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Cemetery Records
Apsey Brook

Apsey Brook Cemetery
Name Relatives born Died Age
Marina G. Marsh na 1941 1984 na}
Chesley Phillips na na d.02-08-1975 age 38
Utley (Luther & Miriam Smith) na d.02-26-1937 age 24
Luther Smith (Miriam) na d.07-11-1950 age 74 - 9 mos
Ross L. Smith na 1920 1986 na
Alice M. na na 1915 na
Alfreda Smith (George) na d.06-04-1924 age 33
George Smith (Alfreda) na d.05-15-1929 age 37
Lindo Smith na 1913 1979 na
Victoria Smith na 1918 1991 na
Luther Kenneth Smith (May) b.05-29-1901 d.07-10-1976 na
Willis P. Reid (Alma) b.03-17-1908 d.08-01-1974 na
Alma P. Reid (Willis) b.09-20-1908 d.08-11-1968 na
Elizabeth Smith (late John) na d.07-10-1946 age 82-9 mos
John T. (Elizabeth Smith) na d.07-23-1928 age 65-7 mos
Willis Smith (John & Lizzie)(hus.of Lily) na d.10-16-1923 age 27-8
Ingham Smith (Sybil) b.11-11-1899 d.12-19-1972 na
Sybil Smith (Ingham) b.06-10-1900 d.03-21-1986 na
Stephen Smith na na d.03-16-1921 age 49
William Smith (Lydia) na d.02-16-1925 age 91-10 mos
Lydia (William Smith) 1841 1930 erected by Miriam Smith
Roland Smith (Emma) na d.11-03-1962 age 76
Emma Smith na 1895 1988 na
Merida Belle (Roland & Emma Smith) na d.11-28-1948 age 24 - Note #1
Harrison na na d.06-23-1900 age 2
Albert na na d.07-04-1906 age 7
Martha Children of Barzallai & Hester Smith na d.07-04-1906 age 16
Barzallai Smith (Hester) na d.05-23-1916 age 50
Silas Smith (Caroline) na d.07-08-1943 age 72
Caroline Smith (Silas) na d.11-19-1960 age 86

NOTE #1:
Headstone erected by father and brothers

Provided by the late Gerry Balsom of Clarenville.
Posted: OCTOBER 31,1999

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