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1911 Canadian Census
Individuals from Newfoundland
in Quebec (Lower North Shore)

(Harrington Harbour to Blanc Sablon)
(pages 1 to 12)

Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Relation Sex Status Age Birth Place Birth Date Year Emmigrated Occupation
Page #1
3 3 ROBERTSON Frederick Head M M December 1887 24 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    ROBERTSON Rachel Wife F M December 1892 19 Que/Labrador    
    ROBERTSON Claudia Daughter F S March 1911 - Que/Labrador    
  4 BOBBITT Suzanne (Tante) F (V) September 1853 58 Nfld    
    LUCE John Adpt Son M S March 1891 20 Nfld   Fisherman
7 8 BUFFITT William Head M M December 1840 70 Nfld   Fisherman
    BUFFITT Annie Wife F M July 1846 64 Nfld    
8 10 GREEN Thomas Head M M August 44 Nfld   Gen. Merchant
    GREEN Charlotte Wife F M November 37 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN ?????? Daughter F S December 16 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Dorothy Daughter F S November 14 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Lucie Daughter F S Janurary 12 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Bertha Daughter F S March 10 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Hazel Daughter F S May 8 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Wallace Son M S October 4 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Blanche Daughter F S October 2 Que/Labrador    
9 11 GREEN William Head M M August 39 Nfld   Fisherman
    GREEN Elizabeth Wife F M August 33 Nfld    
    GREEN John Son M S December 10 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Alexander Son M S January 8 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Dorothy Daughter F S September 5 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Alfred Son M S Febuary 3 Que/Labrador    
    GREEN Maud Daughter F S August 1 Que/Labrador    
10 12 VINCENNE John Head M M July 72 Que/Labrador    
    VINCENNE Mary Wife F M July 68 Nfld    
11 13 BOBBITT John Head M M Febuary 32 Nfld   Fisherman
    BOBBITT Martha Wife F M December 25 Nfld    
    BOBBITT Kathleen Daughter F S October 4 Que/Labrador    
    BOBBITT Willie Son M S Febuary 3 Que/Labrador    
    BOBBITT Mabel Daughter F S Febuary 1 Que/Labrador    
12 14 BOBBITT John Head M M October 65 Nfld   Fisherman
    BOBBITT ?eaney Wife F M November 62 Nfld    
    BOBBITT ?Willbert? Son M S October 17 Que/Labrador    
13 15 EVANS Thomas Head M M April 35 Nfld   Fisherman
    EVANS Lucie Wife F M December   Que/Labrador    
Page #2
14 16 BUFFITT Thomas Head M M April 34 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    BUFFITT Amelia Wife F M September 33 Nfld 1882  
    BUFFITT Rueben Son M S March 12 Que/Labrador    
    BUFFITT John Son M S July 8 Que/Labrador    
    BUFFITT Ryley Son M S September 5 Que/Labrador    
17 18 BEST Charles Head M M April 38 Nfld 1892 Fisherman
    BEST Helene Wife F M August 38 Que/Labrador    
    MANBRIDGE Mary Servant F S April 10 Que/Labrador   Servant
21 22 ROGERS Thomas Head M M Febuary 38 Nfld 1882 Fisherman
    ROGERS Laura Wife F M May 34 Que/Labrador    
    ROGERS Harold Son M S June 14 Que/Labrador    
    ROGERS Hiram Son M S April 13 Que/Labrador    
    ROGERS Laura Jr Daughter F S April 11 Que/Labrador    
    ROGERS Minnie Daughter F S January 8 Que/Labrador    
    ROGERS Marcella Daughter F S January 4 Que/Labrador    
    ROGERS Maud Daughter F S October 1 Que/Labrador    
    WELLMAN Emily Domestic F S September 21 Que/Labrador   Servant
23 24 BOBBITT Daniel Head M M July 44 Nfld   Fisherman
    BOBBITT Emma Wife F M May 40 Que/Labrador    
    BOBBITT Elizabeth Daughter F S February 13 Que/Labrador    
    BOBBITT Lucia Daughter F S December 11 Que/Labrador    
    BOBBITT Henry Son M S December 9 Que/Labrador    
    BOBBITT Alice Daughter F S April 7 Que/Labrador    
    BOBBITT Sandy Son M S March 5 Que/Labrador    
Page #3
30 31 ORGAN George Head M M 39387 49 Nfld 1876 Fisherman
    ORGAN Mary Wife F M January 45 Que/Labrador    
    ORGAN ?ade Son M S April 20 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    ORGAN Janise Daughter F S February 15 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    ORGAN Claude Son M S January 13 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    ORGAN James Son M S May 11 Que/Labrador    
    ORGAN Mary Daughter F S January 7 Que/Labrador    
    ORGAN Alice Daughter F S May 5 Que/Labrador    
    ORGAN Frederick Son M S March 3 Que/Labrador    
31 32 YARN John Head M M October 44 Nfld 1883 Fisherman
    YARN Grace Wife F M Feburary 34 Nfld 1883  
    YARN Laura Daughter F S February 12 Que/Labrador    
    YARN George Son M S April 10 Que/Labrador    
    YARN ??lauda Daughter F S May 6 Que/Labrador    
    YARN Willy Son M S August 3/4 Que/Labrador    
32 33 ROGERS Robert Head M M April 69 Nfld 1882 Fisherman
    ROGERS Francis Wife F M March 61 Nfld 1882  
