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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census
District of Bell Island

Pages 21 - 24

Community of
Scotia Track to Davidson Avenue

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
1 1 SHEA Nicholas Head M M 29
    SHEA Annie M. Wife F M 28
    SHEA William J. Son M S 6
    SHEA Anita M Daughter F S 5
    SHEA Kathleen Daughter F S 3
    SHEA Elizabeth Daughter F S 2
2 2 RICHARDS Arthur Head M M 42
    RICHARDS Helen Wife F M 31
    RICHARDS Raymond Son M S 13
    RICHARDS Ronald Son M S 12
    RICHARDS Douglas Son M S 9
    RICHARDS Florence Daughter F S 6
    RICHARDS Rosayln (sic) Daughter F S 4
    RICHARDS Geneine (?) Daughter F S 2
    RICHARDS Mary Daughter F S 3/12
3 3 SHEA Alexander Head M M 60
    SHEA Helen Wife F M 42
    SHEA Gerald J. Son M S 23
    SHEA Patrick J. Son M S 17
    SHEA Bernadette Daughter F S 14
    SHEA Evelyn J. Daughter F S 7
    SHEA Patricia Daughter F S 5
    Neary Mary A. Daughter F M 22
4 4 CHURCHILL John Head M M 73
    CHURCHILL Bertha Wife F M 53
    CHURCHILL Margaret Daughter F S 19
    CHURCHILL Jean Daughter F S 12
5 5 EVELEIGH Roy Head M M 32
    EVELEIGH Minnie Wife F M 30
    EVELEIGH Lorraine (sic) Daughter F S 8
    EVELEIGH Donald Son M S 7
    EVELEIGH Carol Daughter F S 6
    EVELEIGH Geraldine Daughter F S 5
    EVELEIGH Eleanor Daughter F S 2
    EVELEIGH Linda Daughter F S 2/12
6 6 KENT John J Head M M 45
    KENT Sarah Wife F M 46
    KENT Georgina Daughter F S 11
    KENT Agnes Mother F W 76
7 7 MEWS Marguerite Head F S 42
    MEWS Winnifred Sister F S 49
8 8 KAVANAGH Daniel Head M M 28
    KAVANAGH Marion Wife F M 30
    KAVANAGH John Son M S 6
9 9 HEDD Herbert Head M M 50
    HEDD Annie Wife F M 39
    TUCKER Gordon None (sic) M S 16
    TUCKER Evelyn None (sic) F S 13
    HEDD Edmund Son M S 4
    HEDD Mary Daughter F S 2
10 10 PETRIE Edwin Head M M 31
    PETRIE Agnes M Wife F M 37
    HAMMOND Amy Niece F S 7
11 11 ROWSELL Reginald Head M M 33
    ROWSELL Ruby Wife F M 30
12 12 ROBBINS Gideon Head M M 50
    ROBBINS Sarah Wife F M 50
    GOSSE Lillian Daughter F M 24
    ROBBINS Raymond Son M M 21
    ROBBINS Nellie Daughter in Law F M 24
    ROBBINS Neta Daughter F M 19
    ROBBINS Clarence Son M S 15
    ROBBINS Ruby Daughter F S 12
    GOSSE Redvers (?) Grand Son M S 2
    GOSSE Rosalyn (sic) Grand Daughter F S 1
    ROBBINS Raymond Grand Son M S 6-1/12
13 13 STONE William Head M M 41
    STONE Georgina Wife F M 41
    STONE John D. Son M S 14
    STONE Harry J Son M S 12
    STONE William P. Son M S 12
    STONE Theresa M. Daughter F S 9
    STONE Angus J. Son M S 7
    STONE James J. Son M S 6
    STONE Eric E. Son M S 5
    STONE Daniel R. Son M S 2
    STONE Margaret A. Daughter F S 1
    STEELE Daniel Father in Law M W 76
14 14 KAVANAGH James Head M M 49
    KAVANAGH Lucy Wife F M 41
    KAVANAGH Eileen Daughter F S 16
    KAVANAGH Theresa Daughter F S 7
    KAVANAGH Anastasia Mother F W 77
15 15 RIDEOUT Andrew Head M M 58
    RIDEOUT Eleanor Wife F M 57
    CLARKE Sarah E. None (sic) F S 30
16 16 REES Ananias Head M M 66
    REES Gertrude Wife F M 60
    REES Gerald H. Son M S 33
    REES John C. Son M S 23
    REES Harold N. Son M S 21
    REES Enid M Daughter F S 19
    REES Doris Daughter F S 18
17 17 TUCKER William Head M M 61
    TUCKER Eliza M. Wife F M 52
    MERCER Jean I None (sic) F S 11
18 18 DWYER Mary A. Head F W 46
    DWYER William Son M S 20
    DWYER Elizabeth Daughter F S 18
    DWYER Mary C. Daughter F S 17
PAGE 23              
    DWYER Sarah M. Daughter F S 15
    DWYER Joseph B. Brother M S 37
19 19 CONNORS Catherine Head F W 50
    CONNORS John Son M S 25
    CONNORS Stanley Son M S 21
    CONNORS Gerard Son M S 18
    CONNORS Hugh Son M S 29
    CONNORS Evelyn Daughter F S 22
    CONNORS George Son M S 12
20 20 KENT William J. Head M M 32
    KENT Lillian E. Wife F M 33
    KENT Rita B. Daughter F S 9
    KENT William E. Son M S 9
    KENT Donald S. Son M S 7
    KENT Bernard D. Son M S 5
    KENT Augustine P. Son M S 4
    KENT Reginald J. Son M S 2
    KENT Lillian M. Daughter F S 4 / 12
21 21 NORRIS Elizabeth Head F W 45
    NORRIS Catherine Daughter F S 12
    NORRIS Mary Daughter F S 10
    NORRIS Joseph Daughter M S 5
22 22 SNOW Lloyd R. Head M M 23
    SNOW Jean E. Wife F M 24
    SNOW Frederick Son M S 3
    SNOW Barbara Daughter F S 1
23 23 BOWN Loretta Head F W 64
    BOWN Earnest Son M S 35
    BOWN Viola Daughter F S 27
    BOWN Sidney Son M S 24
    BOWN Florence Daughter F S 20
24 24 CAREW John J. Head M M 58
    CAREW Agnes M. Wife F M 55
    CAREW Marjorie Daughter F S 32
    CAREW Mary E. Daughter F S 21
    CAREW James B. Son M S 12
PAGE 24 Blank

Contributed and Transcribed by Frank Fitzpatrick (December 2002)

Re-formatted to include Dwelling and Family numbers and reorder individulas to agree with original pages. (January 2005)

Page Last Modified: Sunday October 09, 2016 (Don Tate)

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