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1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Labrador District



PAGE 107                  
1 1 JARARUSE Martin Father M M 46 Canada Saglek Bay
    JARARUSE Maria Wife F M 41 Canada Saglek Bay
    JARARUSE Sabina(sic) Daughter F S 14 Saglek Bay Saglek Bay
    JARARUSE Winifreda Daughter F M 17 Hebron Saglek Bay
    JARARUSE Amelia H. Daughter F S 12 Saglek Bay Saglek Bay
    JARARUSE Sophia E. Daughter F S 10 Saglek Bay Saglek Bay
    JARARUSE Travgot Son M S 7 Saglek Bay  
    JARARUSE Jako Son M S 22 Canada  
    INUGALI??K Agnis(sic) Foster child F S 13 Canada Canada
    INUGALI??K Rahel(sic) Mother F Widow 65 Canada Saglek Bay
    KAIRTOK James M Son in Law M M 31 Canada Saglek Bay
    JARARUSE Ben H Nephew M M 22 Canada Saglek Bay
    JARARUSE Emily Neice(sic) F M 29 Canada Canada
    JARARUSE Aig?ria Neice(sic) F S 15 Saglek Bay Saglek Bay
2 2 OKUATKIAJOCK Lucas Father M M 51 Canada Canada
    OKUATKIAJOCK Minnie Wife F M 51 Canada Canada
    OKUATKIAJOCK Thomas J. Son M S 20 Canada Canada
    OKUATKIAJOCK Maggie J Daughter F S 16 Canada Canada
    OKUATKIAJOCK Jessie E Daughter F S 12 Canada Canada
    OKUATKIAJOCK Lucas (jr) Son M M 28 Canada Canada
    OKUATKIAJOCK Lizzie Daughter in Law F M 25 Canada Canada
3 3 AGSIVIK David Father M M 34 Canada Canada
    AGSIVIK Lucy Wife F M 31 Canada Canada
    AGSIVIK James (jr) Son M S 4 Canada  
    ANNAHATAK William Foster Child M S 9 Canada  
  4 NAGGOLAK Johnny Father (?) M M 32 Canada Canada
    NAGGOLAK Sarah Wife F M 26 Canada Canada
    NAGGOLAK Minnie Daughter F S 6 Canada  
    NAGGOLAK James Son M S 2 Canada  
    NAGGOLAK Mary Mother F Widow 60 Canada Canada
  5 ANNAHATAK Mark Father M M 29 Canada Canada
    ANNAHATAK Emily Wife F M 29 Canada Canada
    ANNAHATAK Sarah Daughter F S 7 Canada  
    ANNAHATAK Dora Sister F S 36 Canada Canada

Transcribed by: Pearl Bradbury (December 2006)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2013 (Don Tate)

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