    ROGERS Suzanna Daughter F S September 28 Que/Labrador    
    GALLIBOIS Cyrille Domestic M S November 24 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
Page #4
35 36 COLLIER Charly Head M M January 43 Nfld 1898 Fisherman
    COLLIER Angela Wife F M February 37 Nfld 1898  
    COLLIER Caroline Daughter F S December 14 Nfld 1898  
    COLLIER Bernard Son M S December 13 Que/Labrador    
    COLLIER Samuel Son M S November 11 Que/Labrador    
    COLLIER Mary Frances Daughter F S December 9 Que/Labrador    
    COLLIER L???ard Son M S January 6 Que/Labrador    
    COLLIER Alice Daughter F S January 4 Que/Labrador    
    COLLIER William Son M S May 2 Que/Labrador    
36 37 WILLCOTT Joseph Head M M Febuary 49 Nfld 1890 Fisherman
    WILLCOTT Suzanna Wife F M March 44 Nfld 1890  
    WILLCOTT Michelle Son M M November 22 Nfld 1890 Fisherman
    WILLCOTT John Son M M March 21 Nfld 1890 Fisherman
    WILLCOTT George Son M M March 19 Nfld 1890 Fisherman
    WILLCOTT Denise Daughter F S September 16 Nfld 1890  
    WILLCOTT Mary Daughter F S August 13 Nfld 1890  
    WILLCOTT Daisy Daughter F S November 9 Que/Labrador    
37 38 ROBERTSON Samuel Head M M December 62 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    ROBERTSON Charlotte Wife F M August 54 Nfld 1892  
    ROBERTSON Hiram Son M M December 27 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    ROBERTSON Clarissa Daughter F S December 21 Que/Labrador    
Page #5
[No Newfoundland Entries]
51 52 MARTIN Patric Head M W August 48 Nfld 1884 Fisherman
    MARTIN Thomas Son M S September 14 Que/Labrador    
    MARTIN Edward Son M S September 7 Que/Labrador    
    MARTIN Mary Daughter F S May 12 Que/Labrador    
Page #6
55 56 BOLEN John Head M M April 56 Nfld 1898 Fisherman
    BOLEN Philomena Wife F M August 53 Que/Labrador    
    BOLEN Alice Daughter F S October 18 Que/Labrador    
    BOLEN Marie Daughter F S September 12 Que/Labrador    
    BOLEN James Son M S December 10 Que/Labrador    
    BOLEN Aplhonse Son M S March 9 Que/Labrador    
Page #7
[No Newfoundland Entries]
Page #8
[No Newfoundland Entries]
Page #9
[No Newfoundland Entries]
Page #10
86 89 SWEET John Head M M January 45 Nfld 1875 Fisherman
    SWEET Marguerite Wife F M Febuary 42 Que/Labrador    
    SWEET Thomas Father M W Febuary 81 Nfld 1875 Fisherman
    SWEET Thomas Son M S July 22 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    SWEET Philippe Son M S July 20 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    SWEET Levi Son M S May 18 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    SWEET John Son M S December 17 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    SWEET Bella Daughter F S August 14 Que/Labrador    
    SWEET Elizabeth Daughter F S May 11 Que/Labrador    
    SWEET Mary Daughter F S May 8 Que/Labrador    
    SWEET Joseph Son M S November 5 Que/Labrador    
    SWEET Mabel Daughter F S May 3 Que/Labrador    
    SWEET Horace Son M S March 9/12 Que/Labrador    
    CHILKER Joseph Lodger M S December 80 Que/Labrador    
Page #11
90 95 PIKE Edward Head M M April 45 Nfld 1899 Fisherman
    PIKE Philomina Wife F M July 35 Que/Labrador    
    PIKE Audrie Daughter F S June 9 Que/Labrador    
    PIKE Solomon Son M S January 7 Que/Labrador    
    PIKE Rose Daughter F S July 2 Que/Labrador    
    PIKE Katherine Daughter F S Febuary 4/12 Que/Labrador    
91 96 MORENCY Guillaume Head M M November 32 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    MORENCY Mary Wife F M April 26 Nfld 1909  
    MORENCY Rosalie Daughter F S December 6/12 Que/Labrador    
98 103 JONES ?????????? Head M M Febuary 32 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    JONES Mary Jane Wife F M June 17 Nfld 1910  
Page #12
100 106 JONCAS Jacques Head M M May 37 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    JONCAS Katherine Wife F M December 28 Nfld    
    JONCAS Marguerite Daughter F S November 4 Que/Labrador    
    JONCAS John Son M S June 3 Que/Labrador    
103 109 BUCKLE James Head M M June 46 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    BUCKLE Henrietta Wife F M May 45 Nfld 1888  
    BUCKLE Isacc Son M S August 21 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    BUCKLE Marie Ann Daughter F S May 19 Que/Labrador    
    BUCKLE Louisa Daughter F S October 17 Que/Labrador    
    BUCKLE Mathillda Daughter F S December 14 Que/Labrador    
    BUCKLE Alice Daughter F S November 11 Que/Labrador    
104 110 MORENCY Alexandre Head M M May 44 Que/Labrador   Fisherman
    MORENCY Elizabeth Wife F M March 32 Nfld 1900  
    MORENCY Marguerite Daughter F S Febuary 9 Que/Labrador    
    MORENCY ??argianne Daughter F S December 5 Que/Labrador    
    MORENCY Therese Daughter F S Febuary 3 Que/Labrador    
    MORENCY Maria Daughter F S January 1 Que/Labrador    

Transcribed and Contributed by Floyd Letto (July 2007)

Page Last Updated Wednesday October 15, 2008 (Craig Peterman)

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