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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

White Bay District

Page 187

Community of


PAGE 187                  
1 1 PELLEY Kadwell T. Head M M 33 Harry's Harbour Main Brook
    PELLEY Gwendolyn M. Husband (sic) F M 26 St. Anthony St. Anthony
    PELLEY Raymond E. C Father M S 2-1/2 St. Anthony  
    PELLEY Lusley (sic) R. Uncle F S 19 Springsale Canada Bay
    PELLEY Claude (sic) J. Brother M S 44 Harry's Harbour Canada Bay
2 2 DAWE Harvey W. Head M M 33 Lock's Cove Ireland Bight
    DAWE Martha G. Husband (sic) F M 31 Goose Cove Ireland Bight
    DAWE Sadie G. Daughter F S 10 Ireland Bight  
    DAWE Lillie M. Daughter F S 6 Ireland Bight  
3 3 DAWE George V.* Head M M 29 St. Anthony Ireland Bight
* NOTE: A note on the original page states that George lives with his father in Island Bight
    DAWE Janet H. Husband F M 28 St. Anthony St. Anthony
    DAWE Betty J. Daughter F S 8 M St. Anthony  
4 4 FENNEMORE Daniel Head M M 21 St. Anthony St. Anthony
    FENNEMORE Olive Husband (sic) F M 21 Black Island St. Anthony
    FENNEMORE Ellen Daughter F S 1-1/2 St. Anthony  
5 5 STRANGEMORE John Head M M 25 Flower's Cove St. Anthony
    STRANGEMORE Maisie Husband (sic) F M 22 Sop's Arm Sop's Arm
    STRANGEMORE Caltyn (sic) Son M S 3 St. Anthony  
6 6 QUINTON Charles Head M M 65 Southern Bay, B.B. Port Hope
    QUINTON Emma Husband (sic) F M 66 Griquet Simpson
    QUINTON Leroy Son M S 10 Port Hope Simpson  
7 7 ANDREWS George Head M M 56 Ireland Bight St. Anthony
    ANDREWS Rachel Husband F M 36 Southern Bay, B.B. St. Anthony
8 8 BILES Lewis Head M M 40 St. Anthony St. Anthony
    BILES Grace Husband (sic) F M 40 Ireland Bight St. Anthony
    BILES Morris Son M S 14 St. Anthony St. Anthony
    BILES Janiece (sic) Daughter F S 13 St. Anthony St. Anthony
    BILES Rose Daughter F S 7 St. Anthony  
    BILES Victoria Daughter F S 5 St. Anthony  
    BILES Lewis Nephew M S 17 St. Anthony St. Anthony
9 9 FITZPATRICK Jimmy (sic) Head M M 35 Goose Cove Goose Cove
    FITZPATRICK Marion Husband (sic) F M 30 Conch Conch (sic)
    FITZPATRICK Bridgie (sic) Daughter F S 7 Goose Cove  
    FITZPATRICK Peter Son M S 5 Goose Cove  
    FITZPATRICK Nillie Daughter F S 3 Goose Cove  
    FITZPATRICK Mark Son M S 7 M Goose Cove  

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (January 2008)

Page Last Modified: Sunday May 20, 2018 (Don Tate)

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