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1945 Census
District of Green Bay

Dwelling Family Surname First Relationship Sex MS Age Birth Place Place of Residence in 1935
PAGE 188                  
83 80 WARD Alfred Head M M 63    
    WARD Clara Wife F M 54    
    WARD Victor Son M S 23    
    WARD Jesse Daughter F S 18    
    WARD Alfred James Son M S 13    
    WARD Lo?ie M. Ad daughter F S 11    
84 81 WARD Herbert Head M M 25    
    WARD Emma Wife F M 25    
85 82 WARD Ernest Head M M 30    
    WARD Rossie? Wife F M 38    
    WARD Clifford G. Son M S 4    
    WARD Shirley Marie? Daughter F S 3    
86 83 BURTON Gordon Head M S 23    
    BURTON Garfield Father M M 48    
    BURTON C???le Mother F M 43    
    BURTON Margarett ?? ??? F S 6    
87 84 BURTON Roland Head M M 22    
    BURTON Triffie Wife F M 2?    
88 85 Forcey? Mark Head M M 66    
    Forcey? Rowena Wife F M 54    
PAGE 189                  
    Forcey? Adrew Grandaughter F S 8    
    Forcey? Albert ??? M S 23    
    Forcey? Lulu Daughter in law F S 19    
89 86 GO??IE? Albert Head M M 46    
    GO??IE? Jemima Wife F M 37    
    GO??IE? Adol? Son M S 20    
    GO??IE? Effie Daughter F S 17    
    GO??IE? ???inea? Daughter F S 10    
    GO??IE? Wesley Son M S 8    
    MARSH James Father M W ?6    
    BURTON Samuel Son in law M M 18    
    BURTON Elijah Wife F M 15    
    BURTON Linda Ruth Granddaughter F S 2/12?    
90 87 ROWSELL Victoria Jane? Head F W 43    
    ROWSELL Drucilla? E. Daughter F S 19    
    ROWSELL Victoria Annie Granddaughter F S 4/12?    
    ROWSELL Melita Mary Daughter F S 14    
    ROWSELL Augustus Mark Son M S 10    
    ROWSELL Lydia Pearl Daughter F S 6    
    ROWSELL Drucilla? E. Mother in law F W 81    
91 88 FORCEY Samuel Head M W 76    
    RANDELL James Grand son in law M M 22    
    RANDELL Lilly Grand daughter F M 18    
92 89 MARSH Obed Head M M 47    
    MARSH Minnie Wife F M 37    
    MARSH Gorham? J. Son M S 14    
    MARSH Margaret Daughter F S 8    
    MARSH Albert W. Son M S 3    
    MARSH Irene L. Daughter F S 1    
    MARSH Henry? Son M S 6 days?    
93 90 MARSH William Head M M 70    
    MARSH Elizabeth M. Wife F M 52    
    MARSH Herbert S. Son M S 21    
    MARSH Leah Daughter F S 19?    
    MARSH Cecil John Son M S 13    
94 91 ROWSELL William? G. Head M M 36    
    ROWSELL Rosie May Wife F M 37    
    ROWSELL Eva D. Daughter F S 14    
    LOVEMAN? Roland H. Ad son M S 12    
    MITCHELL Ambrose ??? Lodger M S 20    
95 92 ROWSELL William H? Head M M 36    
    ROWSELL L??? S. Wife F M 34    
    ROWSELL Braml?? G. Son M S 14    
    ROWSELL Maxwell W. Son M S 10    
    ROWSELL Sw??? ? Daughter F S 1    
    ROWSELL Hayward J. Son M S 7/12.    
    ROWSELL Ruby Niece F S 10    
    ROWSELL Mable Niece F S 8    
96 95 MARSH Elizah? C? Head M M 46    
    MARSH Bessie Wife F M 47    
PAGE 190                 
    MARSH Levi James Son M S 17   
    MARSH Gladus B. Daughter F S 14   
    MARSH Elias? Jasper? Son M S 12   
    WARD Eddy? R. Grand son M S 4   

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (Summer 2008)

Page Last Modified: Friday October 31, 2008 (Don Tate)

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