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St. John the Evangelist Anglican Churchyard Cemetery
Burgeo and LaPoile District

(Complete as of 2009)

Click for Old Photo of Church & Cemetery, and Current Photo of Cemetery
3rd photo of Churchyard Cemetery, and 4th photo of Churchyard Cemetery

Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Other Information
Anderson Rebecca   ?? ??? 1876 ?? Years   [stored in crawl space under church]
Ballard Gabriel   Jan. 16th 1863 79 Years   [parish burial record spells his name "Billard" which is the correct sp. of his name.... Brenda Alverson]
Binmore William   14 July 1859 31 Years   of Denbury, in England, drowned near Burgeo [see Devon Headstone]
Bowdridge Gordon 1914 1940     killed in action
Fred 1906 1940     killed in action; [parish records say "drowned at sea" M. Marine.... Brenda Alverson]
Casswell John Charles   September 16th 1870 17 Years   [son of John and Mary (Hardy) Casswell..... Brenda Alverson]
Casswell John Charles   27th Nov. 1884 2 Years   [son of William and Elizabeth (Hatcher) Casswell]
Cole Rachel   Oct. 2, 1867 24 Yrs William [her headstone has 2 Oct. 1867 for her death --however, the burial records have 2 Feb. 1867. Since they are handwritten sequentially, I would believe that to be the correct date.... Brenda Alverson]
Collier Bethana   April 3rd 1890 68  Years 3 Mos Charles [Parish records list abode Burgeo, buried Apr. 6th (Easter Day) 1890, age 68.  As per L. A. Winsor]
Collier Elizabeth   October 3rd  1864 72 Years Charles Sen. [Parish records list age as 71 years, abode Lr Burgeo.  As per L. A. Winsor]
Critch Francis   14 July 1859 20 Years   [Stone now in several pieces. In same plot as Wm Binmore.]
Cunningham Elizabeth [Ward]   March 10, 1888     of London, England [born 1801 Durham, Emgland; died Burgeo]
[Mary Ann Elizabeth] Totty   May 5, 1855 7 Years   [born 1848, Brigus, NL; died Burgeo]
[Mary Ann (Cannon)] [Mar. 18, 1824] [Nov. 10, 1894]     [born Stepney, England; died Burgeo]
Rev. John   March 10, 1894 70 Years   S.P.C. Missionary in this place for 46 Years [born Stepney, England; died Burgeo]
Dicks Charles   June 1, 1874      
Dicks Susannah   25th Jany 1876 89 Years   [Headstone was buried and broken]
Dominey Jane   27th Sep. 1886 69 Years   [stored in crawl space under church]; [in the parish burial records p. 10 no. 79, it is recorded: Jane Domeny of Cape LaHune died Sept. 25th, 1885, at age 70 years... Brenda Alverson]
Filleul John   1st July 1871 47 Years   native of Jersey
Foot William   Nov. 5 A.D. 1870 22 Years   [Stone fallen & partly covered with grass]
Ford Harriet   17th O[ct. 1858] In 23rd [Year] Walter [sister of George Matthews below; parish records say that she departed this life Nov. 8th 1857]; [in 1991 NLGS recorded date as 17th Oct 1858]... Brenda Alverson
Furneaux Richard   Apr. 6, 1855 11 Mos.   [broken & stored in crawl space under church]; [same headstone as Ann Winter]
Green Elizabeth   13th Dec. 1873 43 Years William [William was born in 1820.... Brenda Alverson]
Hebbert Charles S.   14th July 1859 31[?] Years   [Drowned along with Francis Critch and Wm Binmore. Burgeo Burial records: age 32 years. Headstone fallen.]
Henderson Susie   Jan. 23rd 1884 5 Years & 6 Mos   [stored in crawl space under church; daughter of J. & S. Henderson; The C. of E. parish records ( p. 9 no. 67) read-- "Susanna Henderson died Jan. 25th, 1885 at age 5½ years. Although she was in the Church of England it has a note that she was Roman Catholic".... Brenda Alverson]
Hunt Eliza   Oct. 7, 1860 19 Years [George Hunt] [stored in crawl space under church; daughter of Christopher Dicks and Elizabeth Collier]
Hunt George   Nov. 16, 1866 33 Years   [this information was recorded by NLGS in 1991, but the headstone can no longer be found.... Brenda Alverson]
Matthews Frances   26th October 1885 75 Years [John Matthews Senr] [nee Dicks; my gg grandmother]
Matthews George  

Mar. 17, 1859

20 Years    
Matthews Henry  

Nov. 9, 1859

29 Years    
Matthews John  

April 23rd[?] 1878

28 Years   [this headstone was buried]; [this might be the headstone of John Matthews, son of John Matthews and Francis Dicks who was born abt 1828 and died at age 28.... Brenda Alverson]
Matthews John Senr   Nov. 31, 1866 62 Yrs [Frances Dicks]  
Matthews Joseph   December 5, 1865 39 Years [Mary Northcott] [stored in crawl space under church][Northcut in marriage record]]
Matthews Samuel   Nov. 23, 1867 21 Years    
Matthews William   Oct. 27, 1864 24 Years    
Park John Phillip   Jan. 1st 1877 31 Years    
Parsons Charlotte   May 16th 1886 73 Years    
Parsons Francis A.   March 23rd 1883 73 Years    
Porter Sarah   May 26, 1853 60 Years [Thomas] [stored in crawl space under church]
[Small] Hannah Susie Louise   ??? ? ???? ? Years   [I strongly believe that she is Hannah Susan Louise Small, who died 13 Feb 1887 at 5½ years old (Source: St. John The Evangelist parish burial records) . She was born in 1881 (bap. 10 Jul 1881- parents were Ephraim and Harriet Small ). On the parish baptism record she was listed as "Hannah Susie Louise" Small. It helped that she had such an unusual combination of 3 names!! Also, if you very closely below the "h" in "child" on her headstone, you will notice the possible 2 tips of the capital letter "H" ( for the mother's name Harriett...) and at the end the 2 faded t's..... Brenda Alverson]
Stewart Fanny   16th April 1886 28 Years [William Stewart] [this headstone was buried]
Vatcher Emmanuel   28th February 1887 60 Years [Susan] [this headstone was partially buried]
Vatcher Martha   Sep. 21, 1872 19 Years   [this headstone was partially buried]
Vatcher Richard   October 18th AD 1870 16 Years    
Vatcher Susan   Nov. 23rd 1910 [In 78th] Year [Em]manuel [this headstone was buried]; [age inferred from burial records]
White Ellen   Mar. 15, 1890 36 Years G. K. White  
Winter Ann   Jan. 9, 1857 45 Years   [broken & stored in crawl space under church]; [same headstone as Richard Furneaux]

Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (2007)
with additional information (Aug 2009) from
Brenda Crewe Alverson & Les Winsor
using headstone photos that they took.

Page Last Modified: September 08, 2020 (Craig Peterman)

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