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Bonavista Bay District,

Cemetery Sign View of Cemetery

SMART Leslie J 1912 1992   Father.
SMART Clarice 1912 2000   Mother. Ever remembered, ever loved.
SMART Robert Gordon April 18th 1939 May 30th 1958 19yrs,6wks A faithful friendof Eleazar & Dora Greening. We cannot forget your smiles darling, That gave us sunshine and joy, We know the Lord has given you, A home beyond the sky. Beloved Son of Leslie and Clarice Smart.
PENNEY Cathrine 1909 1959   Ever remembered by the Penny grandchildren.
PENNEY Cecil L   July 13, 1962 29 years Beloved husband of Maxine Penney. He is gone but not forgotten.
GREENING Dora Nov 20, 1898 July 2, 1990    
GREENING Eleazer P Nov 29, 1893 May 27, 1973    
PENNEY Ida May 1911 1964   Beloved wife of Nathaniel Penney. A loving wife and mother.
PENNEY Nathaniel 1910 1979    
PENNEY Ida May 1911 1964   After living earthly to the tribulations, How beautiful heaven must be.
PENNEY Bessie   June 1st 1959 59yrs,5mos Dear wife and mother. A loving one from us is gone, A voice we loved it still, A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled. Ever remembered by husband Robert & children.
PENNY Robert   June 8th 1966 68yrs,4mos A dear father. Deep in our hearts lies a picture, Of a father laid to rest, In memory's frame we shall keep it, Because he was one of the best. Erected by children.
PEDDLE Kenny   Oct 13th 1965 2 months Son of Laverne & Phyddle Peddle. Our loved one sleeps here.
HUBER Minnie W   May 2nd 1989 70 years Beloved wife of John Huber. The Lord is my shepherd.
SMART Ellen T 1896 1978   Our loved one sleeps here.
SMART Albert   June 11th 1960 66 years Beloved husband of Ellen T Smart. He lives with us in memory still and will forever more.
SMART Albert 1928? 1972   How sweet to sleep where all is peace, And pain is lulled to rest.
PENNEY Archibald July 12th 1926 Feb 11th 1966   Erected by wife and family. May the winds of Heaven blow gently, On a quiet and lonely spot. Where the one we loved lies sleeping, And will never be forgot.
DIAMOND Norman Roy 1936 1978   Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by wife Phyllis and family.
LETHBRIDGE Vida   Oct 23rd 1966 71 years Beloved wife of W J Lethbridge. What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.
LETHBRIDGE William John   August 27th 1982 90 years Thy will be done.
SMART Johanna (Kane) 1901 1979   Father in Thy gracious keeping, Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
SMART William G   Nov 29th 1966 79 years Beloved husband of Johanna Smart. On that bright immortal shore, We shall meet to part no more.
HOLLOWAY Sidney 1888 1962    
HOLLOWAY Eli John 1894 1968    
HOLLOWAY Mabel L 1899 1985   His wife. Asleep in Jesus.
HOLLOWAY John   1 Oct 1968 75 years Woodsman, NFLD Forestry WW II
DIAMOND Kate 1878 1969   Mother. Wife of David Diamond.
DIAMOND Wallace R 1912 1997    
DIAMOND Nellie G 1917 Still Living   Ever remembered, ever loved. At peace with nature and with God.
BARBOUR Gertrude M 1906 1993   Beloved wife of Carman Barbour. We lost our dear old mother, But forget we never will, The memory of her loving care, Will linger with us still.
BARBOUR Garman H S 1904 1970   Beloved husband of Gertrude Barbour. A few more steps along life's way, Perhaps a few more years, There by God's grace we'll meet again, Beyond this veil of tears.
SMART Olive Lethbridge Feb 27, 1898 Oct 19, 1983   Rest in peace.
