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1945 Newfoundland Census


District of Green Bay

NOTES: The information contained in the RESEARCH NOTES column was added by Jill Marshall and was not part of the original census
KEY: b = born; d = died; Relat. = Relationship; Mar.Stat. = marital status;
PAGE 19              
1 3 Raymond RIDEOUT Husband Married 54 Green Bay (1890-1969); son of Samuel Rideout & Elizabeth Mills. Raymond & Harriet are buried at Smiths Hr NDB.
    Harriet RIDEOUT Wife Married 45 Green Bay (1899-1954); dau of Dorman Thomas Giles & Charlotte Rebecca Starkes.
    Kelvin RIDEOUT Son Single 10 Green Bay  
    Peirce RIDEOUT Husband Married 52 Green Bay (1894-1970); Son of Job Rideout & Annie Winsor; grandson of Isaac Winsor & Matilda M. Adams.
    Laura RIDEOUT Wife Married 44 Green Bay (1901-1976); dau of Thomas Noble & Rhoda Rideout.
    Pleaman RIDEOUT Son Single 16 Green Bay (1930-2005); Pleaman Pearce, twin to Jessie.
    Jessie RIDEOUT Daughter Single 16 Green Bay  
    Roland RIDEOUT Brother Single 58 Green Bay (1887-1948): never married.
3 5 Dorman GILES Husband Married 67 Green Bay (1878-1952): Dorman Thomas, son of William Giles & Phoebe Rideout. Buried Smiths Hr.
    Rebecca GILES Wife Married 60 Green Bay (1876-1954): Charlotte Rebecca, dau of George Starkes & Charlotte Rowsell.
    Leonard GILES Husband Married 24 Green Bay Son of Dorman Giles & Rebecca Starkes; (c1922-2006).
    Nina GILES Wife Married 20 Green Bay Dau of Robert Evans & Eleanor Guy.
    Liza GILES *Sister Widow 75 Green Bay *sister in law of Dorman Giles; widow of Albert Giles (son of William Giles & Phoebe Rideout); nee Eliza HOUNSELL; dau of George Crocker Hounsell & Charlotte Stoodley.
4 5 Wallace GILES Husband Married 33 (?) Green Bay Wallace Washington b 1893 - d 1952 Corner Brook; Son of William Giles & Phoebe Rideout Age may be 52
    Annie GILES Wife Married 45 Green Bay Hannah (Annie) Sarah (1900-1975); dau of Eli James Jennings & Linda Mills. Buried Corner Brook.
    Harvey GILES Son Single 8 Green Bay  
    Earl GILES Son Single 6 Green Bay  
    Viola GILES Daughter Single 12 Green Bay  

Contributed and Transcribed by Jill Marshall (March 2008)

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