William E.  
Smith* William E. Oct. 9, 1899 Oct. 22, 1973      
Smith* George Aug. 27th 1873 May 7th 1943   Catherine  
Catherine Howell May 12th 1875 March 11th 1954   George  
Smith* Isaac   April 26th 1904 83 years    
Susanna   Nov. 26th 1903 70 years    
Smith* Harry   June 2nd 1945 53 years    
Smith* Isaac   Jan. 19th 1937 83 years    
Emma   Oct. 12th 1932 76 years    
Smith* Edward   Oct. 1918 25   5710 Private Royal Newfoundland Regt.
Smyth* Mary     60 years    
Unknown #1*           [Note:- Stone Marker]
Unknown #2*           [Note:- Wooden Headstone]
Unknown #3*           [Note:- Wooden Cross]

Others Reported to be Buried in this Cemetery,
but no headstone is currently identifiable.
(Anyone with additional information, please contact us.)

Surname  Given Born  Died  Age  Spouse Other Information  
Spearing Infant Boy         Twin brothers died in infancy
Infant Boy        

Original Transcription Contributed by Bernie Heard (1998)
*with additions and Updates by Gina Pye (2006)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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