LETHBRIDGE James Sept 23rd 1894 Oct 2nd 1964   Beloved husband of Olive Lethbridge. Peace perfect peace.
ROMAINE Ellen J, R N Nov 5, 1893 Mar 7, 1986   The Lord is my shepherd.
KEATS Eli Bruce 1919 Aug 16, 1970 50 years He lives with us in memory, And will forever more. NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit, WW 2. Lest we forget.
HOLLOWAY John October 21st 1878 November 11th 1961   At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, We shall remember him.
HOLLOWAY Minnie November 8, 1881 December 18, 1967   She is not dead but sleepeth.
TUCKER Hugh Maxwell Sept 24, 1915 Apr 21, 1999    
TUCKER Marion Holloway Dec 12, 1924 Still Living   Until we meet. Forever remembered, forever loved.
PYE Boyd M 1928 2004    
PYE Clarice N 1938 Still Living   Ever remembered, ever loved.
WAYE Charles 1910 Still Living    
WAYE Vera 1916 2005   Your love will light our way. Your memory will be with us forever.
PIKE Eleazar 1918 1997   Husband.
PIKE Violet Goobie 1926 Still Living   Wife. Together forever.
SKIFFINGTON Leonard James Nov 15, 1940 Jan 5, 2006   Just resting.
DIAMOND Rex August 8, 1933 February 16, 1999   Forever in our hearts.
WAYE Lloyd June 26, 1939 Still Living   Married June 26, 1962
WAYE Loretta Apr 17, 1943 Nov 21, 2005   Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. Married June 26, 1962
BURTON Pasco Archie 1926 2006    
BURTON Gertrude Stella 1929 Stilol Living   Together forever.
BUTT Garfield 1910 2000   Husband. Father.
BUTT Lucy 1914 2000   Wife. Mother. Together forever.
LETHBRIDGE Mansfield 1915 1996    
LETHBRIDGE Edna 1930 1994   Come ye to the house of the Lord.
PYE Frederick A Jan 23, 1944 Feb 2, 1995    
PYE Rosalind M Mar 3, 1946 Still Living   Ever remembered, forever loved
PYE Robert John Feb 27, 1920 Aug 29, 2000   Save in the arms of Jesus.
COLLINS Robert J Nov 8, 1928 Nov 28, 2003    
COLLINS Adelia O Apr 8, 1931 Still Living   Sleeping in silent peace.
SMART Cheryl Julie June 3, 1968 December 8, 2003   Beloved daughter, sister and aunt, Dedicated teacher, Faithful friend. I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one. I'd like to leave an after glow of smiles when life is done.
BLUNDON Frederick David 1902 1995   NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit, WW 2. Lest we forget.
BLUNDON Mary Margaret 1900 1996   In God's care.
PYE E A Theodore 1911 1999    
PYE Sarah V 1912 1996   Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
HARRIS Janine May 23, 1982 Dec 5, 2001   Daughter.
HARRIS Clyde May 15, 1953     Dad.
HARRIS Ruth Apr 5, 1958     Mom. My heart will go on because�.remainder unreadable.
KNOX William Francis 1925 1994   NFLD Regt WW 2. Lest we forget. Married DEc 31, 1945
KNOX William F 1925 1994   Married Dec 3, 1945
KNOX Susie G 1923 Still Living    
DIAMOND William J 1904 1979    
DIAMOND Isabelle 1908 Still Living   On that bright eternal shore, We shall meet to part no more.
LETHBRIDGE Graham Roger Aug 12, 1965 Aud 25, 1973   How sweet to sleep where all is peace and pain is lulled to rest.
SMART Jose'p H. T Jan 9, 1917 Mar 23, 1999   Married May 21, 1941
SMART Margaret J May 15, 1921 Nov 7, 2007   The Lord is my shepherd.
PYE William Edgar   May 17, 1974 88 years Beloved hsuband of Merida. Sunshine fades and shadows fall, But sweet remembrance outlasts all.
PYE Merida   March 28, 1989 91 years Beloved wife of William Edgar. She lives with us in memory and will for evermore.
KNOX David 1946 1981   Father.
