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St. Philips Anglican Cemetery

View of Church by Cemetery
View of Cemetery Name sign on Church
View of Cemetery
start at the road side lower left corner
1 Payne Bessie Bessie Payne 1914-1978 erected by husband John H. Payne
2 Payne John H. In Loving Memory of John H. Payne 1910-1980 #166 Royal artillery # 870601 erected by Alvin Payne
3 Payne James G., Mary J., Edith H. "In Loving Memory of James G. Payne March 28 1955 age 88 also, Mary J. Payne Feb 7 1948 age 84 also, Edith H. Payne June 4 1928 age 32 erected by Henry Payne"
4 Payne Eliza In Loving Memory of Eliza Anna Bell wife of James Gilbert Payne Aug 8 1905 age 32
5 Hall Esther, James, Henry. Erected by Manuel Hall In Memory of his mother Esther Hall Dec 24 1895 age 33 Also, brother James Apr 1 1895 1yr 6mos Also, brother Henry Harrison Feb 7 1917 age 17
6 Hall Manuel Manual Hall April 15 1919 age 28
7 Payne Henry Charles, Mary Jane Henry Charles Payne d- Jan 8 1952 age 82 also, wife Mary Jane Payne May 3 1848 Age 72 erected son Alvin & John
8 Graham Allen G.. Allen C. Graham Native of Liverpool England d- April 27 1928 age 58
9 Winsor Caroline Caroline beloved wife of Dan H. Winsor d Aquaforte Jan 10 ?.. Age 69
10 Payne Stanley A. Stanley Payne able seaman Royal Navy d- Oct 1976 age 62
11 Windsor Wilfred H. In Loving Memory of husband Wilfred H. 1922-1975
12 Windsor Wilfred Montgomery In Loving Memory of dear father Wilfred Montgomery Windsor Vet WW 1 Nov 10 1892 Oct 16 1978
13 Windsor Phyllis (Raidie) In Loving Memory of Phyllis (Raidie) Windsor Dec 6 1917 Aug 13 1985
14 Windsor Henry Clarence Henry Clarence Windsor 1905-1968
15 Bartlett Anna Windsor In Memory of Anna Windsor Bartlett 1895-1966
16 Windsor Sarah Judith In Loving Memory of our dear mother Sarah Judith Windsor wife of Henry C Windsor Feb 3 1871 - Nov 3 1945
17 Windsor Henry G. Henry G Windsor Apr 15 1920 age 62
18 Windsor Ada Victoria In Loving Memory of Ada Victoria Windsor Apr 8 1918 age 21
19 Payne Ethel M. erected by Charles Payne In Loving Memory of of his dau Ethel M Payne d- Feb 18 1944 age 42
20 Payne E. H. (Bessie) In Loving Memory of dear dau E. H. (Bessie) Payne d- Dec 28 1921 age 17
21 Payne Thomas R, Raymond A. In Loving Memory of of her husband Thomas R. Payne April 14 1922 age 62 also, darling son Raymond A Payne July 16 1911 age 5 days erected by Harriet Payne
22 Payne Eva Matilda Eva Matilda beloved wife of Thomas R Payne d July 4 1889 age 34
23 Payne Hattie A. Erected by Carrie Payne beloved wife of Thomas R. Payne In Loving Memory of Hattie A Payne Nov 2 1945 age 65
24 Payne Raymond A. In Loving Memory of Raymond A. Payne infant no date
25 Poole Esther In Loving Memory of Esther Poole 1897-1975 erected by Tibbo Family
26 Payne Mary E.
William H.
Mary E. Payne 1892-1972 & William H. Payne 1889 - 1959
27 Winsor / Jennings Jacob, Anna & Dan Jennings Jacob Winsor age 71 Native of Devonshire England D- 19 Dec 1854 Also his wife Anna D - May 10, 1876 age 80 Also Dan Jennings ?
28 Winsor Anna Jennings In Memory of Anna Jennings wife of Peter Winsor March 5 1894 age 71
29 Windsor Peter In Memory of Peter Windsor Dec 31 1904 age 82
30 Winsor Jane Caroline, Mary Emily Sacred to the Memory of Jane Caroline Winsor Oct 20 1871 age 5 her sister Mary Emily Dec 8 1869 age 11 days
31 Windsor Anna Curran Anna Curran Windsor 1926-1996 inside church on plaque
32 Morry Capt. William Sweetland Erected by Clara In Memory of beloved husband Capt William Sweetland Morry age 25 inside church on plaque
33 Winsor Jacob,
Caroline Maud,
Laura May
Erected by Susan In Loving Memory of beloved husband Jacob Winsor d- Sept 7 1913 age 65 also, dau Caroline Maud d- June 29 1904 age 19 and Laura May d- Dec 11 1888 age 5 mos
34 Winsor Pauline Alicia She lives with us in living memory and will for ever more. June 29, 1947 - Nov 13, 2001
35 Unknown #1    
36 Unknown #2    
37 Unknown #3    
38 Unknown #4    
39 Unknown #5    

Transcribed by: Roberta Sullivan - March 2000
Updated April 9, 2000.

Photos added by Don Tate and Craig Peterman (July 2009)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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