KNOX Minnie 1945 1981   Mother. Not lost to memory or to love, But save in our Father's home above. Erected by Michelle & Derek.
DIAMOND Daniel 1911 1999   Ever remembered, ever loved.
DIAMOND Emma Blanche 1915 1984   Our loved one sleeps here. We love you.
BUTT Elizabeth Nov 28, 1906 July 3, 1974   Beloved wife of Andrew Butt.
BUTT Andrew Dec 18, 1895 Nov 9, 19??   Looking back with memories upon the path you trod, I bless the hours I had with you and leave the rest with God.
DIAMOND Joseph Sr 1908 1986    
DIAMOND Doris 1908 2003   Gone but not forgotten.
UNKNOWN #1       Plot bordered by cement curbing with white stones.
RUSSELL Edward James   Jan 23, 1975 52 years Some day we hope to meet him, Some day we know not when, To Clasp his hand in the better land, Never to part again. Erected by wife Millicent & family.
RUSSELL Millicent G   April 8, 2004 83 years The saddened hearts were healed in knowing the pain of life is over and the beauty of the soul revealed. Erected by daughter Sheila & family.
PYE Gary Samuel 1953 1975   None new him but to love him; None named him but to praise.
MATTHEWS Ernest D Apr 15, 1916 May 30, 1992    
MATTHEWS Anita M Dec 28, 1923 Feb 23, 2004   Ever remembered, ever loved.
DIAMOND Calvin 1938 1992   Father. We miss you dad, we always will, Deep in our hearts you are with us still, You shared our hopes, our joys, our teart, God bless you Dad for those wonderful years.
DIAMOND Cecilia 1943 2002   We'll walk this road together, Led by the Master's hand.
DIAMOND William Edmund July 31, 1961 May 31, 1993   Sadly missed.
PENNEY Isaac Harold April 7, 1919 Oct 9, 1975 56yrs,6mons Some day, some time, our eyes shall see the face we keep in memory, And God will link the broken chain still closer when we meet again. Erected by wife Elizabeth and children.
PENNEY Elizabeth Mary June 17, 1924 Sept 9, 2002   Life's work well done. Ever remembered, ever loved.
PENNEY Mitchel Larry March 3, 1985 July 9, 2007   Just resting. Too well loved to ever be forgotten. Erected by Mom, Dad & Vanessa.
BARBOUR Lawrence Jan 14, 1930 May 13, 2002   Erected by family.
BARBOUR Ruby July 9, 1931 May 4, 1977   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
DIAMOND David Maxwell 1943 1994   Artist . . .At rest.
DIAMOND Fred F Sept 3, 1905 June 30, 1998   Husband.
DIAMOND Greta E Burton Oct 16, 1908 Mar 19, 1998   Wife.
DIAMOND Watson A July 30, 1930 Mar 24, 1996    
DIAMOND Violet L Nov 12, 1933 Still Living   Always on our minds, Forever in our hearts.
HOLLOWAY Gordon A 1913 1978 64yrs,5mons Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by wife & family.
HOLLOWAY Annie E 1915 1986 71 years Save in the arms of Jesus. Erected by sons and daughters.
PENNEY Blanche K 1943 1978   We watched you suffer day by day, And could not help in any way, But just stood by and saw you pass, Into the Saviour's arms at last. Erected by Dorman & Craig
BARBOUR Craig Scott 1964 1978   One short sleep past. We wake eternally and death shall be no more.
STEWART Annie 1898 1989   To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
HOLLOWAY John October 21, 1878 November 11, 1961   At the going down of the sun, And in the morning, We shall remember him.
TUCKER Hugh Maxwell Sept 24, 1915 Apr 21, 1999   Husband.
TUCKER Marion (Holloway) Dec 12, 1924 Still Living    

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2010)

Photos copyrighted by Don Tate and Craig Peterman

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2019 (Don Tate)

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